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Found/Stray Cat in Secane, PA 19018

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Mid to long hair, pale tortoiseshell coloring. Seems well fed and loved. Not scared/hissing, more meowing for attention.


Secane, PA 19018


Quaint Street in Secane by Mole Street. On our back porch. Comes and goes.


March 24, 2023

Michele L.

11 months ago

- [ ] When finding a friendly animal if you haven’t done these steps yet it might helpful to find owners. ALWAYS check the WHOLE BODY for a micro chip “chips sometimes can move to other parts of there body then original site” if no chip contact local police, spcas, groomers and vets and put a found report in w details - type of animal special marking etc. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT- please don’t give to anyone without checking them out- sadly some strangers will take free animals n sell them to people to use them for dog fighting and experiments. If they say it’s there pet they should show u proof vet records adoption records, pics etc. - if you can’t keep the animal safely in your home contact your local township police n see if they have provisions to take the animal to a no kill shelter. If you post on social media n someone wants to foster or adopt - don’t give away - this could be someone’s pet n they are looking for it-maybe they are not on fb n they don’t know how to locate- anyone willing to help should be willing to give you there vet info to check to see if they properly care for there existing pets and a home check that matches there drivers license “take a pic of it” to make sure the house is clean n safe n that the resident animals are not going to harm the animal or visa versa. - [ ] If you have a pet please MICRO CHIP and REGISTER them - it’s not expensive and it’s just a pinch. If you ever loose them contact the chip company w a lost report and always keep your info up to date-more than 90% find there way back home because of May I please ask you to thoroughly screen anyone interested in adopting/rehoming the animal whether yours or found. Please ask for vet references and do a home check. Ask for Id so you can assure that the address of person's id matches your home check. Also always ask a rehoming fee never offer free to a good home. I am in rescue and advise the public daily of the dangers in offering free and the absolute importance of asking for vet references and doing a home check. It's a MUST. There are many disturbed individuals that will do all they can to make you believe they have good intentions and want to offer your baby a loving home when sadly this isn't always the case. Many are taken for bait for dog fighting or to sell to laboratories for a profit. Always reaching out to reputable rescues local to you is the best 1st step. Ask them if they aren't able to take him in if they would post him as a courtesy.. this is safest way to go. Best of luck.. - [ ] If you haven’t microchipped your pet yet please don’t wait n also DONT FORGET TO put a lost report into local police n Spca’s - please n thank you! - [ ] Please share on your personal fb site n especially on lost / found pet sites and pawboost and also lostmydoggie or lostmykitty and then put .com after them to open up.



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