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Littles is Missing in Stamford, CT

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Is beautiful soft shade of gray charcoal gray like a Russian blue I'm not sure what he really is I've got him 11 and a half years ago He will be 12 in July and he's been with me since he's three and a half weeks old I bottle fed him I need to have him back I thought I had him back this one cat looks exactly like him but it's definitely not him now that I got him I've had him for a month now and it's definitely not him I didn't get close enough and he was just a little crazy at first and I couldn't tell that this cat is not him I'm still going to keep him because he's been in my position but I need my beautiful green-eyed Russian blue colored shiny soft with a big boy I'm sure he's much skinnier than he was when I had him he was overweight but he was cat and a large side he walks with a little strut and his name is little but I call him itty bitty since he was tiny


Stamford, CT 06878


Super 8 motel Stamford


September 15, 2023

Linda G.

3 months ago

Mechanic express how important it is to put food and a camera so you can see what’s going on at night when you’re not there Please don’t waste time help your kitty home. Please follow these steps to help your kitty to come home 🏡… really keep calling kitty in dusk, & Dawn. Put things out the litter. Anything you have from your brush hair anything that kitty remembers. This will help Kitty smell and find his way home. I do TNR please If you follow these steps you are sure to get your kitty....Please get a trail camera u can see what is going on when u r not around. I got mine at Walmart or s sporting goods for less than $30, put it by the trap, we’re you will put kitty food out. You could get A trap from A shelters near you, Put some hair from your brush in trap , and try to place trap by Bush, a hedge camouflage with large leaves. With food in the back. sprinkle kitties Litter cats can smell up to 500 feet sprinkle a little left right back in front of your house. took me one month to get my cat back. Stay on top of it every day. prayers.. Also cheuck local rescues and shelters, Vets Police Station & Animal Control to see if anyone has reported finding A cat that looks like your kitty. Sometimes they do trappings & could have your pet. Don’t forget trail camera because you can see what’s going on while you’re sleeping in most cats are out at night. I helped a young girl get her kitty back after 6 weeks it works. Most of the time your cat is right by your house scared and hiding. 🙏 and after a month I re trapped my baby 💕 so it is possible don’t give up. Poor baby 🙏🏻 please also keep checking ACC that’s animal control in your area. & police station too. And every seven days keep checking For they are busy and most likely won’t get back to you 💔. veterinarians small rescues in your area. Sometimes they can go there to eat with the rescues that feed colonies. 💕💜 Try asking your neighbors to even ask their neighbors. usually a cat is close by that gets out. also Check with animal control police stations veterinarian shelters, small rescues in your area to see if anybody filed a lost cat. provide them with a picture🙏🏻🐾!


Rachel C.

4 months ago

I saw a cat that looks like this cat run into the woods next to the parking lot near the south concession stand at Tod's Point in Old Greenwich, about half an hour ago. I was unable to catch the cat, but you may want to go take a look around there.


Joan C.

4 months ago



Gary M.

4 months ago

0 Trapping a Cat Create scent trails on the ground to your home or to a trap, ideally monitored with a trail cam, so you can respond quickly when the cat is in the trap. Get a towel and rub it with your dirty laundry, vacuum cleaner waste, or anything else with the scent of home. (Do not use kitty litter.) Tie a rope to the towel and drag the towel from the areas where you think the cat might be, creating scent trails leading to your house or the trap. You won’t smell the scent on the towel or the ground, but the cat will. If you use a trap, load it with a little cat food, enough to attract the cat from the trail that leads up to it. Rely on the scent trails to get your cat to the trap. Rain will wash away the scent trails, so you’ll have to drag again afterwards. Also, it might help to renew the trails every couple days. Important: . Never leave a trap unattended, always keep an eye on it, checking it every 1/2 hour in person or with a trail cam. It should be positioned close to where the cat escaped. . Trail cam photos and videos are marked with time stamps, helpful to know if and when the cat shows up but doesn’t go into the trap. . Post flyers in the area with a picture of your cat and contact info.


Carol S.

4 months ago

Call a tracker- Kelly Brach is one, she is Professional Pet Trackers and is very successful at finding lost animals-631-973-5678



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