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T’challa is Missing in Fremont, CA

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i miss his cuddles so much, pls help me find my best friend.


he’s a little black kitten squeaky meow and very loving. he kneads biscuits in your hair and drools all over your shoulder. he’s got a high pitch meow. very shiny. kinda looks brown in the sun. bright yellow eyes.


Fremont, CA 94555


Union city trail


September 23, 2022

Mary A.

1 year ago

Set a humane trap if he continues to hide


Kareena S.

1 year ago

okay will do! thank you so much


Mary A.

1 year ago

If he is indoor only he is not lost, he is hiding nearby. Look under bushes, decks, porches and cars with a flashlight even during the day ! He will be hiding with his back to a wall or building, Take out his litter box and familiar scents, bedding, dirty laundry ! Look with a flashlight even during the day! Look under porches, decks, bushes and cars. Post on Nextdoor and file a lost report with the shelter! Put fliers around and on nearby neighbors porches asking them to please check their property throughly . Call his name and shake his treats. Put out really smelly food and see if he will get hungry enough to come out. If not, pick up all outside food and set a humane cat trap to catch him quickly.


Mary A.

1 year ago

If he is an outdoor kitty put flyers on neighbors porches asking them to check their property throughly. When outdoor cats go missing it is usually because they are trapped somewhere nearby. Look in garages, sheds, bats, crawl spaces, storm drains. Look on roofs and up in trees too. Look with a flashlight even during the day. File a lost report with the shelter and microchip company and put fliers at nearby vet offices, post on Nextdoor too. . . If he is scared, ill or injured, he will hide like an indoor only cat or if he is indoor only, look with a flashlight even during the day under bushes, cars, porches and decks, anywhere he could be trapped inside and unable to return home! Make sure you reach out to neighbors asking to check security cameras too! . Make sure no one in your neighborhood is trapping cats. Good luck


HappyCatLady .

