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Lost Pets Database for Phoenix, AZ

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Lost Female Dog last seen Near ave and camelback , Phoenix, AZ 85017

Reported 2 days ago

Xana Female Dog

LOST PET ID: 9804818

Phoenix, AZ 85017

Black with fawn

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Lost Female Cat last seen N. Pima Rd. and E. Indian School Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Reported 2 years ago, updated 2 days ago

Freja Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 7438488

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

“Freja” is an approx. 6-year-old spayed female. She has a white underbelly with white legs and feet. Her back is tan, and her tail is striped white/tan. She has distinctive healing scabs on her nose from a mosquito allergy. She’s a little more plump now than she appears in the photo. Freja is my heart, and right now it's broken. If you’ve seen a cat that matches her description, please contact me ASAP. A reward will be offered for any information that results in her recovery (alive or dead).

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Lost Female Dog last seen Dunlop and 19th ave Phoenix az, Phoenix, AZ 85021

Reported 2 days ago

Lola Female Dog

LOST PET ID: 9804661

Phoenix, AZ 85021

She’s people friendly she’s 9years American pit bull

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Lost Male Cat last seen Virginia Street, Mesa, AZ 85215

Reported 2 years ago, updated 3 days ago

Kate Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 7628911

Mesa, AZ 85215

All white, long haired

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Lost Female Cat last seen Southern Avenue & Hobson 85204, Mesa, AZ 85204

Reported 6 months ago, updated 3 days ago

Hazel Nut Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 9202399

Mesa, AZ 85204

Less than 10 lbs. Dark gray tabby with white chest and paws, white ring around most of neck. No collar or chip. Spayed, very friendly. Likes to be petted. Goes out every day but returns at night, until that day. Does not li8ke dogs. Her sister and I miss her very much and want her . As of today July 31, 2023 Hazel is still missing. I fill your water dish every morning and night in case you walk in the door. Please come , Hazel. 9/13/23 Still missing you baby. Pls come 9/18/23 still missing my baby 11/17/23 Still missing you, Hazel. Please come .

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Lost Female Cat last seen 7th Avenue and Southern Phoenix Arizona , Phoenix, AZ 85041

Reported 4 days ago, updated 3 days ago

Mia Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 9798878

Phoenix, AZ 85041

Female cat Mia is 5 months old, she's my daughter's cat. She's an indoor cat, and escaped when the littlest one left the door open, help us find her. Everyone are very sad, and my oldest won't stop crying, as Mia was for her an emotional support animal.

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Lost Male Dog last seen 36th Avenue and Polk Street , Phoenix, AZ 85009

Reported 3 months ago, updated 3 days ago

Whiskey Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 9476663

Phoenix, AZ 85009

5 month old male mixed pug with dark chocolate fur with a bit of white under neck. He is long with big paws. Has blue eyes.

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Lost Male Cat last seen Copper Mine & Dolomite, Queen Creek, AZ 85143

Reported 1 month ago, updated 3 days ago

Kovu Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9714914

Queen Creek, AZ 85143

Friendly, wearing collar w/tag, phone number on back, blind in one eye

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Lost Male Dog last seen Mayo Blvd & Scottsdale Rd 85054, Scottsdale, AZ 85054

