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Latte is Missing in Pacifica, CA

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We are so heart broken and miss Latte so much! Please spread the word, be on the lookout, and help us find him way back . Thanks so much!


Male Siamese cat, neutered, microchipped and an orange collar with 5 bells.


Pacifica, CA 94044


Parkview Court


September 24, 2022

HappyCatLady .

6 months ago

I just learned of this idea 2 weeks ago💓 MAKE A HUGE NEON POSTERs and a BILLBOARD ... 💓 NEON POSTERS r In front of your home and near a busy intersection everyone tends to drive by in your neighborhood. the guardian of lost cat ‘Claude’ created 2 of these HUGE NEON POSTERS - 1 was placed in front of her residence and the other was placed at the nearest busy intersection...a neighbor noticed the poster and then spotted kitty a few days later and called the guardian. 💓 BILLBOARD Make a HUGE BillBoard using a TARP, duct tape and Blown up photo of kitty (kinkos or fedex) - to tie up either by freeway entrance or exit or if not near freeeway then at the busiest intersection near you to ensure everyone in the neighborhood is aware to call you upon sighting. 💓 Tip: Print 16”x20” of clear full body photo of your cat (crop the photo to remove as much background so it’s just your cat) Fedex Print stores charges $11 for one color copy, available overnight. Cut out your cat and glue/tape to each huge neon sign and for the Billboard. Certain supplies like NEON paper and Tarp and duct tape for letters have been found at the Dollar store try there first.


HappyCatLady .

11 months ago

Praying you stay determined and don't get discouraged ..gosh I know it's so hard...I have learned guardians often don't realize just how severed survival mode plays out in cats...and that just because you haven't found Latte yet it does not mean he's gone far..cats are territorial and don't leave vicinity unless they are physically moved by a human or sometimes if there is a territorial aggressive cat on the block then they avoid the danger..they remain hiding from everyone doing his best to survive. We've had cats that get into someone's yard for months and months ...and the neighbor saw the cat several times but it wasn't until the guardian distributed a 2nd FLYER all over the neighbohood DOOR to DOOR, dropping into mail boxes or taping *Using blue painters tape * directly onto front doors (only do this when it's not raining)...People have short memories . AND, continue to be the FOOD SOURCE daily and have that motion activated camera record any movement- don't miss a morning or night to place wet cat food - it can be the cheapest kind of cat food - the point is to get your cat coming to eat ..cover All possibilities...talking to neighbors is important because people don't realize how scared cats HIDE and they are the best hiders..they will often say 'I don't see cats on my street or in my yard' but they don't realize cats are everwhere at night..I have a wild life camera on Cook st in san francisco where neighbors and myself take turns feeding the stray cats and when I flyered neighbors and knocked on doors every person said there are coyotes on this street and no cats - they were shocked to learn about my camera footage showing that every night 4-5 cats come to eat along with a racoon and possum. Cats are survivors..don't give up ..continue to take action in person. If you don't want to re-flyer consider the postcard service $650 for 1000 postcards delivered to every single residence starting from where he escaped. I've used this service 3 times and it led to the lost cat being spotted and reunited - worth every dollar in my experience. They are a nice family run company. Sending you love, hope and unwaivering determination💜💜💜💜💜


HappyCatLady .

1 year ago

Dear guardian - my heart breaks for you...glad you keep posting - dont stop...sharing a message from another who gives guidance>💖💖💖 
💜🙏continue to leave wet food just inside the garage door left open 5" and get a MINI BLINK Camera aimed at the food to send you phone notifications of any movement. Also place Bedding on the FAR OPPOSITE side of where the food is 🙏🐱Next Here I will share what another person posted for another lost cat🐱🙏    Indoor only cats and limited outdoor access cats never go far. They go into survival mode and hide in silence. Most of them will not respond when they are in survival mode. 3 AM is the best time to find a missing indoor only cat. This is the time they become most active and responsive. Sit and quietly call for your kitty. Try to stay low, standing is intimidating to cats. Place some dirty socks and pillow cases near the escape point. Your scent will attract your kitty. If you have a garage, (and that’s the side kitty got out) place the items just inside the garage door left cracked open 5” - just enough for kitty to get in. DO NOT leave the litter box outside, it can attract predators and aggressive Tom cats. Because indoor only cats hide so well they are NOT as likely to be killed by a predator. Don't give up, it can take days. weeks or even months to find a missing indoor only cat. Use a flashlight as late at night as you can to look in trees, under cars and in bushes, under porches, in crawl spaces. Try to look for the glow of the cat’s eyes. The best chance of you being reunited with your cat is to do a methodical search of the area. Most indoor only cats will be within 150 feet of your home. Survival mode usually lasts 5 to 14 days but can last longer. Once their hunger gets to a maximum they snap out of it but this is a dangerous time because they come out of hiding. The majority of cats will try to make a break for home on the 5th night. Make mini flyers and hand them out to your neighbors. Most people don't pay attention to posted flyers though everything to spread lost cat info to neighbors is helpful. It's VERY VERY important that you look for kitty as late at night as you can. If you have other cats, watch them. If they are spending a lot of time looking out a certain window, that’s a good indication the missing cat is in that area. Wildlife and motion activated cameras are extremely helpful. a lot of people are successful trapping their indoor only cats. If you decide to trap, you must watch the trap closely, predators can kill a cat in a trap. Recently a friend used a baby monitor & when her cat was at the front door at 5 AM heard her on the baby monitor.


