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Ormond Beach, FL

2 months ago

"A door was left unlocked, unbeknownst to us. It must have blown open overnight. We found it ajar when we woke the next morning with no cat in sight. Jude was waiting at the back door exactly 24 hours... See More

Found Dog

Folsom, CA

2 months ago

"My wife and I were on a walk with my German Shepherd on a trail near our home. I saw the lost senior dog, a Chihuahua, running along the trails. It was heading towards a busy street. My wife had to s... See More


Riverside, CA

2 months ago

"Sherman flew out of my office when a delivery person opened the door abruptly to make a delivery. I could hear Sherman calling occasionally and I would go to wherever I thought he was. Since he was i... See More


Calgary, AB, Canada

2 months ago

"Josie, a primarily indoor cat, went missing from our newly fenced in backyard. What we didn't know was that she had dug a hole large enough to fit through and had slipped out in the evening. As you c... See More

Found Cat

Aurora, CO

2 months ago

"I've got a runner of my own, and to keep him from trying to escape daily, we take him on walks in a harness. One day when I was walking him, he led me to this bush. He had his hunting pose on, so I k... See More


Moulton, AL

2 months ago

"We have 6 dogs and a couple of them ended up fighting in the yard for some reason. We were distracted with trying to get that scene sorted out. Normally I count heads when they come back in, but with... See More

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