Embedded Lost & Found Pets Feed

Help reunite more fur babies with their pet parents by adding local lost & found pets to your website or blog.

Feed Configuration

Add the following code to your website or blog:

<script async src="https://www.pawboost.com/js/pawboost.js"charset="utf-8"></script>
<div id="pawboost-widget" data-url="https://www.pawboost.com/frame/lost-found-widget?" data-zip="20149" data-distance="25" data-sort="recency" data-within-past="90" data-per-page="8" data-height="700px"></div>

Need help getting this code added to your website? Send us an email at pet_feed@pawboost.com.

Feed Settings

Setting Description Default Required
data-status The status of the pet. Lost, Found No
data-zip The zip code of the area in which pets will be searched. Your current zip code Yes
data-distance The radius of the area in which pets will be searched (miles). Max: 50 miles 25 No
data-animal-type The species of the animal which will be searched. All Species No
data-sort The order in which the pets will be displayed in the LFDB feed. recency No
data-within-past The number of days since the pet as been lost/found. 90 No
data-per-page The number of results to display per page. 8 No
data-height The height of the widget 700px No