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Kiki is Missing in Tempe, AZ

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Kiki is still missing. I’m desperate to find him. He’s my baby. I’ve had him his whole life (11yrs) and I just need him back. Please. If anyone has seen him. I pay. I just want my cat back.


Black with white triangle on nose. Very chatty. Very friendly. I miss him so much. PLEASE


Tempe, AZ 85281


Dorsey and Broadway


April 8, 2024

Sam B.

2 months ago

Rollin Roberts yea that’s rude.


Brady K.

2 months ago

Aww that’s too bad ! I sure hope the Lord will bring him home to you !!


Sam B.

2 months ago

Margaret Binyon I haven’t had a chance to go. Although my ex did about a week after he went missing and said he wasn’t there. I went and taped flyers to a bunch of apts in my complex. I’ve posted everywhere I can think of. I paid for him to be the featured pet of Tempe on paw boost. As well as on IG. I paid for an alert to be sent out to vets offices/shelters in the area with his photo. I was going to print more flyers here soon, and put them up in my complex again, but offer a reward for any info leading to his coming home.. and hope whoever took him, or their roommate talk. I’m fairly sure it had to be someone in my complex.. because, my neighbor a few buildings over, told me her cat also disappeared about a month before Kiki. And 2 cats disappearing in the same area is suious. Especially when they were really the only 2 cats in the immediate vicinity. I had just started letting him out, and he just chilled , the only reason I had found my neighbor (Luna is her cats name) because one day Kiki came home covered in bite marks. ) so I went and put a bunch of signs on peoples doors, looking for the owner so that we could coordinate days so the cats couldn’t fight. But there are no other cats that are outside. And apparently, there’s cat haters, who seem to think it’s ok to take people’s pets and dump them. He didn’t bother anyone, unless you wanted to pet him, and he’d say hi. But he had a collar and was clearly someone’s pet. And it makes me so incredibly mad that someone would do that Because I know Kiki would have been so excited and happy to be in a car.. and for him to just be left somewhere. So I’m really just hoping someone feels bad that I’m still trying to find my cat, or is interested in the reward And talks. But I know my cat. And i know if he was in the complex, no way he wouldn’t have escaped and come home. He was sneaky. And fast. And there was no sign of him getting hit by a car. Where I’m at, it’s too busy for cities coyotes. He disappeared in the middle of the day. So rules out owl. He didn’t run away. He was bonded to me. I had him his whole life, and I’ve been through a lot, but I ALWAYS made my cats my priority. I refused to rehome them. I made sure that no matter what, i kept my cats. He wouldn’t go wander. He loves me. So logically, that leaves someone taking him. And since the only other cat in the immediate area also disappeared… that’s what my gut is telling me happened. And it’s absolutely sickening. But I’m going to keep looking. It’s just hard because after a little, I get super depressed about it. And angry.. Sorry. It’s just been almost 3 weeks. And I know my chances of finding him are getting smaller and smaller. And I’m just at a loss of what else I can do. I don’t have the money to keep him posted up front as the featured pet. Thank you. 🙏


Karen G.

2 months ago

Contact Hartt


Margaret B.

2 months ago

Sam Berger I know how heart breaking it is as I love fur babies also. Have u gone to the shelters to look for him. He may be there. Do u have posters out. I sure pray u find him..



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