Reported 2 years ago, updated 3 days ago

HERO Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 7501667

Scottsdale, AZ 85054

My little rebel Mini Poodle HERO who is the love of my life had jumped out of my Jeep window to come find me as I went into Subway. People tried to chase him and that triggered him to bolt. Only a few minutes later both our lives changed forever. This was on November 10, 2021 in Scottsdale, AZ 85054 at Mayo Blvd and Scottsdale rd. He hasnt been sighted since Sat Nov 13 2021, three days after he jumped from Jeep. HERO was frantically running across the entire parking lot then 6 lanes of traffic into the desert toward the Princess resort. Crossed Scottsdale rd again to the Catherine and eventually made his way back to Mayo n Scottsdale shopping plaza.HARTT was on the scene day 1 and we posted flyers and talked with everyone we could. Businesses, Walked the Streets, Parks n Vets, Social Media, Apartments, Residential, The Desert, Homeless Camps...I have Inquired or combed them all like a FBI detective for days to weeks to months. I have and Continue to Pray that we will be united and that the People who Took My HERO will one day Surrender their mistake/wrong doing and take Him to a vet to be scanned for his chip. In Jesus name I pray for a Great God Miracle. I am grateful to u Lord for guiding me back from despair to hope. I'm trying my very best to stay positive w continued prayers to my Almighty God. I pray that he will lead Hero back to Me and Rodeo his pup bro. Mama luvs u Hero!!!! Description: Hero is an 7 year old mini poodle. He is a 22 lb robust, apprehensive to strangers especially other dogs and men but a very Happy boy. He has white hair and looks like a cute little baby sheep unless groomed. He's very fast when let loose so look for the fast white poodle running at the dog parks. Maybe you could say Hero and then Rodeo and that will get his attention. Raspy bark and non stop hyper active wagging straight tail. Brown marking on RT side of mouth. Strong sturdy trunk and can jump. Please look for Hero being walked by someone else or keep eyes n ears open to ask inquire or listen to friends family co workers kiddos neighbors who may mention a dog they now have. Please snap a photo or ask owners what u can sensitively . In much Appreciation and Blessings MAMA MEL

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Lost Female Dog last seen n 19th ave, Phoenix, AZ 85304

Reported 3 days ago

lucy Female Dog

LOST PET ID: 9803281

Phoenix, AZ 85304

shes less than one foo tal, terrier mix, very energetic, and has spots on her stomach

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Lost Female Cat last seen E Virginia Street & Ravine, Mesa, AZ 85215

Reported 2 years ago, updated 3 days ago

Mort Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 7866769

Mesa, AZ 85215

Tan and white, will run from strangers

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Lost Female Dog last seen 47th st and Van Buren , Phoenix, AZ 85034

Reported 3 days ago

Diamond Female Dog

LOST PET ID: 9803206

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Grey and white Pitbull blue collar. Last update I received about her was that she was hit by a car and picked up by someone who seen her get hit but we haven’t found what Vet she was taken to yet

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Lost Male Dog last seen 47th st and Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Reported 3 days ago

Kane Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 9803155

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Faded color grey and white Pitbull black spots on the top of his nose .

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Lost Male Dog last seen San Miguel apmts , Mesa, AZ 85201

Reported 3 days ago

Bentley Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 9803153

Mesa, AZ 85201

He's a black little dog with a small white patch on his neck he's got a chain collar on

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Lost Female Dog last seen E Decatur Mesa Az 85207, Mesa, AZ 85207

Reported 3 days ago

Missy Female Dog

LOST PET ID: 9803080

Mesa, AZ 85207

Black and white terrier

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Lost Male Cat last seen 40th St and Oak St between Thomas Rd and McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Reported 3 weeks ago, updated 3 days ago

Buster Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9749134

Phoenix, AZ 85003

White male Maine coon cat. His name is Buster and he has a sister named Spicey. Contact Thank you.

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Lost Female Cat last seen Main and Alma School, Mesa, AZ , Mesa, AZ 85201

Reported 3 years ago, updated 3 days ago

Baby Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 6990727

Mesa, AZ 85201

20 year old long hair grey and brown, with white on her underside. She suffers from separation anxiety and tends to pull her hair clean out. She is so very much missed.

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Lost Male Dog last seen Extention and vine, Mesa, AZ 85210

Reported 2 weeks ago, updated 3 days ago

Canelo Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 9763441

Mesa, AZ 85210

Golden fur

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Lost Female Cat last seen N 39th and W. Bluefield, Phoenix, AZ 85308

Reported 2 months ago, updated 3 days ago

Patches Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 9644069

Phoenix, AZ 85308

Black and white. Friendly. She is chipped.

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