HappyCatLady .

1 year ago

💖🐱Dear guardian 💖🐱 Do not give up or stop taking action! 'Lost cat' JiJi was found after being lost for 4 MONTHS! Cats will remain for months and months doing their best to survive…don’t give up on your furry baby - we are all praying for you...don't give up...Replace worn flyers and Put up more flyers a few blocks out in all direction ...I encourage you to talk to your neighbors AGAIN to remind them your kitty is still missing and that you need their help to keep an eye out and ask a neighbor to report your kitty is lost on the RING camera network... Every morning I get texts from people who find their cats while calling for them after 10pm at night..please continue to call for your cat and/or make that noise that kitty is familiar with whether it's keys jingling or treat bag crinkles or simply your calm voice may seem hopeless to do this but I am telling you everything you do helps! cover all possibilities: Check nearby shelters ONLINE DAILY and IN PERSON weekly (some cats are NOT posted online at the shelters!) Deliver updated flyers to each residence starting with your block and expanding outward 2 blocks in all directions...Continue to use your motion activated wifi camera pointed at wet food and water bowl daily. If you don't have one - I emplore you to get one and put out food/water every day... So many cases guardians are ready to give up then they finally put the camera out there (whether wifi to your phone or WILD LIFE camera with batteries no wifi) and after some days or a week they will Spot their cat - after being gone for weeks or months...spotting kitty eating the food changes everything and so many people discover this with the camera - then sometime they have to TRAP their cat because kitty is in survival mode and hides even from their guardian...cats are survivors and once they are back inside at home, they go back to being sweet cozy loving kitty. I didn't know about using cameras 1st year I was helping people and now I use it in every case (for disabled or seniors who can't walk around) it's a HUGE help and again this is to cover all possibilities... FLYERS all over the neighborhood and going door to door to talk to neighbors is KEY in spreading the word to the exact people who COULD spot her! Wishing you LOVE and HOPE and unwavering DETERMINATION🐱🐱🙏💖 💥WiFI Camera with night vision example: 💥WIldlife camera wifi not needed / eight AA batteries: You have to manually check footage: 🐯 POSTCARD Delivery service: - this family owned company will send Lost Cat Postcard (with photo and info) to the closest 1000 residents from where kitty escaped - this is an extremely efficient way to make sure your neighbors are aware your cat is missing - and your contact info is readily available if they spot kitty. I've used this service 3 times so far and always happy I did: . It’s pricey but worth it. I paid for this mailing service for a cat already missing for weeks after getting lost the same day kitty was rehomed and I needed to spread the word to neighbors as quickly as possible as I came onto the case late - weeks after kitty was already missing. Someone spotted her after a week, because he received a postcard!. We received several calls …some were false sightings so it’s important to include on the postcard “Please take a photo and call if you THINK you see my cat..(Please do not approach kitty - call me!) The other 2 times I used the service I received sightings within 2 weeks, one kitty was found within the block (and I’d already flyered door to door on the block) The way it works is you submit a form online then they will email you asking to confirm informatino, then they will send you a draft postcard and show you the zone that USPS will cover based on original location (they’ll show you on a map) 2 days later POSTCARDS will be delivered to the nearest 1000 neighbors, including apts and businesses (1000 is the minimum) at the cost is $650 – be sure to include much of the same wording asking neighbors to check garages, sheds, crawl spaces, trees etc and offering a reward for a PHOTO of your kitty - similar wording to the FLYER TEMPLATES you can download below ( 💜🐱🙏 CLICK →LOST (FRIENDLY) CAT FLYER- TEMPLATE CLICK →LOST (SHY) CAT FLYER - TEMPLATE


HappyCatLady .

