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Paisley is Missing in Lehighton, PA

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Please help us find our girl Paisley! She was recently spayed and she still had an incision on her belly when she got out of the hse. My son's kitten past due to cancer at 1yr of age and Paisley was given to him, his first kittens half sister, to help cope with the loss. He is devastated and just wants his kitten back. Please help us find her!


Mostly white calico with orange and grey markings on her face, back, and tail.


Lehighton, PA 18235


S. 1st St. Lehighton


October 16, 2023

Nicole A.

3 months ago

Still missing 😔


Dina R.

3 months ago

Pet Parents- As you look for your pet, Please Beware of Scammers! Please read below carefully and entirely for tips to avoid scams. There are already scam posts on here by people who post spam every time. They prey on pet parents missing their furry friends. ***PLEASE NOTE: Some agencies are legitimate. Example, FIND TOBY in PA are LEGITIMATE search is a rescue that can and should be contacted for help.*** Do Not contact any “lost pet rescue” groups scammers specifically mention are on INSTAGRAM or MESSENGER. This is a known scam. They are scams to take your money they say is for “software”, compromise your account, and spread spam. They will not even look for your pet. They will take your money and then block you. Some scammers also direct you to send a message to an email/Gmail address to a “rescue” group. This is the same scam, so beware. Also don’t correspond with anyone who claims they found your pet and wants you to contact them and send them your cell number to get codes to “prove you are real”. This is also a scam tactic called the Google Voice Scam to take control of your account and your phone. Ask for a picture if they claim to have your pet. If anyone calls you, please be very cautious as to the legitimacy of the caller. Other pet parents have been known to receive scam calls at all hours of the night with the caller claiming they have their pet when it is a scam. Have the caller send you a picture as proof. Additionally, the posts from ”KI N” and “MICHAEL PAUL” are SCAMS and are being reported as is the Instagram group they mention. These scammers comment on EVERY post that they found your pet or want you to message a fake search team on Instagram. Do not contact anyone as they say to and do not send them your cell number. This goes for anyone who refers you to an Instagram “search” group or Gmail contact as there will be more posting. They use different names. Really hoping Paisley comes home soon!


Dina R.

3 months ago

Michael Paul is a SCAMMER! DO NOT CONTACT! You SCAMMERS are HORRIBLE people to scam and steal from people looking for their lost pets! How do you live with yourself?! Disgusting!


Michael P.

3 months ago

Try and send a mail to PET RESCUE TEAM at now for quick assistance as they have also helped me in less than 24hrs.


Karla S.

3 months ago

Is the owner reading the comments here?!?! When my indoor cat got outside, this is what I learned: If your cat is indoor only, then it’s likely hiding close by. It won’t approach strangers or be outside during the day walking around. It’s also normal for them not to respond to you because they’re so scared. They are not outside having fun! They are terrified. Look with a flashlight under things around the outside of your house & close neighbors, places like under sheds, porches, decks, under anything a cat could hide under. If you can’t find their hiding place, that’s not unusual. Indoor cats often return to the exact spot where they exited your house, but they do this during the night when it’s dark & quiet. If there’s any way you can leave the point of where they exited your house open during the night, many of them will come back in the same way. If you can’t leave that open, set a humane trap right outside the door they went out through, or under the window they got out through, have it set & baited at dark. Leave outside lights off & resist the urge to go outside to check the trap. If you have a motion activated camera you can put outside pointing towards the trap, you can monitor the trap that way, or baby monitors also will work so you can listen for the trap to go off. Do not leave a set trap unsupervised. You must monitor it during the night from an inside window or a camera in case something goes in it. Keep doing this every night at dark. Your worn clothing with your scent on it can be helpful to place at the point of exit. Until you get a humane trap, set your cat’s food & water at the point of exit when it’s dark. If you have a motion activated camera you can set out there until you get a humane trap, I would do that. Hopefully you’ll see your cat returning during the night. Ask your neighbors with outside security cameras to check the night footage for video of your cat. Make fliers & put one in the front door of your neighbors within a 2 block radius. Sometimes another cat or something else can push your cat off your property to hide, so you want to get fliers out in case a neighbor sees your cat. If that happens, you’ll have to move the trap to where your cat is being seen. A humane trap was the only way I was able to catch my indoor cat in the middle of the night. He returned to exactly where he exited the house. I put the humane trap directly underneath the window he escaped through.



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