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Maze is Missing in Martinez, CA

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Hi neighbors. Our cat got out near Pacheco and Windhover. Maze - Female, black, about 7 years old, and one claw on her right front paw does not retract. She was a neighborhood cat that we took in during the pandemic when she got an ingrown claw. So she is familiar with being outside but hasn't been out since we took her in. She is skittish but loves to cuddle and give head boops - and is microchipped.


Black, 7 yo, microchipped. One claw on front right foot does not retract.


Martinez, CA 94553


Windhover & Pacheco Blvd, near All Flow


April 15, 2024

Mary A.

4 weeks ago

Set a humane trap if she continues to hide


HappyCatLady .

1 month ago

Dear Angela, I'm so sorry Maze is still missing. Don't give up - he is nearby in survival mode and needs your patience and determination. Be sure to put enough wet food for more than 1 cat in case another cat is keeping Maze away...or he ended up getting stuck at a neighbors (in a shed or garage or under a crawl space) Keep flyering and talking to neighbors and leaving WET food bowl set out at sunset with camera aimed - this is a MUST. Lost cat Sophie was RE-caughth on camera after she accidentally got out 6 weeks before - the next night they trapped her from the same location 💖💖 Lost cat REESY PUFF (lost for over 2 weeks) was finally spotted on camera - we aimed a mini blink camera where we placed wet food bowl at sunset and it took THAT long for him to come out of hiding. In the meantime I was flyering door to door talking to neighbors and posting up flyers and gaining access to backyards to check crawl spaces using a flashlight...once caught on camera we placed the food partially inside an UN-set humane trap to get her used to going inside without negative consequences - the camera revealed she was hesitant but went in to eat (she was hungry!!) so the next night we set the trap at sunset with yummy bait and waited and watched the ipad that was linked to the mini blink camera aimed at the trap door...she came within 4 hours and by 10pm she was home with her HAPPY guardian NIGHT BEFORE LAST NIGHT. 💖💖💖💖💖 Lost cat Pumpkin (lost 26 days until 1/1) was spotted on a neighbor's RING camera who had seen the flyer I posted on her door - she allowed me to set a trap and I monitored out of sight using a BABY MONITOR with a LONG extention cord leading to my car (you must watch a set trap every single second so you dn't trap a neighbors cat or wild animal!) Pumpkin was lost for almost a month ! Don't give up - keep FLYERING up flyers and also go door to door taping them onto front doors so no one misses the photo and info. Keep putting wet food in at sunset with a camera aimed that will send your phone movement notifications and record movement. Sending you love and unwavering determination to find your baby! 💥💥BUY CAMERA: Mini Blink WIFI camera $35 : OR WYZE WIFI Waterproof Camera $29: (get a Micro SD Memory Card: OR Waterproof WIRELESS camera :


HappyCatLady .

1 month ago

Dear Guardian, has Maze continued to show up on camera lured by the food? Are you 'trap training' (as shown in the training video from earlier post) or are you actively trapping a few hours a night? Are you luring with wet fish based food? Please do not hesitate to reach out re: help / tips on trapping... I'm happy to Facetime (?) and you can show me the current set up and I can help guide you.... with love damia 650-339-6619


HappyCatLady .

1 month ago

Angela Perez excellent! Camera is everything! She will return wet fish based food as bait starting at sunset 🩵🩵🩵🩵urgent: please do not leave a set trap without watching it every second!!!!! If you aren’t watching and trap your cat when you’re sleeping she can be injured or ed from a predator hearing her thrash around and attacking from outside. I cannot stress this enough. Set trap near the door or window where you can sit and watch ..when u get too tired or if you can’t trap tonight then you can still ‘trap train’ your kitty to eat from inside the UN set trap where you also clamp the trap door open using zip ties or binder clips so she can eat - this will train her to go into the trap without negative consequences…and when you are able to actually trap and monitor …then chances are she will come earlier and will go right into the trap without the typical hesitation. This is called ‘trap training’ allowing kitty to eat from inside an unset trap. This way no night is wasted. You’re establishing a food source for kitty so she will keep returning. If you can monitor then I think you should set the trap just before sunset ..and watch until you get too tired (hopefully she comes before that) if too tired to watch then I set the trap and clamp the door open so it can’t closed (zip ties or binder clips) and try again tomorrow night. 🩵 Place wet food in shallow bowl plate behind the trip plate…. And add a tiny blob of a churro at the opening to entice kitty to go in. Cats don’t like the metal so you can place newspaper as flooring or vibal strip or card board piece ….just be sure it doesn’t interfere with trap door closing (test it) Please watch one of the videos to do this successfully .have a blanket ready to cover the trap once kitty gets trapped it will calm her. If another cat approaches quietly whoosh kitty away or toss a pebble in the opposite direction …any little sound movement will scare off a cat. Cats watch each other near a food source so you want to be calm if you’re preventing another cat from in the trap. Later leave food for that hungry cat. Feel free to text me and I’m happy to FaceTime you to see the set up…


Angela P.

1 month ago

HappyCatLady thank you for sharing all your knowledge. We saw her coming in the early AM hours on our camera but she didn't stick around long enough for us to try to get her (which we were hoping was possible because she used to hang out in our yard before we took her in) - so we set a humane trap for her last night, but she didn't come by. We'll still keep trying and again, thank you for sharing all your knowledge!



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