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Skittles is Missing in Oakland, CA

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Tortie with more black fur than gold. Small cat, sweet disposition, 10 years old, fixed.


Oakland, CA 94612


674-23rd Street, between MLK Jr Way and San Pablo Ave


June 11, 2022

Jessica C.

3 months ago

My husband and I Found!! For safety please contact on messenger now. I'll send you a pic on messenger. Thank's 🙏


HappyCatLady .

4 months ago

It's never too late: 💓 MAKE A HUGE NEON POSTERs and a BILLBOARD To get a sighting! 💓 NEON POSTERS r In front of your home and near a busy intersection everyone tends to drive by in your neighborhood. the guardian of lost cat ‘Claude’ created 2 of these HUGE NEON POSTERS - 1 was placed in front of her residence and the other was placed at the nearest busy intersection...a neighbor noticed the poster and then spotted kitty a few days later and called the guardian. 💓 BILLBOARD Make a HUGE BillBoard using a TARP, duct tape and Blown up photo of kitty (kinkos or fedex) - to tie up either by freeway entrance or exit or if not near freeeway then at the busiest intersection near you to ensure everyone in the neighborhood is aware to call you upon sighting. 💓 Tip: Print 16”x20” of clear full body photo of your cat (crop the photo to remove as much background so it’s just your cat) Fedex Print stores charges $11 for one color copy, available overnight. Cut out your cat and glue/tape to each huge neon sign and for the Billboard. Certain supplies like NEON paper and Tarp and duct tape for letters have been found at the Dollar store try there first.


HappyCatLady .

10 months ago

🐱💜💜💜💜 Keep reposting 🙏 and don't give up on your sweet kitty. I'm so sorry you haven't found her yet..Do you have a MINI BLINK camera aimed at wet food you're leaving day and night by the escape door (or inside the garage door left open 5" if he got out from the front)? If you're not sure which side kitty escaped then leave food in the front and back and use 2 cameras they're $35 on amazon. Every day I get texts from folks who are amazed at spotting their SHY cat on camera eating the food then running off to hide again after because they are in survival mode... some will finally come out of hiding LATE NIGHT after their human calls out 400 times in a calm calm voice...don't give up! Keep taking action. Ask neighbors to check their RING cameras - we've had lost cats spotted on RING cameras so many times but neighbors won't check unless they know you're kitty is missing and i find that talking to neighbors is best because most do not understand that SHY cats hide from everyone! They think if they don't see the cat during the day then there is no way kitty is visiting their yard but that's not the case! Cats get active late night..once you spot him on camera THEN the next night you can set a trap and watch it by using a baby monitor. you can buy one on amazon for overnight delivery - you really need these tools to help you find your kitty when it comes to a shy cat. Replace old flyers and talk to neighbors again...offer a reward for a photo of your kitty - you don't want folks to approach kitty once spotted - but you want a photo to make sure it's kitty because unfortunately there are so many lost and abandoned cats ..!


HappyCatLady .

1 year ago

Dear guardian...glad you reposted and are not losing hope. Do not stop leaving wet food and water AM AND PM by the 'escape' point with a motion activated camera recording movement...there are endless cases where a cat was kept away due to a territorial cat or ?? and then reappears months later - caught on camera...then had to be trapped ...replace FLYERS around your neighborhood - place flyers inside clear sheet protectors and use a lot of tape or a staple gun (if lampposts are tree based)..they will last this way...Keep checking all the oakland shelters online daily and call and ask about torties - WiFI Camera with night vision: 💜🐱damia foti 💜🐱


HappyCatLady .

1 year ago

💖🐱Dear guardian 💖🐱 Do not give up or stop taking action! 'Lost cat' JiJi was found after being lost for 4 MONTHS! Cats will remain for months and months doing their best to survive…don’t give up on your furry baby - we are all praying for you...don't give up...Replace worn flyers and Put up more flyers a few blocks out in all direction ...I encourage you to talk to your neighbors AGAIN to remind them your kitty is still missing and that you need their help to keep an eye out and ask a neighbor to report your kitty is lost on the RING camera network... Every morning I get texts from people who find their cats while calling for them after 10pm at night..please continue to call for your cat and/or make that noise that kitty is familiar with whether it's keys jingling or treat bag crinkles or simply your calm voice may seem hopeless to do this but I am telling you everything you do helps! cover all possibilities: Check nearby shelters ONLINE DAILY and IN PERSON weekly (some cats are NOT posted online at the shelters!) Deliver updated flyers to each residence starting with your block and expanding outward 2 blocks in all directions...Continue to use your motion activated wifi camera pointed at wet food and water bowl daily. If you don't have one - I emplore you to get one and put out food/water every day... So many cases guardians are ready to give up then they finally put the camera out there (whether wifi to your phone or WILD LIFE camera with batteries no wifi) and after some days or a week they will Spot their cat - after being gone for weeks or months...spotting kitty eating the food changes everything and so many people discover this with the camera - then sometime they have to TRAP their cat because kitty is in survival mode and hides even from their guardian...cats are survivors and once they are back inside at home, they go back to being sweet cozy loving kitty. I didn't know about using cameras 1st year I was helping people and now I use it in every case (for disabled or seniors who can't walk around) it's a HUGE help and again this is to cover all possibilities... FLYERS all over the neighborhood and going door to door to talk to neighbors is KEY in spreading the word to the exact people who COULD spot her! Wishing you LOVE and HOPE and unwavering DETERMINATION🐱🐱🙏💖 💥WiFI Camera with night vision example: 💥WIldlife camera wifi not needed / eight AA batteries: You have to manually check footage: One more suggestion: POSTCARDS delivery for the closest 1000 residents. I've used this family owned company and always happy I did: . It’s pricey but worth it. I’ve used this service 3 times - once for a cat missing for weeks after getting lost the same day she was rehomed (from another city) and we needed to spread the word as quickly as possible to all the neighbors as we came onto the case weeks after kitty was missing. Someone spotted her after a week of receiving the postcards. We received several calls some were false sightings so it’s important to include on the postcard “Please take a photo and call if you THINK you see my cat”. The other 2 times I received sightings within a week as well, though one was found within the block (and I’d already flyered door to door on the block) The way it works is you submit a form online, then someone will email you asking to confirm info, then they will send you a draft postcard and show you the zone that USPS will cover based on original location (they’ll show you on a map) 2 days later POSTCARDS will be delivered to the nearest 1000 neighbors, including apts and businesses (1000 is the minimum) at the cost is $650 – be sure to use the same wording as in the FLYER TEMPLATE you can download on this site ( 💜🐱🙏



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