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Scottsdale, AZ

18 hours

"Blue got out of our front yard when my husband was repairing our sprinkler system. We didn't realize she was out and a neighbor saw her and tried to call to her but scared her away. We are new to the... See More


Richmond, VA

2 days

"I opened the back door to check on the dog who I'd just let out to go potty. Maya took that 2 second opportunity to make a run for it, and it happened so fast I couldn't grab her. That whole evening ... See More


San Diego, CA

3 days

"Luna is an indoor cat but we have a grassy area behind our patio that we take her out to occasionally - it's one of her favorite things to do. One Monday, we went out on the grass and then I told her... See More


Las Vegas, NV

4 days

"Mango escaped via the garage door one Friday. We never realized he was gone until later that evening. My son, Mark, frantically started putting up posters in our neighborhood and he included a photo ... See More


Phoenix, AZ

5 days

"Shadow was being doggy sat overnight at my brother-in-law’s house when he escaped. My husband and I printed flyers, walked that neighborhood, knocked on doors, called out his name, and posted on as... See More

Found Dog Ollie

Tucson, AZ

6 days

"I saw a dog in my neighborhood when I was walking my dog on Sunday morning. She was by herself and looked so distressed that I did not think that she lived nearby. I lured her with treats with my nex... See More

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