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Have you lost your dog? Submit a lost pet report on PawBoost today to get help from our Rescue Squad to find your missing furry friend! PawBoost is a free platform that helps reunite lost pets with their families. Our app acts as an Amber Alert for pets, notifying people in your area about your pet as soon as possible. Fill out the form below to get started.

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Learn More About How We Can Help You Find Your Valued Family Member

PawBoost offers several free tools to help you reunite with your lost dog as soon as possible. Our free features will help you maximize local exposure almost immediately. It’s best to get the word out about your missing pet shortly, so you can increase your chances of a reunion. Here’s how it works:

Quickly Get Listed in the Lost & Found

After submitting your report, your pet will quickly get listed in our lost & found database. Our database is the largest lost & found pet database in the world, and our Rescue Squad will instantly get notified of your new posting.

Free Facebook Posts

Posting to our database will also automatically upload your pet to your local lost & found Facebook page to get even more eyes looking out for your missing loved one. There are over 4.5 million Rescue Squad members who have followed or joined our local Facebook pages. These Facebook pages will make sure people in your local area know to be on the lookout for your dog.

Pet Amber Alerts

You can think of PawBoost as an Amber Alert for pets. Once you submit your lost dog report, we push an email blast and a push notification for mobile users to alert them about your missing pet. Our email subscribers and app Rescue Squad members will get the alert.

Missing Pet Flyer Template

Good old-fashioned missing pet flyers are a great way to get the word out too. We provide a free template that you can print out and post around your neighborhood.

Add Your Lost Dog to PawBoost and Get Help Today

We know that searching for your missing pet can be a difficult and stressful endeavor. Which is why it helps to have the Rescue Squad on your side. Whether you’re looking for your lost dog, cat, bird or any other pet, PawBoost can help. Report your pet missing today to take one more step toward reuniting with your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Report a Lost Dog?

Simply fill out our lost dog form, and we’ll instantly start spreading local awareness about your missing pet.

How Do I Find a Missing Dog in My Area?

You can submit a lost dog report on PawBoost, opt into premium services and hopefully be one of our many success stories to reunite with your pet. If you’ve found a missing dog, use our easily searchable lost & found database that allows you to search by location, gender, pet type and more to see if the dog is listed. Or, you can post a found dog. You can also sign up to be a member of our Rescue Squad to receive notifications and emails about missing pets in your area.

Do I Have to Pay to Find My Pet With PawBoost?

No! Most of our features are completely free. However, you can utilize premium services to boost awareness even further. Our premium services include local Facebook ad campaigns, Instagram alerts, ‘Featured Pet’ listings and homepage features on the PawBoost site.

Does PawBoost Work With Animal Shelters to Find Missing Dogs?

Yes! We partner with numerous shelters and humane societies, and they automatically add missing dogs to our database. Interested in becoming a shelter partner? Fill out our application form!