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Abby is Missing in Coweta County, GA

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Brown dog wearing a black harness, no tags but chipped


Coweta County, GA 30277


Neely rd sharpsburg,ga


April 20, 2024

Angela B.

1 month ago

Thanks for the update, Adam! Still hoping and praying that your Abby will be found very soon!


Adam C.

1 month ago

Sharon Pritchett Bellamy Hi! This is Abbys dad. Thank you for the support. That will be something we do once we find her. Please ready the update I posted in the comments. Also check out the Newnan- Herald on Saturday they are going to be doing an article on all the wonderful community support we have recieved in the search for Abby


Adam C.

1 month ago

Please Continue to like, share and comment! This helps keep these posts active and reaches even more people. It will just take one person to help us bring Abby home. I have added some new information below that I hope will help all the wonderful people searching. Updated: * Please take pictures of any dog that you believe is Abby and send them to me at 757-708-1522. If possible please take a minute to save my number in case of a sighting. With any sighting if possible please note the physical location, direction of travel and the picture. This will help anyone searching have a firm starting point when searching. To everyone who has sent me pictures, shared information on these posts, or even your thoughts and prayers my wife and I truly appreciate it. Every single sighting is important as we still have not received a picture of her in two weeks* Update: Description: Abby is Brown with white socks and a white/grey muzzle. She was 55lb when she got away. She will have black skin (not fur) on the front of her neck due to a skin allergy and the same on the inside of her hind legs. She also has a large black mole on her left rear side that is visible in her pictures below. When she left she was not wearing a collar or a harness. Update: 9 May 530PM No confirmed sightings today. We have 44 new signs that are going up this week/weekend thanks to M&R Printing Solutions in Peachtree City. If any local businesses in high traffic areas would be willing to allow a 3x4 foot signs outside near the road please send me a text message. We have had many signs taken down, stolen, run over, my hope is this would prevent that. I reached out to the The Newnan-Times Herald and told them about all the amazing community support we have recieved during the search for Abby. They will be running a story on Saturday so I will make sure I post a link here once they do. I've said it many times to everyone over the last almost three weeks I cannot say thank you enough for the support. My wife and I are just so grateful. When we find Abby it will be because of the wonder people in this community. 8 May 1330. No sightings so far today. I do want to take minute to highlight some of the amazing people helping us find Abby. M&R Print Solutions has reached out and offered to help make weather resistant signs for us. We have several volunteers who have been amazing in helping build/post signs and go to reported sightings. I want to thank Mariah, Catherine, Robin, Lovy, Tara, Ali and everyone else who has posted to shared these posts. Please share these again today so hopefully they end up on the right person's feed and we can bring Abby home. We are having several large banners built. If you or someone you know has the ability to give me permission to post these 3 ft x 4 ft banners in high traffic areas in the Turin, Sharpsburg, Newnan, Senoia area please let me know. As always my wife and I are grateful for all the love and support. Ya'll are amazing. 7 May 1400. Over the last few days we have had several reported sightings in the Sharpsburg area. We have been able to review security footage from one that confirmed it was not her. We have also had several calls from people in the Luthersville area that we were not able to confirm. We have placed signs and flyers as far South as Luthersville and throughout Turnin, Sharpsburg, and the outskirts of Senoia. At this point we remain hopeful that we will have a confirmed sighting soon. As always we are forever grateful for all the love and support from this community. Yall are amazing people. Thank You. We have been in touch with Mrs. Robin Allgood and Lovy Myers. They have taught my wife and I alot about how dogs think in this situation. Further how they should be approached if spotted. 1. Don't call her by name. It will cause her to displace or move areas. 2. If she's spotted remain calm, sit on the ground and avoid eye contact, crinkle a treat bag and have a conversation with yourself saying all dogs favorite things treat, walk, car ride, dinner. Once she makes physical contact with you, you can then touch her. 3. Do not chase her, she will likely get away and again leave the area. 4. She is in survival mode. All the things she normally would appreciate or behaviors she would display are completely different now. 4 May 1300. My wife and I are back in the area looking for Abby. We are in the process of replacing our signs and flyers we ones that are a bit more weather resistant. If you see anything please give me a call. 2 May 7 PM. No sightings today. Thank you to everyone who commented or texted that you had taken the time to drive around looking for her or kept an eye out driving to and from work. My wife and I are still hopeful we'll get her home safe. 1MAY 715 PM. No confirmed sightings today. Yesterday we had a possible sighting but no one was able to confirm it between 154 between lower Fayetteville Road and 34 headed north. If you or your family live in that area please review your ring cameras she was seen walking up a driveway. The driver wasn't able to confirm a house number. 28 APR 0730- My wife and I received two calls from local people that they had seen Abby at 81 Charlie Smith. However it was not Abby. Thank you for everyone who took the time call. I am in the area today looking for Abby and hanging/fixing flyers and posters. If you see anything please let me know at 757-708-1522. Update: 29 APR 1430- No sightings for several days a few calls but nothing has panned out. Please keep looking. We appreciate all the love and support. 28 APR 0730- My wife and I received two calls from local people that they had seen Abby at 81 Charlie Smith. However it was not Abby. Thank you for everyone who took the time call. I am in the area today looking for Abby and hanging/fixing flyers and posters. If you see anything please let me know at 757-708-1522. 24APR at 0645 she was spotted at a house on Elders Mill Road South of the Bluff Mills Farm Subdivision. We searched the area and we're unable to find her. 23APR she was not seen. 8PM 22APR we recieved a tip that Abby was seen on the bike trail between Turin City Hall and Bedazzled Flowers 22 APR 1 PM. We recieved a tip that someone saw her in the Linch Road and Ridgeway Court Sunday. 24APR24 3PM. My dog got out of the dog sitters house near Sharpsburg, GA Neely Road and Highway 54 Friday afternoon. We have ring door bell cameras showing she was in The Oaks subdivision from Friday 19APR2024 around 5PM until Monday morning at 0830. My wife and I have been so grateful for everyone who has commented on these posts, stopped us and told us they are looking for her, and just the love the people here have shown us. To everyone who has let me walk your property, invited us into your home, offered us food, a place to sleep and shower it has just been amazing. I can't say thank you enough.


Adam C.

1 month ago

Angela Boykin Hi! This is Abbys dad I am sorry for the late response. I really appreciate the love and support! I have posted a big update in the comments just now that has a lot of good information. Also check out the Newnan Herald on Saturday they are going to do a piece on the community support in the search for Abby!


Sharon P.

1 month ago

Praying you find her. 😢 I highly recommend putting an air tag on her collar when you find her.



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