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Sir Purrs Alot is Missing in Berkeley County, SC

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Sir Purrs Alot








We miss him so much! Please be on the look out for him, so we can have him !!


Large 12-15 ib. Orange personality. neutered. Sweet personaliy. Purrs alot.


Berkeley County, SC 29486


Cane Bay


March 14, 2023

Hope M.

1 year ago

You may want to reach out to this group. They offer a free 15 minute consultation and they have some great tips on their website. They also have a FB page.


Sheryl T.

1 year ago

Get some of his/her used cat litter ( not the whole box just a small pile, you may need later) put in a safe dry place near house , doorways where it will not get damaged or disturbed, if you have predators don’t put it out unless you are outside with it , even small amounts could attract them and it’s important to monitor that litter and any food you put out .. put a blanket he sleeps on or you sleep on , shirt you wear that has not been washed etc out where he has a chance to catch the scent , they can smell a good distance, if have access to a trap large enough for him and can set it put food for him in it........ now.... not being familiar with the outside he’s gonna be really scared and unless he was chased is probably closer than you think ..... they hunker down first safe hole or small area they feel halfway safe in and stay there.... even if you call they too scared to move...this said make sure they are not trapped inside a shed or crawl space within your household or a neighbors property you AND your neighbors need to take a flashlight look under , over , in between whatever and everything even smallest of places, flashlight will reflect the eyes so look for that…..the cat doesn’t know a stranger so most likely won’t just stroll out to them so must find the eyes to know they are actually in there ….go out late evening ( let neighbors know you will be out looking late so they are not startled call baby gently calmly ..warm smelly food to entice its hunger ....if threatened they may climb very high in a tree so also don’t forget to check them....get signs up immediately... even if handwritten in ziploc gallon bags with the zipper down to protect flyer from rain Etc make sure it can be EASILY READ from the road!! People will not stop to read it.... but if they can easily read from the road or see a picture if they know something they will get out of their car to get the phone number..... if they can’t read it and they do know something you just lost your contact to your baby.... do this quickly....🙏🙏 Do NOT GIVE UP!!!!….. I am also going to add here that in this day and time it’s beyond disheartening that some people with not honest intentions are trying to play on innocent owners missing their babies and their hearts are aching for any clue on getting their loved ones back home… I’ve been there… I’ve gotten text from people saying I’ve found your pet so and so… I need you to prove you are real owners… or I work with vets I’ll keep eyes open, then text later want more privacy info…. BEWARE… these are almost always not legit …..If they say they have your pet , ok send me a picture of the animal you think is mine and if it is I’ll prove I’m the owner with more pictures or vet records, do not do the google code , do not buy gift cards ,do not text this weird number for a tracker …most people don’t want anything to get your baby back to you , they are thrilled to have found their home , perhaps they will ask for a picture to make sure they turn over baby to the right person but gift cards, codes, no…. .if you need a tracker ,call a vet or a rescue ask for legit recommendations of a tracker and most actually have a website already and can be validated by one call to a legit rescue, I’m the first to want to make sure the baby truly goes to the right owners, just be careful 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


Eve M.

1 year ago

Prayers that Sir Purrs A lot is found safe!


Jeannette W.

1 year ago

Try this site in case in shelter, foster or if found by someone..updated daily.. Click orange button, filter cats, up to 100 miles and zip..


Jeannette W.

1 year ago

Did you post on nextdoor, Pawboost and ur ring doorbell? Go to this website.. Click orange🧡 button, then missing cat and the put zip code.. Then click blue💙button and put ur babies🐱information and look for ur babies cause shelters put pics up Print flyers for all 3 shelters *Dorchester paws 🐾 *Charleston animal society 🐾 *Berkeley animal shelter 🐾 and pin up in vets offices...GIVE TO FEDEX, UPS, MAILMAN, NEIGHBORS AND PUT UP EVERYWHERE Go outside at night 10pm-5am is the best time cause its quieter and walk every 30 minutes so THEY will be looking and listening for you, UR SCENT AND VOICE CARRIES..THEY'RE hiding and scared to move or cry but knows you are coming back..litter boxes outside attract other animals which definitely keeps your baby scared to come home, the same as putting food when you go on your walks take treats to shake and tuna, a flashlight and call em quietly..when they do the great escape, they don't go far...take photo of her to the houses within a couple blocks of ur house someone could have taken ur baby in cause they didn't know was missing, some people don't have internet



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