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Alert the shelters, rescues, vets & volunteers in our network. Post to the PawBoost-powered Facebook page for your area.

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Get up to 10x the local exposure you'd get from our free services alone. Put the full strength of Facebook's powerful ad platform behind the search for your pet.


Get your pet home sooner. 51,167 happy reunions and counting!

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Shelters, Rescues, & Vets

Alert shelters, rescues & vets near you. There are over 19,990 in our alert network.

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Free Facebook Post

Post to the PawBoost-powered lost & found Facebook page for your area.

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Lost & Found

View the web's largest lost & found pets database. Search by location, gender, and pet type.

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Rescue Squad

Join more than 185,177 pet lovers who have subscribed to local lost & found pet alerts.

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Missing Poster

Print a high-quality missing poster to post around your neighborhood.

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Mobile App

Get and share local lost & found pet alerts on the go. For iPhone and Android.

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Our Premium Solution

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Sponsored Facebook Post

Boost your lost pet's alert by turning it into a Sponsored Post.

We've made the same technology big brands use to reach thousands of people available to pet owners.

Start advertising your lost pet's alert to thousands of local people in just minutes.

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Our Network

19,990 Shelters, Rescues & Vets

PawBoost sends over 700,000 email alerts to our shelter & vet network every month!

185,177 Rescue Squad

PawBoost sends over 3,000,000 email alerts and push notifications to our Rescue Squad every month!

382,000 Facebook Followers

PawBoost supports a network of over 311 local lost & found Facebook pages. Our Facebook alerts get in front of over 5,000,000 people on Facebook every month!

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