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Mr Bigglesworth is Missing in Strongsville, OH

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Mr Bigglesworth








Mr Big is very friendly so we are hoping he will seek people out. We are so worried and thank you for keeping him in mind. If you see him, please contact us.


Black with tiny patch of white on chest, long thin tail. Very friendly.


Strongsville, OH 44136


Lakeforest Dr.


August 19, 2020

Diana S.

4 years ago

I am so sorry your kitty is missing. Try these tips. Perhaps one of them will help bring him home. If you have not already done so, put something with an odor that Mr. Big would recognize outside your door. It could be his food dish, cat bed, carrier, favorite blanket, or even something that you have worn recently but have not yet laundered. Cats who get out rarely go far and they have a keen sense of smell so a familiar scent can help lead them home. Check for Mr. Bigoften, especially in the morning and around dusk when cats are the most active. Use a strong flashlight to search hiding places in the area such as under porches, under bushes, behind in between garbage containers and recycling bins. Go back and check the same spots at different times of day. Mr. Big may not be in any of them when you first look, but he could show up in one of them later. Ask neighbors to look for Mr. Big in their garages. He might seek shelter in an open one, slip in unnoticed, and be trapped there when the door is shut. Give neighbors your contact number. That way if they do see him they can keep him closed safely inside and call you immediately to come and get him. Contact animal shelters and rescue organizations to see if anybody has brought in a cat that looks like Mr. Big. Somebody could find him, not know how to locate his family, and think that the best thing they can do is surrender him to a humane facility. Leave your number with all of the places that you reach. Ask them to call you if anybody should bring in a cat that resembles yours. Be sure to call Mr. Big by name whenever you are outside looking for him or even if you just step out to do something like get your mail or take out the garbage. He might be nearby and able to hear you. Don’t yell since loud voices can scare a cat. Use the same tone of voice that you use when you call him inside the house. That helped us find our lost cat after she had been missing for three days. She finally meowed in response to her name, but even though we could hear her we could not see where she was. We followed the sound and discovered her hiding in a sheltered alcove by a neighbor’s garage – a place we had already checked several times. Good luck! And don’t give up hope. Cats have been known to return after days, weeks, even months and sometimes years. But I hope that Mr. Big is back home with you very, very soon.


Deirdre H.

4 years ago

Some things you might do-- Leave some of his bedding, and/or an item of your clothing (unwashed-- they would recognize from the familiar scent). Leave some treats and favorite food by your door too. Don't leave food out overnight as it will attract other animals that can scare the cat away. Go to your neighbors and let them know your cat got outside and give them your contact info. *****Many times cats are found within a few hundred feet of their homes.**** When they get out like this, they are frightened, and will hide. Post flyers around your neighborhood with your phone number that people can call day or night, and talk to your mail carrier. They see lots of animals. If they see a strange cat skulking around, they may recognize it as yours. Also, PUT UP POSTERS!!!!!!! That is one of THE biggest things to help get the word out locally!!! Tell your neighbors and give them your phone number so they can call you if they see your cat in their yard! Call your local Police, your Vet's Office and the Warden to report the loss of your dear pet. Send them a photo too!! Good Luck and I do hope you find your cat real soon!



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