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Lost Pets Database for Calgary, AB

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Lost Male Cat last seen Prestwicks S.E, Calgary, AB T2Z 3X6

Reported 3 weeks ago, updated 10 hours ago

Oliver Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 70234900

Calgary, AB T2Z 3X6

Oliver is a 3 year old Domestic Medium Hair mostly black cat with bits of grey around his neck. Very Fluffy. Wearing a Black Collar with silver studs.

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Lost Female Cat last seen Erin place Erin road, Calgary, AB T2B 3H4

Reported 2 years ago, updated 23 hours ago

Roxie Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 68191173

Calgary, AB T2B 3H4

Sealpoint chocolate point Siamese Ragdoll White Medium length fur, redish brown face a bit darker, redish brown legs, and tail bushy, blue eyes slight crossed, very vocal. AGE 1 year and 1 month July 31 when she went missing. Missing from Erin Place SE Calgary cul de sac.

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Lost Male Cat last seen Near Scimitar Bay & Scimitar Point, Calgary, AB T3L 2E1

Reported 2 years ago, updated 1 day ago

Mac Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 68214640

Calgary, AB T3L 2E1

Mac an indoor, Lilac Seal Point Siamese with blue eyes, cream fur and tan markings, has no microchip and when he wandered off he wasn't wearing his collar. Mac is an 11 year old (senior) cat missing since 10 pm on July 26 near 700 Scimitar Bay & Scimitar Point.

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Lost Male Cat last seen Cranleigh Way SE across from Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary, AB T3M 1A8

Reported 8 months ago, updated 1 day ago

Blackjack Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 69494367

Calgary, AB T3M 1A8

All grey - looks like a nebelung, pale yellow eyes, a bit of lighter fur around the nose, long soft fur free of knots, sturdy 12.8lbs (size of a small dog), toe beans pink with specks of black, the skin on the roof of his mouth is also mostly black with specks of pink. 12 years old but looks younger, very healthy and active. Microchipped. Responds to "baby" or "maomi," but he is very scared of strangers and may not respond.

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Lost Male Cat last seen Near Snowdon Crescent SW, Calgary, Calgary, AB T2W 0S5

Reported 2 years ago, updated 1 day ago

Miki Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 68019360

Calgary, AB T2W 0S5

His name is Miki and he is an 11 year old short haired ginger cat, neutered. He doesn't have a tail because it was amputated several years ago due to injury at this time. He is (hopefully still) wearing his black collar with a red metal tag with all information - email, phone number, our address in Southwood, City licence number 10954.

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Lost Female Cat last seen West coach way southwest, Calgary, AB T3H

Reported 2 days ago

Clawdia Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 70305636

Calgary, AB T3H

White forest cat

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Lost Female Dog last seen North side only meters out front of Walmarts Entrance, Calgary, AB T2J 0P7

Reported 1 month ago, updated 2 days ago

Sweeney Female Dog

LOST PET ID: 70197696

Calgary, AB T2J 0P7

She is my service dog in training, as well as a cherished family member, my heart sinks everyday she isn't seen or brought . Extremely friendly, very energetic and loves to run and play. Yes this is another attempt on pawboost for me to bring her please understand this! I will not give up on her, I promised her I'd be right back out with dog food and within that 5 minute span she was taken. I was devastated and yet gain my heart sank so deep. The early evening of November 16th 2021 was busy and dark already, the manager made me tie her outside for the first time ever when i usually would have her inside where she would wait politely causing no problems ever. She was ready for her official status as my service dog its just at that point in time I didnt have the funds yet to cover the cost but when she returns I have everything ready for her, I'm not sure why someone would take her when she clearly had a loving family and was only out for a walk. She was wearing Canada Pooch gear; a pink jacket with her black jogging onesie underneath it with her pink collar and a magenta body harness, whoever took her seen the note left in front of her as it said : "Im in training please do not pet me. my mom is inside and will be back right away! thanks". Im not a terrrible person or a bad dog owner but complete opposite. I love animals and I needed her to be there for me at that time in my life and for a long future ahead of us after everything life has put me through. Please understand this if you do care enough to read my plea and cry out for help to get my furbaby sweeney back to me. I wont involve any third party, nor will I ask any questions if you have her and can empathize with me and understand shes more to me then just some dog, she is family and besides my siblings shes all I have everyday to guide me and keep me going. I just want her back with me and my siblings, thankyou everyone.for continuing on keeping my furbaby in mind when you see a female border collie mix in or around calgary. you can email me directly or contact me through my sisters number which is on her collar as well @ my name is Brittany and Sweeney is my beloved furbaby still missing.

