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Victorville, CA

19 hours ago

"One of my grandchildren did not close the door completely and, when the other dogs went out, Jackie followed. When it began raining the other dogs came in, but Jackie is sixteen years old and can't s... See More


Terre Haute, IN

2 days ago

"Milo got out of the house somehow, but we're not exactly sure how. We think one of the kids may have opened the door. Luckily, someone saw the missing pet alert on Facebook thanks to PawBoost and got... See More


Sacramento, CA

3 days ago

"Shadow escaped our backyard by going under the fence. When I returned from work, I noticed he was not at the door to greet me with his usual happy self. I got in my car and drove around the neighborh... See More


Greer, SC

4 days ago

"Kirby managed to sneak outside during the night. By the time I realized he was missing, the trail had gone cold. I looked high and low for my pup, but Kirby was nowhere to be found. I took to social ... See More


San Jose, CA

5 days ago

"Our side gate was left open by our landscapers and it seems Rocky walked out to roam the neighborhood. We came home after work to find the gate open and Rocky missing. Luckily, a member of the PawBoo... See More

Found Dog Ranger

Greer, SC

6 days ago

"This friendly and energetic German shepherd came bounding into our backyard. He had no collar, so we opened our garage and he went to the laundry room door wanting to go in the house. This pup was cl... See More

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