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PawBoost Alert

The MOST effective way to get the word out to local people quickly and maximize your chance of recovery. Watch the video to learn how it works.

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Just enter your pet's information and upload a photo. We'll email you a copy of a professional, printable poster for your missing pet!
Yes! PawBoost's solitary mission is to help you recover your lost pet, so we built an awesome tool that lets you instantly email your missing pet's missing poster to shelters, vets & volunteers in your area (we have 34,812 in our national network and growing). And unlike other lost pet services, we made it 100% free!
A PawBoost Alert is a local online ad campaign for your missing pet. Notify thousands of local people about your lost loved one. Pet owners who put out a PawBoost Alert in addition to the free alert to shelters, vets & volunteers are 3.5x more likely to reunite with their loved ones.
If you use Facebook, you may have noticed 'Sponsored Posts' from brands in your News Feed from time to time. PawBoost gives pet owners the ability to do this for their lost pets! Your lost pet's PawBoost Alert will show up in the News Feeds of thousands of people in the area you choose, whether they are browsing Facebook on their computers, phones, or tablets.
There is a small fee for a PawBoost Alert. When we put out a PawBoost Alert for your lost pet, we advertise it in the News Feeds of nearby people. While a normal Facebook post will be seen by some of your friends, a PawBoost Alert will be seen by thousands of local people (even if they're not your friend on Facebook!).
Your PawBoost Alert will be viewed on average 5,000 - 25,000 times based on the package you choose.
No! Whether your beloved pet is a dog, a cat, a bird, a bunny, a ferret, a hamster – or any other type of pet – PawBoost will work for you.