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Lulu is Missing in Berkeley, CA

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Lulu is a very sweet and friendly cat who is small but plump. She is very food motivated. She rarely leaves the yard and we are worried. She is gray with a little white patch on her chest.


Berkeley, CA 94708


Keith Ave/ Euclid Ave


October 14, 2023

Denny L.

6 months ago

When my Louis ,managed to escape my fenced-in backyard, I felt like the worst pet owner, carrying immense guilt for not immediately knowing that she’d left or where she’d gone. I got a recommendation from my worker about the missing pet recovery team. I reach out to them and they’re able to find my Louis safely. I suggest you reach out to them on Instagram if you have a similar problem you can send a text to them "petfinderexpert" on Instagram to help you find your pet on instagram with photos of your missing/stolen pet


Felicity G.

6 months ago

Oh no! I will keep an eye out for your pet. Please check with the local shelters in our area. Try putting up posters in the area he was lost... don't forget to files a missing animals report send a message to them "animal_search_service_ltd" on Instagram they are expert in finding missing/stolen pet. they found mine in less than a two days I texted, give them a try hopefully they help you get yours back. the sooner the better...


Robin H.

6 months ago

Put Lulu’s food near the opened door 😻❤️😭


HappyCatLady .

6 months ago

💖🙏Dear guardian, please do not depend on ONLINE as the main way of finding kitty -- you want to cover all possibilities. In person searching and flyering and talking to neighbors is crucial💖🙏 💖🙏Your KITTY will remain VERY NEAR 💖🙏 Just because you don’t see or hear kitty does NOT mean kitty is not VERY near…I am emphasizing this so you don't go searching 10 blocks away or get mislead by any false sightings - without a photo to prove it’s your kitty. Continue calling kitty CALMLY in your NORMAL voice from early mornings and late night. Cats can sense stress in your voice and will hide if they sense it. Some scared cats will continue to hide and come forward when no one is around - to get to the WET food and water you leave AM + PM in bowls by kitty’s escape point. If kitty got out from the back then leave food and water by escape door left open 5” and talk to your neighbors to gain access to their yards. If kitty got out from front street and you have a garage, leave garage door open 5" with food and water just inside and kitty’s bedding way deep inside the garage - FAR AWAY FROM the food (food = predators, bedding = safety) AIM a WIFI camera at the food to receive movement notifications in case kitty comes to the food LATE NIGHT but then leaves again...then you WILL HAVE TO USE A HUMANE TRAP to trap or borrow a trap and watch youtube videos on how to successfully trap your cat🙏 🐯 INDOOR cats will remain VERY NEAR TO escape point in a hiding spot in SILENCE and may come forward during the day though most come forward after dark until morning(when it’s quiet). MOST indoor cats are found within 1-5 houses away! - many times kitty is hiding within the property, under the porch, in storage area. Scared cats are the stealthiest of hiders...this Is how they survive - Be patient and continue taking action. 🐯🐯Lost cat 'Tazzy' was found under the guardian's own house after 3 weeks! He is recovering nicely thank goodness - he was hiding in total silence but they spotted the reflection of his eyes using a flashlight! 🐯 INDOOR + INDOOR/OUTDOOR cats are typically found( stuck) within a block - depending on their normal territory. Lost cat 'HUGO" was found 2 backyards away disoriented after 7 nights ...his guardian Ann was losing hope calling for him late night and early morning for a week - and on night 7 at 11pm this time he meowed back!! This is why it's important to be consistent in searching and calling for Kitty in all the different ways I person...Flyering...checking Ring cameras...placing a camera in front of food and water you in case he's stuck and gets unstuck on his own (example a shed door or garage door is opened releasing him...) Every cat is different and needs our patience and determination. 🐯And UNLESS your kitty is SUPER FRIENDLY to complete strangers, the likelihood of kitty getting picked up and brought to animal care & control is just not reality least not for a long while (though check online daily and in person once a week to cover all possibilities..shy or skittish cats often have to be purposefully trapped. Happy to give you guidance on that piece… 🐯Call for your baby from the ESCAPE POINT AT NIGHT when it’s dark and quiet and sounds travel far ... call for kitty as you walk around your street (don’t go far) ...listen closely for meows in garage (if kitty got out from the front).Calmly call for kitty as you walk back the entire time - you don’t want kitty to follow you AWAY from home. 