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Lost Cat in Live Oak, FL 32060












"DESCRIPTION: Orange tabby intact male. Perfect white heart on chest. White paws. Fully grown: 13 - 14 pounds. Under age 1 or 2. Fearful of all humans except me (formerly feral). NAMES: Responds to Charlemagne (pronounced: Shar-luh-main), Sharlie & Sharles. Please spread the word! Thank you! "


Orange tabby intact male. Perfect white heart on chest. White paws. Fully grown: 13 - 14 pounds. Under age 2


Live Oak, FL 32060


76th St. (Mitchell) between Rocky Sink (169th Rd) & 165th Road


January 11, 2022

Kathy G.

8 months ago

St. Francis please bring this baby t


Gab K.

8 months ago

Walk around calling your cat as you always do. Look under bushes and in hiding places. Look at dawn and dusk with a flashlight to catch the glare of your cat's eyes. If possible leave your garage and lanai door partially open. Your cat will try to get back inside, especially during time when it is dark outside. The only way to find the way home again is by smell. Use some of your used clothes, put them outside. A friend of mine used her shirt and dragged it through the neighborhood. Her cat found the smell and followed it home. It is all about the smell. You can also cut a shirt of yours into small small pieces and leave a scent trail back to your house. I read a few days ago that a lady put out a trace with the old litter throughout the neighborhood. It worked. Her cat came home! Also try to distribute flyers throughout your neighborhood...as many as you can ( 3 miles radius at least). Check shelters in person...don't just call. Put battery operated trail cameras outside. Your cat might show up in the middle of the night. When you know the time you can wait for for your cat and slow blink to make contact. NEVER GIVE UP!


Mary K.

8 months ago

✅ pet signs Suggestions on signs. “We cannot emphasize this enough - SIGNS are one of the best ways to locate a Lost Pet or Find An Owner.” https://www.missinganimalresponse.com/neon-posters/ ✅Just a tip for protection from rain for flyers Place flyer in a sheet protector with opening on bottom. Put a piece of tape at bottom so Flyer doesn’t fall out. Laminating good too but more costly. ✅Sharing this YouTube info that may help. “Please take a few minutes and watch this short video!!! It's very insightful on lost cat behavior and one of the most helpful and informative ones for finding a lost cat. ***Several cats have been reunited by following these tip.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2eCoC63B9Ia cm c ✅Ask your neighbors to check their security cameras. My cameras catch several cats regularly very late at night. Most likely he is near by. Also, ask your mail person, fedx and ups to keep a lookout. Hope you will be reunited soon! ✅7 Effective Search Tips for Finding Your Lost Cat https://www.pawboost.com/blog/7-bad effective-search-tips-for-finding-your-lost-cat/


Karla S.

8 months ago

If your missing cat is indoor only, it’s most likely not out walking around. It’s likely terrified & hiding close by. Look under things around the outside of your house and your close neighbors with a flashlight, places like under porches, decks, sheds, anywhere a cat might hide within a block or so. If your cat is indoor only, they may see everything & everyone as a potential predator, so it can be normal for them not to respond to you or show themselves. Try going outside in the middle of the night & talking to your cat in your normal voice, & listen for them to respond. Don’t shake treats, don’t call for them, just talk to them in your normal voice. Listen to see if you hear them. If you can’t find its hiding place, set up a humane box trap right underneath the window or next to the door your cat escaped the house through. Set it up & bait it with cat food at dark, leave lights off, be quiet inside the house, & wait until first light to check it in the morning. You can also use baby monitors to be able to listen if the trap goes off during the night. Indoor only cats usually return to the exact spot where they got out during the night when it’s dark and quiet. You can buy a humane trap at Tractor Supply or most sporting goods & hardware stores also usually sell them. If you have outside security cameras, check the night footage. Until you get a trap, set a dish of your cat’s food right next to the door or under the window your cat escaped through, every night at dark. Once you get a trap, only set food inside it. You can place a piece of your worn clothing near the trap or food until you get the trap. I do not recommend setting the used litter box outside because it can attract predators & other cats, which can prevent your cat from returning. If you have a garage, you can try leaving the door open enough that the cat could fit underneath or through the door & go in there. A humane trap set under the window my cat escaped through was the only way I caught my indoor cat after 5 days. Also, check out the Lost Cat Finder Facebook page for tips on finding a lost cat. She has lots of good information. Good luck!



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