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Tuscon, AZ

3 hours ago

"Minnie slipped out the door when we had a visitor come in and not shut the door all the way. PawBoost gave a great list of things to do when you have a lost pet. One of them was if you have another p... See More

Found Cat

Meridian, CO

2 days ago

"He followed me while I was taking a walk around the building complex where I live. Once I got to my apartment, he made his way onto my patio and stayed there. I captured him by leaving tuna in a carr... See More


Arlington, TX

3 days ago

"My son took her out to the restroom with my other dog and one of them took off after a cat. In the two minutes it took for him to get back, she happily trotted off in the rain. We found her almost tw... See More


Wilson, NC

4 days ago

"We had taken Oreo outside to get some fresh air and to help him get used to his new environment. He became a little startled and broke free from his leash. From there he ran around the house several ... See More

Found Dog Baine

Grovetown, GA

5 days ago

"My 11-year-old son was outside in the front yard when the dog came up to him. He checked to see if the dog had a collar on, and he did not. He immediately went from neighbor to neighbor on our street... See More


Pasadena, CA

6 days ago

"Buddy is an indoor/outdoor cat, so he likes to roam the neighborhood during the day. There was a heavy rainstorm one day and he didn't come home. We worried about the worst case scenarios but really ... See More

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