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Reunited Cat in Gaithersburg, MD 20879

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REUNITED - reunited after 189 days, 4 hours






Panda has a black dot on her chin


Gaithersburg, MD 20879


May 28, 2023

Robin B.

6 months ago

If nobody actually saw him/her get out, check to make sure (s)he's not stuck or hiding behind appliances or in the lining underneath beds/couches or locked in a closet and if not then here are some tips to help you get your cat back home: 1. Put wet/smelly food out in the evening. Pick it up during the day or if you notice it's attracting strays. 2. ***PUT THEIR DIRTY LITTER BOX OUTSIDE. SEE NOTE BELOW *** 3. Put out an unwashed article of your clothing or a dirty sheet/towel/t-shirt. You can also make "scent strips" from these items and place them in trails leading to your door. 4. Walk around the area listening for meows, look up in the trees as well. Your cat could be stuck somewhere and unable to get home. Go out in the evening with a flashlight and look under porches, sheds, and any wooded areas etc. your cat's eyes will glow from the light. LOOK EVERYWHERE, high up in trees and low under shrubs and outbuildings for any response. Cats do tend to hunker down. 5. You can make chum trails leading to your door by using a can of cat food and a gallon of warm water. Shake well and sprinkle in trails leading to your door. You can also make scent trails using dirty litter. 6. Your cat will be most active between dusk and dawn. Try shaking a bag of treats and softly calling your cat's name while searching with a flashlight to catch the reflection of your cat's eyes. 7. Get fliers up right away. Make sure to include a picture and your contact info. Put flyers in plastic page protectors to keep them from getting wet/torn. 8.Cats tend to hunker down in low places like shrubs, ground cover or under sheds and outbuildings and in window wells. Check your property thoroughly and ask neighbors to do the same. 9. File a lost report with the appropriate shelter and visit *in person* often. 10. If you have a certain way of calling them when you want them to come to you at home, go around your property and the local area calling for them just like you do inside. You may feel weird doing that but it is worth it! Call softly, go slow and then pause to LISTEN and LOOK for any response. MOST CATS DO NOT GO FAR, ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT ARE NOT USED TO SPENDING TIME OUTDOORS. ***Putting their dirty litter box outside or making dirty litter trails around your yard from places she may hide to the point they went missing from (usually your door) quite often works! I know a lot of people that were scared off from putting out their cat's dirty litter after reading posts that say it draws predators and ferals. When they had given up hope of ever getting their cats back and felt they had nothing to lose they decided to put the cat's litter box outside and the cats often came home within hours. Just keep an eye on the litter box and if you see any problems take it inside for a while and then put it back out if need be. I have had many people say this is what finally worked for them and have never heard anyone ever say it drew any ferals or predators. Food and chum trails are more likely to draw unwanted visitors than another cat's dirty litter and litter trails. It's your cat and you should try whatever you want to get your cat back home!



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