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Alert local members of the Rescue Squad™ by email. Post to the PawBoost-powered Facebook page for your area.

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Happy Tails

Read about recently reunited fur babies.


Pets Reunited And Counting!

Found Dog Luna

Sarasota County, FL

12 hours ago

"We found Luna in the middle of a very busy road terrified, shaking, and not moving. Cars were going around her so we stopped and got out and picked her up. She offered no resistance whatsoever. We br... See More


New Castle County, DE

1 day ago

"Noodle was apparently very determined to go on an adventure. Not only did he break through his cinderblock and wood plank enclosure, he also proceeded to break down a portion of our fence in order to... See More


Chicago, IL

2 days ago

"One Sunday evening, the family was outside eating dinner and our screen must not have been closed all of the way. Rosie managed to slip past us and went downstairs. As we searched for her into the ev... See More

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