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Found Dog

St. Louis, MO

3 weeks ago

"This dog followed one of my neighbors home from a walk and she was so sweet. He put her in his backyard, but he couldn’t keep her so he posted on Nextdoor and I offered to take her because I foster... See More


Waxhaw, NC

3 weeks ago

"My wife put Chica in the fenced back yard at 8am and when she went to let her in at 10:30 noticed she had vanished. There was another dog in there with her and she was still there but no Chica. I was... See More


Clearwater, FL

3 weeks ago

"One Saturday night, I was taking a box to the car to drop off at FedEx. Oscar happened to catch a glimpse of a rabbit that was outside and beelined right out the door to chase him. We live in a prett... See More

Beauty Victoria

Knoxville, TN

3 weeks ago

"Beauty Victoria slipped out the door one Monday, unbeknownst to us. The first couple of days we didn’t really think much of her absence because cats are funny about finding new spots around the hou... See More


Montrose, MN

3 weeks ago

"I was out of town for work and one night my daughter sent me a text message saying Socks was gone. I first went on Nextdoor, which is how I located him the last time he took off. He is a very curious... See More

Found Cat Butter

Ann Arbor, MI

3 weeks ago

"One Sunday, I was on my way to work when a cat crawled out of some furniture left on our deck from the previous tenants. The cat meowed at me and made eye contact. At first, I thought it was an outdo... See More

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