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Bo is Missing in Richmond, CA

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Orange polydactyl


Richmond, CA 94805


Del Monte Ave Richmond, Scenic,


February 16, 2024

HappyCatLady .

4 months ago

💖💖💖💖Keep flyering door to door, ringing bells and talking to your neighbors.. Continue leaving WET food at sunset near the ‘exit point’ - you must get a camera aimed at the food bowl or you will not know who eats the food - a motion activated camera is a game changer and reveals everything Lost cat ‘REESY PUFF’ (lost for over 2 weeks) was finally spotted on camera - we aimed a mini blink camera where we placed wet food bowl at sunset and it took THAT long for him to come out of hiding. In the meantime I was flyering door to door talking to neighbors and posting up flyers and gaining access to backyards to check crawl spaces using a flashlight...BECAUSE sometimes cats hide at a neighbors or gets stuck under a crawl space or in a shed and neighbors need to be notified to open garages, storage areas and to check RING cameras. Once REESY PUFF was caught on camera eating at night, i then placed a small food bowl - ½ way inside an UN-set HUMANE TRAP (rent or borrow) to get kitty used to going inside the trap to eat without negative consequences - the camera revealed she was hesitant but went in to eat after some time (she was hungry!) so the very next night we SET THE TRAP at sunset with yummy bait and waited and watched the trap through the ipad which was linked to the mini blink camera I had aimed at the trap...kitty came after 4 hours and by 10pm she was home with her HAPPY guardian. He thought she was GONE. I had to convince him she was hiding nearby and to allow me to add the camera which was the game changer 🐱💖💖💖💖 LOST CAT PUMPKIN (lost 2 months ) was spotted on a neighbor's RING camera who had received a FLYER I taped onto her door using painter’s tape (won’t harm the door) The nice neighbor allowed me to set a trap that night and I monitored by using a BABY MONITOR with a LONG extension cord leading to inside my car (you must watch a set trap every single second it’s set so you don't trap a neighbors cat or wild animal!) Pumpkin was lost for a long time so I KNEW he was HUNGRY and would go right into the trap on the 1st attempt. And that’s exactly what happened! Please Don't give up - continue taking action in person - keep FLYERING ...POST UP FLYERS on both sides of lampposts (Place in CLEAR SHEET PROTECTORS with opening facing downward so they last through rain) and also go door to door taping them onto front doors so no one misses the photo and info. YOU can find kitty - it takes some time and patience and determination - especially if kitty is stuck under your neighbor’s house! Use a flashlight to check in crawl spaces to catch the reflection of kitty’s eyes . Sending you love and unwavering determination 💖💖💖💖 damia


HappyCatLady .

