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Lancaster, PA

16 hours ago

"About 6 hours after we brought Cleo home for the first time, we took her out to go to the bathroom. We were right outside of our apartment when two large dogs walked by and started barking. Cleo got ... See More


Orlando, FL

2 days ago

"Blacky managed to wander out of the garage unnoticed to my older parents. By the time they realized he was missing several hours had gone by. I quickly got onto PawBoost and other social media sites ... See More

Found Cat Ella

Arden Hills, MN

3 days ago

"This cat kept showing up around our house and the neighbor's house meowing and coming up to our doors. At first when we approached her, she would run away but when she realized she was safe she would... See More


Tyler, TX

4 days ago

"Geist got out of the front door when we didn't realize it wasn't shut all of the way and my aunt's dog opened it and they both ran out. My aunt's dog came back but Geist took off. He's a lot older th... See More

Franny and Fritz

Valparaiso, FL

5 days ago

"Fritz and Franny bolted out the door one Sunday evening when my husband went out to grill. Fritz waits to bolt out the door and this is not the first time he’s done this. We live next to a boarding... See More


Saratoga Springs, UT

6 days ago

"Humphrey went missing when our little seven year old girl went out to feed Humphrey and Pix (our other female lop rabbit), and accidentally left his hutch door unlocked. He remained near the house fo... See More

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