1 year ago

💖 Go out the 'escape' door and CALL For kitty in a vey calm, NORMAL voice ...keep calling gently , in your normal voice and if your kitty likes the sound of crinkling a treat bag or opening a can of food then please try for your sweet kitty for 15 minutes straight - sit down on the ground in one spot and continue to call for kittie - then read the rest of this post to learn exactly what to do to find kitty today/tonight NOT lose hope and do Not stop taking action.💖 💜🙏 Dear guardian. I'm so sorry your sweet kitty is missing. Your indoor/outdoor kitty could be stuck at a neighbors unable to get back (OR GOT spooked by someone or something hiding) and why you must take action in several ways in order to cover ALL possibilities - ESPECIALLY in person – with the neighbors on your block to start! 🐱 Taking ACTION IN PERSON is CRITICAL 🐱 Leave a WAY BACK INSIDE for kitty to sneak inside in case kitty is stuck in a garage and someone opens it up today/tomorrow for example 🐱 SEARCH AND CALL for kitty consistently - ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT from 9 PM UNTIL 6AM (when it’s quiet, dark and cats feel ‘safer’ to move out of hiding) Set your alarm for 11pm, 1AM 3AM 5AM...go out and call for kitty in a CALM and NORMAL voice & wait...shake treats (if that is something kitty normally responds to) I can’t tell you how many kitties come out of hiding during these late hours…(or you can hear meows if trapped in your next door neighbors garage or backyard or crawl space..kitty needs to hear your voice… 🐱 People will often see a cat outside and will NOT do anything UNLESS they know your cat is missing! Especially with black cats unfortunately 🐱 GAIN ACCESS TO YOUR NEIGHBORS YARDS: Knock on your neighbors doors and Get permission for YOU to check their yards physically day and evening...explain to them how kitty will hide from strangers and it's best for you to check anywhere kitty could be hiding (they are excellent silent hiders) Sometimes you have to check more than ONCE in the same yards...see text example received... 🐱 Make sure kitty's microchip is up to date and check for FOUND cats daily online and every 5 days at your local shelter/s. 🐱 PRINT FLYERS ASAP to give your neighbors. Print 150 Flyers and KNOCK ON YOUR NEIGHBORS DOORS TODAY starting with your block. POST UP FLYERS on both sides of streetlamps in clear sheet protectors with the opening facing down so the weather doesn’t ruin them. Google “protective sheet covers” - you can purchase these (on amazon or any office supply) You can order FLYERS online at your nearest FEDEX PRINT store for pick up even if they’re closed. call once open , and ask if they can PRINT right away due to the urgency. I have found that if you’re nice, fedex staff will always print quickly. NOTE: They sell sheet protectors along with packing tape for posting Flyers on lampposts and the painters tape (for adhering flyers onto front doors and mailboxes) 🐱Download a Flyer ‘template’ from www HappyCatLady com, which offers a reward for a PHOTO of your kitty to encourage neighbors to search for kitty and to call you if they spot kitty instead of approaching (and potentially) spooking kitty. 🐱 NOTE: MANY people are not on Facebook or (or don’t get notifications) so you MUST go door to door in person, circle your block and across the street to start - make sure every neighbor knows about kitty . Ask neighbors to take a photo and call you if they see Petunia and NOT to approach. ASK neighbors to check their yards / garages /sheds ..roofs, crawl spaces. Kitty could be stuck / trapped (this happens all the time!) and talking to your neighbors will hopefully engage them into helping. 🐱 PRINT OUT A GOOGLE MAP OF YOUR BLOCK with address #s showing so you can take notes on who you’ve talked to and which houses to try again later if no one answers ..keep want to talk to every residence around your block and across the street to start…the map print out helps you keep track as it's easy to get mixed up when you're stressing out.....(see example further below). The goal is to TALK to as many neighbors IN PERSON as possible… 🐱 APARTMENT BUILDINGS: For distributing flyers ...I always ring on bells and talk to folks and/or at least get inside so I can leave a flyer In front of each door step or if not an option then tape flyers onto the top and bottom of EACH mail box to ensure everyone around your block is aware along with posting UP FLYERS around the block and 1 block out in all directions (use the clear sheet protector so they LAST more than a few days! You want to cover all possibilities. Spreading the word IN PERSON and online is Critical in spotting kitty. Ask neighbors in person and on flyers to take a photo if they think they see your kitty instead of approaching her and to call/text you. Talking to neighbors dramatically increases the chances of your cat being spotted or discovered engages people to care and to actively search MAILBOXES EXAMPLE _ FLYERING… 💥 IMPORTANT💥 PLACE A CAMERA (motion activated with night vision) aimed at the WET food and water you leave out near the escape point for kitty - you can't believe how many folks discover that their scared lost cat returns to eat - and has no way of getting back inside (or just WILL NOT go back inside - is in ‘surviva’l mode) and the owners stops going out at night so the cat disappears back into the may see other cats, raccoons and other creatures eat the food..that's ok...replace the WET food only (raccoons LOVE dry cat food so wet is better) you can buy motion sensor camera on amazon over night - connect to wifi...OR a wild life camera with playback feature 💥WiFI Camera with night vision example: 💥WIldlife camera wifi not needed / eight AA batteries: You have to manually check footage: 🐱ASK YOUR NEIGHBORS to check their RING CAMERA and if they can help add a missing cat alert in your neighborhood! 🐱 DON’T GIVE UP.. every day I get texts from cat owners saying they found their cat stuck in a shed, under a neighbor’s garage, on a roof, inside a storage space etc…or that a neighbor heard a meow in their yard at night …..each cat is different and needs our patience and determination…and getting the eyes and ears of your neighbors to help is KEY. Return to those addresses if no one is home. Take notes . The neighbors that aren’t home COULD have a laundry room or storage that they closed just before leaving town and you need to cover ALL possibilities to find kitty. Sometimes you have to check the same place twice! ONLINE: 🐱Post on www.Nextdoor com under ‘lost & found’ and ‘cat owners’ group. with your exact address (or address range like 1000-1050 3rd street cross street Cherry ave for example) 1. NEXTDOOR INVITE: 2. INVITE LINK TO NEXTDOOR ‘CAT OWNERS GROUP: 🐱Report to Animal Care & control - your local animal shelter’s - Check for FOUND cats online daily and in person weekly 🐱 Report kitty is lost on Check for FOUND cats daily. Sending you Love and unwavering determination. damia foti 650-339-6619 ( 🐯PLEASE BELOW example of taking notes on map as I went door to door. F = flyered (not home) Added names I spoke to in person - the goal is to talk to everyone to best engage neighbors - ask them to search garage, storage, sheds and to CALL if think they see kitty (and take a photo) Keeping track on a map is a HUGE HELP - I often return days later to remind folks to keep looking!



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