4 months ago

💖🐱I'm so sorry you haven't found your sweet kitty YET. RIGHT NOW it’s still early and quiet - Go out the 'escape' door and CALL For kitty in a calm NORMAL voice(no stress in your voice) ...keep calling CALMLY ..if kitty escaped from the front and you have a garage spend time there if possible , talk on the phone, watch TV - place wet food just inside and dirty laundry at the bedding further in away from the food (food= predators, bed = safety so must be separate areas) …repeat calling for kitty LATE TONIGHT and spread the word during the day with your neighbors 🙏 💖🐱Dear guardian...sending this message with only LOVE in my heart...please do not rely on folks seeing this post online from your neighborhood or actual block - You must let your neighbors know kitty is missing with FLYERS and no better way than to post around your neighborhood and the best way is going door to door talking to your neighbors whoever is home and leaving a FLYER with those who are not home (TAPE A FLYER DIRECTLY ONTO THE FRONT DOOR using painter’s tape / won’t harm).! Even if a neighbor sees kitty outside they will assume kitty is indoor/outdoor and ok - not lost or missing - unless they are notified! ONLINE posts only gets to those actively looking at lost/found pets which is very limited. The exact neighbors you want to reach are right there near you - if you haven't gone door to door with flyers and posted up flyers on every street corner and mid street - I would highly suggest doing this TODAY. Also, in case KITTY is stuck/trapped you want the flyers to ask folks to check crawl spaces under homes, storage units, bats etc.. (Templates found on or as me to help create for you (free) Check FOUND cats online at your local shelters; if they don't have online website with lost cats posted daily then call them and/or visit especially if your cat is friendly with strangers as he could also be picked up and brought there (or kept at someones house). The point is to cover ALL Possibilities. 🐱 Lost cat 'PRETO'- was found 1 week later - trapped in a garage, inside a HOLE going under the garage. His guardians each night would walk around very slowly calling for him in a CALM, NORMAL voice. They crinkled his treat bag and kept calling calmly. He finally meowed after 7 nights - after the 400th call!!! 🐱 LOST cat ‘Squirrel’ was found on night 13 hiding disorientated inside the front stair deck of a neighbor’s home. The guardians had shined a flashlight there every night and this time ‘Squirrel’ was there! He did not meow when his guardian’s called… 🐱Lost cat ‘Hugo’ indoor/outdoor was found 2 backyards away after several nights, a bit confused and disorientated. 🐱Lost cat ‘Blue’’ was spotted by a neighbor who I had spoken to in person and given a flyer. 🐱Lost cat ‘Bella’ was spotted by a neighbor and called because he saw a FLYER on the lamppost. 💜Cover all possibilities; FLYER Door to door, talk to your neighbors. Post up flyers, Search and call for kitty at night in a calm voice..Stay strong. Don’t give up! 🐱💜🙏 🐱Call for your kitty in a CALM voice (no stress in your voice at all) during the day and MOST IMPORTANTLY at night / early morning before dawn when it's dark + quiet - Sit down and gently call for your kitty remaining in the same spot for 5 patient…And leave a way for kitty to get back inside (porch light off at night) Check the shelters online daily (or call if they don’t post) and in person every 4 or 5 days - not all cats are shown online at all shelters…FIND OUT. 🐱RING CAMERAS: ASK NEIGHBORS to check their CAMERA and if they can add a ‘RING’ missing cat alert 🐱 BUY A WIFI CAMERA AND AIM it to the WET food you leave by the escape point - so you will receive MOVEMENT notifications on your phone and to check footage to see if you cat is eating late night and is hiding when you call fo rkitty . IN SO Many cases we would have NEVER known that lost kitty was SO close, HIDING if it weren't for using a camera - some cats in survival mode WILL HIDE FROM EVEN YOU! because kitty is scared in the new environment and trying to survive from predators (or perceived predators). I try to convince everyone to use a camera as a powerful tool in case your cat is AT ALL SHY. If you spot kitty on camera eating the WET food you leave out AM and PM and continues to hide from you, THEN you will need to RENT/BORROW a HUMANE TRAP …watch youtube videos on HOW TO TRAP- I have some excellent links on or text me and I’ll send to you. 🐱We were able to trap a lost cat that got outside of at a cat sitters house ...the guardian thought the cat was GONE...I said NO, the cat is scared and will remain within ear shot even though there wasn't any place to hide (cement front yards) night the cat would return every few days - caught on a camera I set up pointed at the food - it took a few nights to trap the cat - he had to be hungry enough to go all the way into the trap (I placed a trail of a couple of dollups of wet food at the entrance and midway the trap leading to the 'strip plate' and dish of food at the far end. 🐱Lost cat Apollo was spotted on a neighbor's RING camera after being lost for over a month - Replace flyers - talk to neighbors again - Continue to leave wet food and water out and get a camera pointed at the food. Last week we set up a camera outside and inside the crawlspace/bat and we caught lost cat 'Deet' eating at 2am ! We kept feeding and placed a TRAP next to he food after a few nights. Kitty was SO SKITTISH it took a few days as we placed food inside the trap partially (with the trap NOT set) just to get kitty used to going further inside the trap without the door shutting. I used a camera to get footage to know what time kitty would eat...the owner was SHOCKED that she was in the bat fora several weeks and that she would not come or make a sound when her human called for her. Yes, Sometimes cats will just continue to hide in complete survival mode so the only way to get them is to trap them and in order to do this - the best thing is to get kitty eating at a certain time first so then you actually trap when you're ready to do a STAKEOUT for several hours...watching the set trap from a distance making sure no other animal gets near it. The point here is that we don't know if Kitty is hiding VERY near trying to survive on whatever kitty can eat...or if she's stuck at a neighbor's property unable to get back. HUNGER always wins and at some point kitty (if not stuck) will be spotted by a neighbor - but they need to have your flyer and KNOW to call you and take a photo of today and tomorrow knock on your neighbors doors asking folks to check their RING cameras and check around at night...BUY a camera today. Buy 2 if you're not sure which side she escaped from and point to wet food and water. This tool has helped me find SO many lost cats that were presumed dead or GONE. THEY HIDE AND HIDE and we need camera to spot them and then TRAP safetly. 🐱 Print MORE flyers to post around your neighborhood on every lampposts (both sides) and distribute door to door to every single residence around your block and across the street... Sending you LOVE, HOPE and determination… damia foti 650-339-6619 650-339-6619 My Happy Cat lady Facebook page reviews: REUNITED LOST CAT EXAMPLES (and why you must cover all possibilities!)


Denise D.

4 months ago

If you haven't already post on Nextdoor as well it's for your Neighborhood


Dora P.

4 months ago



Tao A.

4 months ago

He may be hiding nearby...afraid to come out..



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