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Lost Female Cat last seen Dover, Calgary, Calgary, AB T2B

Reported 7 months ago, updated 2 days ago

Mia Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 69626908

Calgary, AB T2B

Completely black, green eyes, small (7lbs - ish) spayed, 7years old, microchipped & right ear tattoo

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Lost Female Dog last seen Delacour Store, Delacour Golf course , Rocky View, AB

Reported 12 months ago, updated 2 days ago

Lulu Female Dog

LOST PET ID: 69092578

Rocky View, AB

Tan and black, black around her eyes looks like eye liner, black nose. She is approximately 90 - 100lbs she has a pink collar with no tags on.

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Lost Male Dog last seen Near Ave NE / Cornerstone Blvd NE, Calgary, AB

Reported 6 months ago, updated 2 days ago

Appa Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 69722166

Calgary, AB

LOST tricolour white/black/brown australian shepherd type dog #Cornerstone #Redstone Contact if sighted/found PLEASE DO NOT CHASE Pls watch, share, help to locate APPA ----------- Rec'd By Messenger Hi, I’ve just recently lost my dog around an hour ago in the NE area (Cornerstone/Redstone). I’m really scared and I can’t find him anywhere. There’s a lot of fireworks going on right now in our area. I was walking him on our nightly walks and he got loose.. we can’t find him and hopefully you can lend us a hand.. please we really need your help

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Lost Male Cat last seen Sandstone , Calgary, AB T3K 3X1

Reported 10 months ago, updated 3 days ago

Kramer Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 69377318

Calgary, AB T3K 3X1

Kramer is a orange and white striped, neutered and microchipped male. He is 4 year old and we miss him dearly! We live in the NW Sandstone area.

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Lost Female Cat last seen Hi way 1 , Bearspaw, AB T3L

Reported 4 months ago, updated 3 days ago

Peanut Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 69917031

Bearspaw, AB T3L

Gray and white Front paws are white and full white on her back legs but gray mostly plus white tummy she does have a tattoo on her right ear

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Lost Male Cat last seen West creek Pond, Chestermere, AB

Reported 2 years ago, updated 4 days ago

Fergie Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 68481273

Chestermere, AB

Darker orange with white tabby. White shoes on front feet and white socks in back. Has a white undercarriage with an orange belt.

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Lost Male Cat last seen Housing complex next to large field , Calgary, AB T2G 3W3

Reported 3 weeks ago, updated 4 days ago

Katspur Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 70243262

Calgary, AB T2G 3W3

Katspur is a very large black cat with a white spot on his chest. He’s shy of people and is not used to being outside. He loves dogs and other cats. Has a cute meow. Wearing a pink and yellow harness with a name tag, the tag has an old phone number on it. He’s microchipped. He knows his name, but will likely not approach anyone due to being shy.

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Lost Female Cat last seen Woodpark Blvd and Woodpark  Pl. Bus stop nearby, Calgary, AB T2W 2S5

Reported 4 days ago, updated 4 days ago

Mandy Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 70293958

Calgary, AB T2W 2S5

Black with large white patch on ger chest as well white on front legs and face. Large round eyes.

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Lost Female Cat last seen Near Ogden Road and Highfield Blvd, Calgary, Calgary, AB T2G 3K4

Reported 7 months ago, updated 5 days ago

Annabelle Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 69610354

Calgary, AB T2G 3K4

Grey cat with white face, chest, belly and paws. Distinctive half of a tail because of an mishap years ago.

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Lost Female Dog last seen Bragg Creek, Bragg Creek, AB

Reported 3 years ago, updated 5 days ago

Daisy Female Dog

LOST PET ID: 66950254

Bragg Creek, AB

Female black and white Blue Heeler cross with black patch over one eye. Should be wearing pink collar with tags. Microchipped.

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Lost Male Cat last seen Near Ave and 33 St, SE, Calgary, Ab, Canada, Calgary, AB

Reported 6 months ago, updated 5 days ago

Patch Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 69775990

Calgary, AB

My male neutered tuxedo cat named Patch escaped last night and hasn't returned so far. His distinguishing marking is his soul patch, hence his name, Patch. If anyone finds or sees him it would be much appreciated if you let me know. He was lost at 33 St and 33A ave SE, Dover, Calgary.

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Lost Male Cat last seen Ranchridge Way NW, Calgary, AB T3G

Reported 4 years ago, updated 5 days ago

Mickey Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 66470637

Calgary, AB T3G

Black and beige tabby with white socks and stomach. Distinctive white flash on nose.

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