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Athens, GA

5 hours

"Jack got out an open window through a hole in the screen the day before we got back from a trip to Maine. The cat sitter didn't notice he was gone until we got home and couldn't find him. We put f... See More


Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

1 day

"Hinckley is a rescue and as much as we want him to be an indoor kitty, he’s a bit feral and he cries and cries until we let him out. But, he always comes home. Always. Every few hours he checks in.... See More

Miss Kitty

Stockton, CA

2 days

"It seems that my neighbor was clearing brush around his side of the house next to our mutual fence one Monday. After they cleared the brush, they noticed some vent covers (raised foundation) so they ... See More


New Braunfels, TX

3 days

"I had opened both our front and back doors to air out our house and then blocked the front door to keep the dogs inside. I thought I had secured it well enough, but I obviously did not. When I notice... See More


Seguin, TX

4 days

"Chato went missing one Tuesday morning after we let him go outside so he could do his business. He usually scratches on the door to be let back in. An hour later we checked on him and we couldn’t f... See More

Found Dog

Fresno, CA

5 days

"I stopped at the store when a young gal came into the store carrying this puppy stating that it just ran up to her when she was walking to the store. I offered to take the dog home for the night and ... See More

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