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Pelham, AL

5 hours ago

"We still are not entirely clear what happened, but around 4:30 am one Saturday we heard a cat make a distressed meow outside our bedroom window. We heard leaves rustle and then one of our dogs ran ou... See More


Avon Lake, OH

1 day ago

"Pikachu was let out to sit on our porch as he always does one night. My husband came in, but Pikachu did not. By 1am I realized something was wrong. He was not under my feet and making his normal low... See More


Phoenixville, PA

3 days ago

"Oliver scooted out onto the back deck at twilight when his mom (me) was taking out his dog-sister Molly for her evening stroll. I never saw Oliver venture outside and never meant for him to be out th... See More


Arlington, TX

4 days ago

"Tiny likes the outdoors ALOT. It's where she spends the majority of her day. The day after 4th of July however, she never came back after calling her name for hours on end. I ended up searching the e... See More


Fridley, MN

5 days ago

"Quiggly got out of the house. I shared the PawBoost post on another Facebook lost pet page that I had found. I swear I had posted him on every lost pet page I could find! And within minutes someone c... See More


Los Angeles, CA

6 days ago

"Aria slipped out the front door unnoticed as trash was being taken out. This little girl has been indoor only her entire life. A kind neighbor saw her wandering around scared and knew she wasn’t ty... See More

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