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Lost Pets Database for Fairfax, VA

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Lost Male Cat last seen Arlen Street & Rowan Court, Annandale, VA 22003

Reported 2 months ago, updated 6 days ago

Red Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9385863

Annandale, VA 22003

Three year old orange male tabby, between 8-9 pounds. Friendly, likes to rub up against legs and enjoys catnip.

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Lost Female Cat last seen Aylesbury street and Goodhope, Cloverly, MD 20905

Reported 1 week ago, updated 6 days ago

Mousey Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 9547415

Cloverly, MD 20905

She is about 18 months old female domestic shorthair cat called Mousey. She ran out of my arms because she was scared of something. she has dark charcoal grey fur and white socks and paws. She also has white upper lip and white collar down her throat and to the tummy. Green eyes. Very friendly cat.

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Lost Male Dog last seen Midland Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904

Reported 6 days ago

Apollo Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 9553384

Silver Spring, MD 20904

All black mixed husky he is chipped

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Lost Female Cat last seen Beaumont rd , Dale City, VA 22193

Reported 6 days ago

Chloe Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 9553343

Dale City, VA 22193

Light/Golden Brown With prominent Spots. She is a bengal.

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Lost Male Dog last seen Oriole Ln & Dove Drive , Washington, DC 20009

Reported 4 weeks ago, updated 6 days ago

Jack Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 9480128

Washington, DC 20009

Jack - neutered male - black & white - Cattle Dog / Corgi Mix

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Lost Male Cat last seen  bauer dr, Rockville, MD 20853

Reported 7 days ago

Barry Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9552974

Rockville, MD 20853

He’s gray and white. He has yellow eyes and he’s very scared of new people. If you see him please approach him calmly and with treats that’s the only way he’ll warm up to you. Thank u.

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Lost Female Bird last seen Hamlin st ne & 16th st ne, Washington, DC 20018

Reported 4 months ago, updated 7 days ago

Blu Female Bird

LOST PET ID: 9181011

Washington, DC 20018

Blu may not respond to her name, but instead the call “gato, gato”. She may respond to other Spanish as well. She can be fearful and we worry that if someone approaches her too fast that it may startle her to fly away again. But by now she is probably getting hungry and tired, so if you have any chips to offer her, or sunflower seeds, perhaps food of any kind by now she may just come to you. If found, please contact Geo at 202-568-5231 or Liz at 410-302-3259. We are so desperate to get her back safely. Thank you

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Lost Male Dog last seen Henderson Rd., Fairfax County, VA 22039

Reported 3 weeks ago, updated 7 days ago

Boss Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 9501396

Fairfax County, VA 22039

Lab/Pitbull mix, 10 years old, neutered male. Brown with white patch on his chest. Was wearing a blue collar with tag and a red collar with electric fence device. Does get nervous around strangers but good with people and kids.

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Lost Male Cat last seen Molly Berry Rd and Candy Hill Rd., Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Reported 1 year ago, updated 7 days ago

Blacky Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 7891679

Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

MISSING ALL BLACK CAT WITH 1 SMALL WHITE SPOT ON CHEST APPROX. 1"x1". Large REWARD including information resulting in safe return. Features: EARS DON'T STAND UP very distinguishable (Left ear points left /Right ear lays forward Small white spot-on chest approx. 1" x 1" 14 years old Approx. 15 Lbs. Green eyes Front K9 teeth missing Will probably be shy for I am the only person he knows or trusts Picture is 3 years old. Went missing on 3/21/22 from near intersection of Molly Berry Rd and Candy Hill Rd. in Upper Marlboro Md. Believed to have been trapped and relocated so could be anywhere. Please call 301-579-9894 and if nobody answers PLEASE leave message. This is a land line > texts won't work. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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Lost Male Cat last seen Jessica Drive/Scotty Lane, Manassas Park, VA 20111

Reported 5 months ago, updated 7 days ago

Jax Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 8981174

Manassas Park, VA 20111

Grey and white tabby. White paws and white tummy. Was wearing a red collar.

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Lost Male Cat last seen 13th St NW and Clifton St NW near the hses by Cardozo High School, Washington, DC 20009

Reported 7 days ago

Juno Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9551061

Washington, DC 20009

Black cat with distinctive white spots on stomach and chest. He is extremely friendly and vocal.

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Lost Male Rabbit last seen Klingle   St. and 44th St. N.W,, Washington, DC 20016

Reported 2 months ago, updated 7 days ago

Kunalaki Male Rabbit

LOST PET ID: 9333924

Washington, DC 20016

Velvety Brown Rex Rabbit

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Lost Male Dog last seen Near Avery Rd, Rockville, MD 20853, Rockville, MD 20853

Reported 2 weeks ago, updated 1 week ago

Mongdol Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 9523918

Rockville, MD 20853

Black Jindo with speckled paws and a white belly

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Lost Female Cat last seen Connecticut Ave and Montrose Drwy., Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Reported 3 weeks ago, updated 1 week ago

Sasha Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 9501938

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Small, but overweight bluish-grey Domestic Shorthair (like a Russian Blue) with green eyes

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Lost Male Dog last seen MLK Ave., Benning Rd, Stanton Rd., Washington, DC 20020

Reported 3 years ago, updated 1 week ago

Blake Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 6289436

Washington, DC 20020

black with brown face, short tail

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Lost Female Dog last seen Dollar tree, Washington, DC 20011

Reported 1 week ago

Kali Female Dog

LOST PET ID: 9547812

Washington, DC 20011

She is a precious little toy yorkie she is 9 yes old and we are so heartbroken she is missing. She is homebody so we believe someone might have see her using the potty and might’ve taken her thinking she is a stray. She is loved my all & serves as a service animals for my sick grandpa. Please please help us.

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Lost Female Cat last seen Donnelly Ct. and Clydesdale Drive, West Springfield, VA 22151

Reported 2 months ago, updated 1 week ago

Graycie Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 9379624

West Springfield, VA 22151

Solid grey DSH with light green eyes. Eartipped left ear.

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Lost Male Cat last seen 19th Street South, Arlington VA, Arlington, VA 22202

Reported 3 months ago, updated 1 week ago

Max Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9296650

Arlington, VA 22202

STILL MISSING: We are heartbroken. Max is a friendly white and brown Norwegian Forest cat. May be wearing a red collar with a silver tag. Microchipped. Offering a reward if found! Call 202-509-7637.

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Lost Male Cat last seen Virginia Run, Centreville, VA 20120

Reported 1 week ago

Jj Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 9547002

Centreville, VA 20120

Big Muscled Cat with Yellow eyes, White belly, Upside down heart On his chest ( when his legs are together ) and a white Sploch in the middle of his chest

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Lost Female Cat last seen Castle blvd , Fairland, MD 20904

Reported 1 week ago

Rose Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 9543857

Fairland, MD 20904

she’s black , white and orange. she has a lil black spot on her nose): if you chase her , she will run but sometimes when you say her name her ear twitches 😞but not always .

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