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Found Dog

Cameron, NC

1 day ago

"This lost pup was walking around by himself one day. He was very friendly and came right up to my wife across our front field. He started following her everywhere. He looked well taken care of, but h... See More


Everett, WA

2 days ago

"Miles ran away from our backyard one day and got lost. He was in an area with gates around him, but somehow managed to escape. I had already uploaded photos on my personal Facebook page, but when I h... See More


Soquel, CA

3 days ago

"As it happened, it was literally a case of mistaken identity. A neighbor thought my cat, Fearless, who wanders the neighborhood, was someone else's missing cat. My cat goes into many neighbors’ hou... See More


Cobb County, GA

4 days ago

"My dog, Ziggy, got out one day, unbeknownst to me. A landscaper or construction worker working nearby spotted Ziggy outside unsupervised and took him home to Jonesboro. We posted Ziggy's missing info... See More

Found Dog Luna

Albuquerque, NM

5 days ago

"I saw Luna while she was darting in and out of traffic. She miraculously crossed 4 lanes of traffic in one direction, then 6 lanes of traffic in another direction. I was so worried for her, I followe... See More


Appling, GA

6 days ago

"Sylvia slipped out of the house through the door behind me as I was going to my car to grab something one night. She’s done this multiple times before, but I didn’t consider that we had just move... See More

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