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Lost Pets Database for Mesa, AZ

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Lost Male Cat last seen Val Vista and Hunt Highway, Chandler, AZ 85249

Reported 4 weeks ago, updated 12 mins ago

Tucker Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9489876

Chandler, AZ 85249

Male tabby cat, neutered, small nick on left ear and sometimes watery / teary eye from previous injury.

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Lost Male Cat last seen Power and McDowell , Mesa, AZ 85207

Reported 2 hours ago

Lorenzo Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9581934

Mesa, AZ 85207

Tabby Gray

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Lost Male Cat last seen Near w 8th place mesa az 85201, Mesa, AZ 85201

Reported 10 months ago, updated 3 hours ago

Louie Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 8579009

Mesa, AZ 85201

Has an extra long tail and wags it like a dog. Very friendly. He will respond to Lou Louie Louis Lulu

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Lost Male Cat last seen N Red Mountain and N Boulder Canyon, Mesa, AZ 85207

Reported 1 week ago, updated 4 hours ago

Gio Aka Gigi Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9558420

Mesa, AZ 85207

Siamese - one year old - his tail was broken so it looks a little like a question mark.

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Lost Male Dog last seen Near E Hampton Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204

Reported 4 hours ago

Declan Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 9581549

Mesa, AZ 85204


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Lost Female Cat last seen N. Pima Rd. and E. Indian School Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Reported 2 years ago, updated 4 hours ago

Freja Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 7438488

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

“Freja” is an approx. 6-year-old spayed female. She has a white underbelly with white legs and feet. Her back is tan, and her tail is striped white/tan. She has distinctive healing scabs on her nose from a mosquito allergy. She’s a little more plump now than she appears in the photo. Freja is my heart, and right now it's broken. If you’ve seen a cat that matches her description, please contact me ASAP. A reward will be offered for any information that results in her recovery (alive or dead).

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Lost Male Cat last seen Country club and 8th, Mesa, AZ 85210

Reported 5 hours ago

Simon Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9581414

Mesa, AZ 85210

Very fluffy, gray, black and white cat. Tabby and mainecoon.

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Lost Male Cat last seen Alma School and Ryan, Chandler, AZ 85286

Reported 7 months ago, updated 5 hours ago

Travie Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 8816332

Chandler, AZ 85286

Maine Coon type kitty. Long hair. Big fluffy tail and super soft fur. White belly and a brown nose. White patch above his nose.

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Lost Female Dog last seen Power & University, Mesa, AZ 85205

Reported 7 hours ago

Pepperchini Female Dog

LOST PET ID: 9581016

Mesa, AZ 85205

Long haired chihuahua - Black mixed with brown colored head and 3 spots, rest of body is white.

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Lost Female Other last seen Mill ave & Hermosa   tides apmts , Tempe, AZ 85282

Reported 3 months ago, updated 7 hours ago

Torri Female Other

LOST PET ID: 9285697

Tempe, AZ 85282

12 yrs old Russian tortoise, she is the bigger and brighter colored tortoise in photo

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Lost Female Cat last seen Recker/McDowell, Mesa, AZ 85215

Reported 1 month ago, updated 8 hours ago

Charlie Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 9462207

Mesa, AZ 85215

Charlie is mostly grey with white on her chast, belly and all four paws. . She is scared of new people and loud noises. Please do not chase her. She had a condition she’s being monitored for and she is microchipped. Her family misses her!

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Lost Male Cat last seen corner of 104th. St. and Bramble Ave, Mesa, AZ 85208

Reported 2 months ago, updated 9 hours ago

Lord Beerus Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9340144

Mesa, AZ 85208

Sphynx cat, neutered and chipped male, charcoal grey all over, light green eyes, wore black collar with silver name tag

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Lost Male Dog last seen Alta mesa area, Mesa, AZ 85205

Reported 9 hours ago

Guinness Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 9580606

Mesa, AZ 85205

Beagle Rottweiler mix, black and brown with white on muzzle. Has a skin tag between eyes. Is not fixed.

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Lost Female Cat last seen Near west rio salado , Tempe, AZ 85281

Reported 10 hours ago

Mocha Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 9580448

Tempe, AZ 85281

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Lost Male Cat last seen Near N. Alma School Rd. candela Park apmts., Mesa, AZ 85201

Reported 4 months ago, updated 12 hours ago

Tobi Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9088973

Mesa, AZ 85201

Tobi is a Snowshoe Siamese. He is six years old. He is not neutered, but may have been neutered if he was found by someone. Tobi has been missing for five months going to six months. Four years ago Tobi had disappeared for two months before and returned after those two months. He is the sweetest baby you’d know, he is wary of people he does not know and will run away if you try to approach him. I was unable to search for him myself do to being out of town for personal issues. My family has been looking for him for me while I was away, and have been trying there hardest to find him. If you have any information, or sightings please email Please help me find Tobi. Please help me find closer and have him back .

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Lost Female Cat last seen Harris , Mesa, AZ 85203

Reported 19 hours ago

Lilly Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 9580048

Mesa, AZ 85203

Lilly is a calico long median hair cat. She is spayed and very docile. Please help me find her. My son does not stop asking for her.

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Lost Male Bird last seen Greenfield/Warner , Gilbert, AZ 85296

Reported 4 days ago, updated 19 hours ago

Tooie Cockatiel Male Bird

LOST PET ID: 9568576

Gilbert, AZ 85296

Yellow head white ang and gray wings grey yellow tail whitse if your happy and you know it clap your hands. You whistle he responds

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Lost Pet Data for Mesa, AZ

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