💥FLYERS WORK!!💥 Print 150-200 ASAP 🐯PRINT OUT A GOOGLE MAP OF YOUR BLOCK with the address #s showing and take notes as you go DOOR TO DOOR telling your neighbors about your missing kitty. Take notes which residences you speak to and those NOT home so you can try back later. Return to those addresses if no one is home. The neighbors that aren’t home now COULD have a laundry room or storage that they closed just before leaving town - and your kitty got closed inside! 🐯POST UP FLYERS on both sides of LAMP POSTS - all around your block and and across the street to start . Place FLYERS inside a ‘CLEAR SHEET PROTECTOR’ with the opening facing down - so the flyers don’t get ruined by weather. Buy ALOT of packing tape, blue painter’s tape and 1 bright color DUCT tape in case the packing tape doesn’t stick (wet poles) If the lampposts on your block are wood ( not metal), then use a STAPLE GUN. 🐯 PRINT MINIFLYER (or use full page flyers) to go door to door and knock on doors - if no answer then TAPE the flyer directly onto the front door (Using painter's tape - won't harm) or if no access after ringing doors then tape directly on the side of mailbox so it can't be missed. Keep track each residence you talk to and those not home so you can try to talk to them later - your cat could be in their crawl space not meowing so this is why I try to talk to everyone within 1-2 blocks working outward 🐯 ASK NEIGHBORS to check RING CAMERA and add a missing cat alert! TALKING to neighbors will get them to check garages, sheds, crawl spaces anywhere kitty could be hiding or stuck . Tell them kitty is in survival mode and if they spot kitty - TAKE A PHOTO and CALL and not approach kitty. For those not home, use that blue painters tape to adhere a FLYER ( top and bottom) directly on their front door (won't damage) or folded and taped next to their mail boxes. 🐯You can print FLYERS at a FEDEX print stores (and submit the order online for pick up or just go there) You can buy those “clear sheet protectors”, painters tape (for taping to front doors) and clear packing tape and Duct too! 🐯Sometimes you must check the same location more than ONCE!...see example from kitty guardian who checked 3 times the same yard and finally found her kitty! ... 🐯APARTMENT BUILDINGS: KNOCK + Ring on bells and talk to folks and/or at least get inside so you can leave a flyer in front of each door or tape a FLYER to every front door (use painter’s tape) If you cannot get inside a building then tape 1 flyer per mailbox directly onto the top and bottom of EACH mail box to ensure everyone is informed! 🐯Cover all possibilities. Spreading the word IN PERSON and online is Critical in spotting kitty. Ask neighbors in person and on flyers to take a photo if they think they see your kitty instead of approaching and to call/text you. Talking to neighbors dramatically increases the chances of your cat being spotted or discovered engages people to care and to actively search 🐯MAILBOXES EXAMPLE _ FLYERING 🐯DON’T GIVE UP! Every day I get texts from cat guardians who found their cat stuck in a shed, under a neighbor’s garage, on a roof, inside a storage space etc…or that a neighbor heard a meow in their yard AT NIGHT. Every cat is different and needs our patience. Getting the eyes and ears of your neighbors is KEY. 🐯 Make sure kitty's microchip info is up to date and check for FOUND cats daily online and every 5 days at your local shelter/s. Remain positive and determined!. All your effort and love works together to find your sweet kitty 💖🙏 damia foti ( 💖🙏 650-339-6619


HappyCatLady .

6 months ago

During the last week of HOT weather, many people went into their storage area or crawl spaces to get fans and AC units out - it could be possible your baby got curious then got locked in. This is why it's so important to ask your neighbors (especially those 1-3 neareast you in all directions) if anyone opened a storage area since our furry baby went missing - cats get stuck under houses all the time and many times they won't meow! Lost cat preto was found inside a HOLE under the garage after 1 week! His gaurdians called for him every night and slowly walked around (indoor/outdoor) 1 week later 11pm at night he meowed back! You will find her💖💖💖



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