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Found Cat

Tempe, AZ

12 hours ago

"We were trying to trap another injured cat in the neighborhood and this cute guy happened to go into the trap. He was declawed, so we knew we didn’t want to release him back into the wild. We kept ... See More

Mr Turtle

Smithfield Plains, SA, Australia

1 day ago

"As my house burnt down last year and I'm currently in the process of rebuilding, I'm regularly on site to look after Mr. Turtle and my garden. Mr. Turtle has been hibernating, as turtles do over wint... See More


Lansdowne, PA

2 days ago

"Willow wandered off, perhaps feeling a bit crowded out in my household of 9 cats. Unbeknownst to me, he showed up down the street at a neighbors house, asking for food and wanting to gain entry. She ... See More

Found Dog 8Ball

New Orleans, LA

3 days ago

"My husband found the dog wandering the street, very thirsty and hungry, but super friendly. He took it to a local veterinary hospital to check for a chip, but there was none, so he brought it home an... See More


Alleghany County, VA

4 days ago

"Mika was camping with his dog dad and while getting ready to go for a walk, Mika suddenly took off. It was really unlike him. We reason he must have spotted an animal in the woods. We searched by foo... See More


Pretoria, GP, South Africa

5 days ago

"Lucky is an indoor cat that climbed up the balcony and got out through an opening in the netting. He was trying to get away from the stranger I had hired as a sitter for him and his mates while I was... See More

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