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Bella is Missing in Silver Spring, MD

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My kitty Bella, got lost 3 days ago from my porch while I went to a doctor appointment, I could not find her after I got back, I feel sad just her twin sister Dulce feels. We can barely eat. We are missing her so much. She is the joy of our lives and clearly both Bella and Dulce are the light of my soul. Bella is the daughter I never had and her twin sister Dulce is way bigger, strong, loving, caring. That did helped me a lot at the beginning when I adopted them when they were 2 months old, to calm her down liking her forehead while we were in our bed ready to sleep, helping her to follow sleep. I am mot able to do that but I do give Bella kisses in her forehead and she loves it. I see it in her little and sweet face, she looks to me as an Angel. Dulce and Bela are marvelous and beautiful angels in my life and in my Mothers life when she was with us near by. I work from , I adore being around them, feeding them, but Bella is the playful one and make me smile all the time specially her ability to call me from upstairs if I am downstairs with her sweet voice, saying something like “MeMe” “MeMe” so I know that it’s Bella that needs something and I answer right away “ Baby Bella I will be right with you, just a minute ok?” Or if I am upstairs and she is downstairs does the same, her voice is a music to my ears. Dulce her twin sister has a little stronger voice but does similar “MeMe”! She calles if she need s me next to her for anything they think I should be there. Not for for food because I place extra always so they can snack time to time. Specially Dulce that it’s twice as bigger than Bella, but Bella loves extra and special treats, she is very smart to ask me extra treats and I enjoy the expresión in her little and sweet face that I adore. It took a little while at first when they were growing to find the right treats and right dry food as snacks because they have soft stomach, especially Bella that is small and frágil. I learn to cook tender chicken for them. For Bella was way special blended soft tender chicken because she came so ill with a lots of diarrea. But with love and patience feeding her naturally with tender chickens coked the right way not too dry not only with water also with a little of oil then and now included a few drops of fresh lemon and Bella adores so much and Dulce as well. Bella gets cold Easley, needs a warm place, but not to hot because she gets suffocated same for Dulce. They came with some lungs issue, they had problems breathing at first for several months, but in time with love, care and good fresh food Bela got better hair coat, and her back legs got pretty normal in movement and form. Dulce was stronger mostly her breathing issue got basically totally improve just lately since Bella gone for 3 days she got a heavy breathing, but she is ok am here now seating inside next to glass window at porch while she looks at birds she is tranquil. But she knows I am looking and writing and searching trying to find Bella my baby girl as soon as posible. Lately I feel a bit pain in my head since 3 days ago, I guess I miss her so much. Hope next time who ever takes her that I hope it doesn’t happen again leaves a business card or a note where I can find her. I could go right away. In my side I will never going anywhere or sleep or eat without my Bella and Dulce calmly resting on the white sofas or in their favorite carpet. I always did and I do that way because on March 2023 after a intent of invention, I went to a hotel near to Baltimore airport and while I was walking a cross the hall in a parking lot to my Mother to get her into a car to give us a ride because she is 94 year old she needed help and I left them my babies carefully net to our suitcases when I turned my head around to go to pick them up they were gone.!😔 And broke my heart in a thousand pieces, I almost went felt as if I was dying😞. Both of my babies weee taking right a few steps from me while working my Mother to a car not too far.! But a security guard gave me a business car from patrol police rescue and I recover both of my babies days after that and my sister went to pick them up to a shelter while I was recovering of an strange intent of robbery after a private improvise taxi driver asked me to e it his car in mid of road. I lost my purse, shoes and without identification almost police arrested me for not having my driving license in me😳. I did explain them I have been robbed but they did not care. I was taking to PG hosp for a pain in my chest. And I did stay a few days there in a Covid19 center, they said that was the only thing available for me to stay. That it’s why I could not pick them up in person. But my Mother was with them at until I got back and washed them brush them, feed them and live them as always and more than ever. Very happy to see them safe and sound at . But the way my husband past April 2021, about 20 days that my brother past outside of country, but he was leaving with me and my husband and my Mother and our 2 babies Dulce and Bella. Since 2015 I got paralyzed I was in a wheelchair until end of 2018, that I was able to walk some but not much. My husband was always next to me basically until end of 2020 that went to Glorida to take care of his father that had an open heart surgery. But never came back he past there. Living me and my babies all alone with my elderly Mother. Oh well seems this is just a bad moment and soon will be back to our hse at Rosemere Ave where my kitties were so happy. But do to some intents of someone getting into hse even do I had security Systhem and cámaras. After my husband and Brother dead all change for me and clearly for my Mom and my kitties. I had to be and I am the take care giver, in all needs, food, money, heath. I am the Mom and Dad in one. And gladly I am do in it. With all the love in my heart. Currently my sister is fighting me the custody of my Mother even do my Mom has been living físicas y 6 years with me. And I was taking care of her since 2001 in USA and since I was 17 in Bolivia. My sister with help of someone without honor put slander/lies on me and my Mother. I hire many attorneys, currently a Law Firm to resolve the garbage it was place on my name. I am sure God from heaven can see all in earth and will do justice in my coming trial. So my beloved elderly 94 year old, comes back soon,as she begged already to everyone even to judges before they broke her leg, and when she was able to speak. they said felling down some stairs, neglecting her care, she was so very well taking care and so love by my kitties My Mom is my life and Bella the joy of our lives. Dulce and me hoping Mom and Bella come back soon. My brother and husband are dead both on 2021 they never coming back. But with all of you that are reading my story and everyone's help I am sure all will be clear out and Mom and Bella will be here soon. I hope I check the spelling on words ok. Thank you Deysi Woolsey


Bella is sweet, delicate, has a hair that I brush daily and clean nicely with a wipe she loves the attention every night.


Silver Spring, MD 20906


Near Poplar Run Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20906


May 17, 2024

Ruby S.

21 hours ago



Monna K.

2 days ago

Please check on in that area, lots people post cats they have found


Debbie B.

1 week ago

Sending prayers 🙏🙏🙏 for Bella's safe return...


Lisbeth C.

1 week ago

Bump 🙏


Crystal D.

1 week ago

Praying for her safe return



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