1 year ago

🐱🙏💖I’m so sorry kitty is still missing. Please do Not lose hope or stop taking action. Lost cat ‘Ninja’ was found within the block after 71 days of us searching for him! Don’t give up the search… 'Lost cat Alan' on Pawboost was reunited after 129 days! His guardians wouldn’t give up and didn’t stop searching …a neighbor spotted ALAN - a neighbor they had spoke to while going door to door - it was the 3rd time they had done the rounds reminding neighbors their kitty was still not lose hope…Keep taking action🐱🙏💖 🐱PRINT more flyers to post up on lampposts beyond your block and replace the ones on your block if the old ones are worn .... put new flyers in the "clear sheet protectors" with the opening facing down so they last …(previous post shows example - you can buy at fedex print store, target, staples or amazon) 🐱TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBORS AGAIN - yes going door to door to remind your dear neighbors that your cat is still missing and you are needing their help to spot kitty more than ever - people have short memories - they DO need to be reminded. Talk to dog walkers on your street - they are outside at all times and have helped me spot lost kitties I was helping with many times....It's never a waste of time talking to neighbors ..the more eyes you have the better...ask them to take a photo and call text you any hour of the night - and not to approach Kitty or they might scare him. 🐱CONTINUE TO CALL FOR KITTY at night and early mornings 10pm-6am..set your alarm for 1am, 3am 5am and call calmly with stinky wet food...walk around the block and call for kitty as you walk BACK LEADING HOME ...NOT leading AWAY from home. 💜💜PLACE A CAMERA 💜💜motion activated with night vision - pointed at bowl with wet food (and water) near outside the door and review camera footage daily - you can't believe how many times a cat will return home and has no way of getting back inside and/or the owners stops going out at night so the cat disappears back into the night...or the cat just remains outside even with the door slightly open (in a survival mode) This has happened recently in multiple cases where a guardian catches their cat on camera after weeks of no sightings …then they either end up going out during the same time every night or they end having to humanely trap their cat because kitty kept running away from the owner. (once back inside the survival mode turns off and they are back to being purry cozy kitty) Place wet food out with a camera (that will snap images or video upon movement) you may see other cats, raccoons and other creatures eat the food..that's ok...keep refilling the WET food as he may turn up one of these nights - I’ve done this many times and always SO happy I did because the camera gives the hope you need! (raccoons LOVE dry cat food so wet food is better) you can buy motion sensor camera on amazon over night - connect to wifi...OR a wild life camera with playback feature (battery operated - no wifi needed) . 🐱Once kitty is spotted on camera or by your neighbor then you can sent a HUMANE CAT TRAP - which must be monitored every single second it is ‘set’. You can RENT a trap from the SPCA or borrow a trap - ask folks on Nextdoor (cat owners group) if anyone has a trap you can borrow (If you live in SF I have one to lend you) Sometimes cats are caught on camera eating and NOT coming inside even when the guardian has left the door open..some cats stay in a kind of survival mode (like a switch was flipped) which helps them survive but sometimes gets in the way with them returning inside on their own. It could take days/weeks to get them on camera but once they find this source of food they will return…and some nights it will be different cats or raccoons…they all watch each other from afar…once caught on camera you can set a trap and monitor it from a distance making sure you don’t trap another creature. 💥WiFI Camera with night vision example: 💥WIldlife camera (wifi not needed) / requires eight AA batteries: You have to manually check footage 🐱Check for found cats on PAWBOOST, NEXTDOOR, your local ANIMAL SHELTERS DAILY… 💜💜 VISIT IN PERSON 💜💜the shelter’s closest to you every 5 days.. Some cats will end up at your animal shelter and some will never show up - we just don’t know how LUCK plays out so this is why you must COVER ALL POSSIBILITIES.There are SO many FOUND cats brought in every single day. Some are not shown online this is why you have to physically go in and check for yourself. MANY lost cats are reunited long after a month. Many cats end up at a shelter after their guardian has unfortunately stopped checking and that is just heart breaking. 🐱Most Lost cats are found by their determined guardians or informed neighbors…but some cats DO get trapped and/or brought to a shelter without you knowing. So you MUST check in person every 4-5 days. 🐱Keep posting updates on Nextdoor and pawboost to your neighbors, update flyers, call for kitty at night, leave food and water out and get a camera to check footage every day. sending you LOVE , determination and sustained hope.. Damia Foti🐱🙏💖



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