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  • Post to your local lost pets Facebook page
  • Alert local Rescue Squad™ by email
  • Print a lost pet flyer
  • Add your pet to our lost & found
  • Boost your alert to thousands of local people

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Alert local members of the Rescue Squad™ by email. Post to the PawBoost-powered Facebook page for your area.

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Lost dog reunited in Williamson County, TX


Williamson County, TX

7 hours ago

"Foxy jumped out of the car when I opened my door at a convenience store. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize she had escaped until I had gotten home. I went back and searched the area while calling for... See More

Found dog reunited in Phoenix, AZ

Found Dog

Phoenix, AZ

1 day ago

"This dog showed up in our backyard and was napping in the shade one day. We saw it, then cornered it to grab and bring him inside. He's a very small dog. The owner saw our PawBoost found pet alert an... See More

Lost dog reunited in Yorktown, VA


Yorktown, VA

2 days ago

"Aussie went missing while we were out at an appointment in Norfolk. We both thought each other had "locked" his doggy door to an unfenced garden! Of course, Aussie must have gotten distracted chasing... See More


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The Rescue Squad™ is a group of volunteers, rescue owners, shelter employees, veterinarians, and pet lovers just like you.

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PawBoost is the world’s number one service for reuniting missing animals with 1,592,810 pets reunited and counting! Whether you’ve lost your pet or found somebody else’s, PawBoost is here to help.

PawBoost enlists the help of local communities in neighborhoods and jurisdictions across the US and beyond – including partnerships with local shelters – to help spread the word and match the thousands of lost & stray animals reported to PawBoost every day.

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PawBoost makes it fast and easy to spread the word and connect with lost & found pets near you. And our blog has even more resources and lost pet tips, such as what to do if your pet is microchipped and how to make an eye-catching missing pet poster.

Our pets are our family. Trust PawBoost, the best option to help reunite with your loved one sooner.

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