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Russell, ON, Canada

2 months ago

"Coba went outside one night and didn't come home for breakfast the next morning. It was very unlike him, so I knew something was wrong right away. To find Coba, I did everything I could think of.... See More

Found Dog

Houston, TX

2 months ago

"I saw it walking near a bus shelter. I had to hurry because it stepped into the street a couple of times. I wanted to hurry and pick him up before he was hit by a car. While at first he was hesitant ... See More

Lit Bitt

Jacksonville, FL

2 months ago

"Lit Bitt got loose from her run lead. She didn't have a collar on, so she followed my other two dogs down the road. They normally stay close, but this time she was found by somebody who thought she w... See More


Denver, CO

2 months ago

"While my partner and I were cooking, the smoke alarm went off. We went to crack the back door to help with ventilation, and poor Milo ran off scared. It was one of the coldest days of the year and we... See More

Found Cat

Delano, CA

3 months ago

"I randomly found the little guy on my front yard while I was looking for something. He was surprisingly friendly. With most cats, they would just run away if they see anyone. But it wasn't like that ... See More


Arvada, CO

3 months ago

"Bently was terrified of the fireworks in the neighborhood and slipped past my husband, through the dog door, and jumped the fence and ran. Getting him back really was a community effort. One of our n... See More

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