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Molly is Missing in Ossining, NY

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We are searching for Molly almost four weeks, please help us to find her. We will given rewards to the person bring her back . We are desperately looking for her. We try everything. Please, please. Thanks in advance


Big green eyes, a heart under her neck, 3 lines in her back, white paws, like a bread in one side an in the r side letter G


Ossining, NY 10562




November 17, 2023

Linda G.

4 months ago

Jeananne Totah Please follow these steps to help your kitty to come home 🏡… really keep calling kitty in dusk, & Dawn. Put things out the litter. Anything you have from your brush hair anything that kitty remembers. This will help Kitty smell and find his way home. I do TNR please If you follow these steps you are sure to get your kitty....Please get a trail camera u can see what is going on when u r not around. I got mine at Walmart or s sporting goods for less than $30, put it by the trap, we’re you will put kitty food out. You could get A trap from A shelters near you, Put some hair from your brush in trap , and try to place trap by Bush, a hedge camouflage with large leaves. With food in the back. sprinkle kitties Litter cats can smell up to 500 feet sprinkle a little left right back in front of your house. took me one month to get my cat back. Stay on top of it every day. prayers.. Also cheuck local rescues and shelters, Vets Police Station & Animal Control to see if anyone has reported finding A cat that looks like your kitty. Sometimes they do trappings & could have your pet. Don’t forget trail camera because you can see what’s going on while you’re sleeping most cats are out at night. I helped a young girl get her kitty back after 6 weeks it works. Most of the time your cat is right by your house scared and hiding. 🙏 and after a month I re trapped my baby 💕 so it is possible don’t give up. Poor baby 🙏🏻 please also keep checking ACC that’s animal control in your area. & police station too. And every seven days keep checking For they are busy and most likely won’t get back to you 💔. veterinarians small rescues in your area. Sometimes they can go there to eat with the rescues that feed colonies. 💕💜 Try asking your neighbors to even ask their neighbors. usually a cat is close by that gets out. also Check with animal control police stations veterinarian shelters, small rescues in your area to see if anybody filed a lost cat. provide them with a picture🙏🏻🐾! Don’t give up. Some guy said he found his cap five months later one of his neighbors had it. Another guy said 10 months later I think he was at a shelter.


Natalie F.

4 months ago

Line of thinking and prayers continue going up for the safe return home of your baby,send a mail to v they are trusted and reliable in finding missing/stolen pet. they found mine in less than a day I texted, give them a try hopefully they find and reunite you back with your loved one.


Betty N.

4 months ago



Kerry R.

4 months ago

Please follow my advice. No litter box outside, no food outside. It will attract other animals including other cats who will keep your cat away if trying to return home. ⬇️ Have you distributed flyers- by knocking on doors to your neighbors and handing them out, and posted them on poles etc. as well even to any businesses close by? If you get a sighting you need to set and MONITOR a humane trap at the sighting location right away and at morning dusk. *NEVER LEAVE A TRAP UNATTENDED. You can use rotisserie chicken and Friskies Whitefish and Sardines canned food as bait. Cats usually stay within a one mile radius from home, maximum two miles. Most are found very close to home as in a few houses away or next street over. They are usually found (after getting sightings and with trapping) very close to their own home. Some come home on their own, usually in the overnight hours. Concentrate on canvassing your own neighborhood, however, in case the sighting was not of your cat. Cats don’t usually go far. They usually will try to return home between 10 PM and 5 AM with peak hours being 3-5 AM. Put a worn shirt of yours on your porch or near the door and continue to replace with a fresh one daily. Do NOT put a litter box outside. It will attract male unneutered cats who will spray property and chase your cat away if trying to return home. Some cats stay hidden for 3 weeks traveling at night. Flyers generate sightings.


Kathleen R.

4 months ago

Praying this precious furbaby gets home



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