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Found Cat

Christmas, FL

2 months ago

"This kitty showed up on my property and did not belong to my immediate neighbors. I began talking sweetly to him and feeding him to gain his trust. I then began to pet him during feeding time and dis... See More

Found Cat Whiskers

Charlotte, NC

2 months ago

"I found Whiskers while I was taking my dogs to the bathroom on a Tuesday morning. My dog wanted to play with Whiskers, and Whiskers didn't shy away from any of us. He followed us for a while, then sa... See More


Pleasant Valley, NY

2 months ago

"Cooper got out through a window that wasn’t supposed to be opened because it doesn’t have a screen on it. Unfortunately my 4 year old nephew didn’t realize this when he opened it. Around 8pm th... See More


Mooresville, NC

2 months ago

"Boots disappeared on a very rainy night one Sunday. He's an indoor/outdoor cat and normally hangs out on the back porch when it rains. However, it hadn't rained in a very long time and it rained very... See More


Timberlake, NC

2 months ago

"We left for vacation one Friday and left Dixon with our dog sitter at our house. We don't know fully what happened as we were not back in the country until that next Saturday, which is when we were f... See More

Found Cat

Chattanooga, TN

2 months ago

"Everyday we put food out for a stray feral cat that we haven’t been able to catch. My husband noticed an injured cat eating the food and went to check on him. He took the cat to the nearest veterin... See More

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