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Lightning/Bolt is Missing in Miami, FL

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Deaf and 2 blue eyes not neutered. About to be 3 years old.


Miami, FL 33183


SW 56th St


March 24, 2024

Eddie J.

2 weeks ago


Joshua G.

3 weeks ago

read the advice in "files" and the "featured" row near the top of the pages or groups. sometimes you have to press a little arrow like shape to open it, scroll by pulling to the left or right. 🔻THERE ARE MANY TYPES OF SCAMS PEOPLE USE TO MANIPULATE PEOPLE THAT HAVE MISSING FRIENDS. OFTEN THEY TEXT SAYING THEY HAVE FOUND YOUR FRIEND AND TELL YOU TO SEND THEM A CODE. DO NOT. The newer scams are links in comments like: "Omg its so sad! these people found my pet fast! go to ImMentallyillinaBADway in Instaggram ig IG for their team to help you too!!" ..they often ask for cash before they look, and or for you to send them a code. Or they tell you they can see them but need a code or cash... DO NOT send them anything. If you do seek help, look for officially recommended people and places. sigh..... ok... take some slow, natural, deep breathes.... try these tips: ✅ Make one post in a local lost and found group, or your wall. Then share that one post to every group. Dont make multiple posts. Share one post to multiple places.. It makes a huge difference in how Facebooks algorithms stack points for more and more views. And it also makes communication easier because it's all linked together very tightly to one post.. ✅any interactions with posts gets them seen by more people, even likes, but the others help more, and commenting is best.. besides sharing obviously. ✅Make sure all of your posts are set to public AND open to public comment.. Often they are not open.. It's a -separate- setting In the 3 dots top right of each post.. Many -group- posts are open to public comment. BUT often the posts people make on their OWN Facebook profiles pages wall are not.. Sometimes they aren't public at all ✅use a flashlight at night and when its dim, to look for their eyes glowing.. keep the flashlight up by your head so their eyes retroreflected light goes into your eyes. if you dont understand that study it. or trust us.. ✅put out scented objects like pillows and couch cushions. and if safe, crack some windows to let the scent out.. hopefully u can afford to leave one cracked open enough for them to crawl back in the middle of the night.. ✅when searching, move in a slowly growing spiral pattern, yell louder on the spiral path back so as to pull them home.. searching up wind is more likely to help, if they are down wind they would possibly be able to smell their way home already... ✅for scent, vaccume bag dust can be used to make a long trail home.. best to stretch the line of dust up wind.. by up wind i mean make an line of small piles of dust that is layed out going 'up'/into/against the prevailing wind (that is the usual typical orientation of wind).. that line should probably be no more than 1/4th of a mile long for every day they are missing.. maybe less distance for cats, and more distance for dogs.. Check for them all along the trial as often as u can. and collect more dust for more trials and or a longer one.. ✅dont forget to refresh the outside box/house or traps with fresh stinky pillows food toys etc.. buy a big bag of their favorite food, spread it in many feeders on all sides of the building.. scent form all things can get ed way up to high by the wind and houses heat, so place some on all sides of the building.. ✅putting out food after the first day risks attracting others, their presence might push your friend away.. probably best to only use familiarly scented objects. If you do put out food, place it a ways from your home so the the others dont occupy the space outside of your home... ✅if you want us to more easily help find them, we need to know how u talk to them, like "come here good girl good kitty" or "come on baby, here come.." etc etc.... really the best option is a voice recording we can mimic and even use directly.. also, unless they are accustomed to you yelling their name, they may find the distortions the yelling produces to not only be unrecognisable, but scarey.. so please keep that in mind and remind others. try to sound normal, and sometimes normal, just louder.. get a cone to direct the sound so less yelling is needed. ✅ if only for future reference/inspiration, it also may be helpful to consider; does this beed or individual often need hair cuts to look like they do in the picture? if so, another picture with longer hair, or a picture of a very similar hair cut or lack there of, might help them be identified in their current or future state.. ✅give paper copies of pictures and helpful suggestions to neighbors. suggestions by Rena Hays: ✅ set a Humane live trao. traps MUST BE MONITORED CLOSELY.. alert all neighbors and ask to check sheds, garages, under decks, bushes, even old dog houses. If possible place the pets bed in garage with food and something that smells like home. Leave garage door up just enough to allow entry for kitty. Best of Luck 🐾 ✅ PLEASE USE CAUTION DURING DIFFICULT WEATHER, TRAPS SHOULD BE MONITORED EVERY 30 to 45 MINUTES for the safety and the well being of the animal. ✅for future posts copy this: **MISSING** Please share and help contribute to a reunion! County: City: Location Details: Date: Name: Gender: Breed: Coloring: Physical Features: Age: Weight: Collar/Microchip/Other: Contact: Additional Information: Heres a short video with more info about finding cats, much of it applies to other species as well.. (I have to cut up the link so the systems won't automatically block my whole comment) https ://m. youtube . com/watch? v=g2eCoC63B9I&feature=youtu .be&fbclid=IwAR0Sbf_CgelB4PSCXkl0vzhaSlVMbEcYZmelGjnPnyhP4OH_Z4VABoiAuio If you do encounter scammers please screeshot their names and profile pics and put it here so we can ban them and report them.. you can report them to Facebook and to the admins if you are in a group seeing it. Press and hold on the comment, options will open. First report it to Facebook for spam, scam, harassment, unauthorised sales, false information, mocking victims, animal abuse, child abuse, and terrorism! Maybe they will actually do something for once after all that ..then report it to the admins. The admins will ban them and delete the comment asap. Thank you 🙏🏻


Maria U.

1 month ago

Maria Eugenua Alvarez Escorcia gracias mi querida Maria Eugenia recuerdos de escuela inolvidables🙏👼🏼💐🥰🦋💜


Mariaelena L.

1 month ago



Mompy M.

1 month ago

Comparto. Dueños mantengan siempre sus mascotas con Tag. Nombre y teléfonos aunque tengan Chip. Más seguridad



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