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Saint Petersburg, FL

2 months

"My adorable Lucy dug out under the fence one Sunday afternoon. She was picked up by my neighbor, who was unaware of her belonging to me. My neighbor was wonderful enough to take her to the 24 hr loca... See More

Found Dog Sasha

Raeford, NC

2 months

"A neighbor texted me to let me know there was a dog on my porch. I didn't think much of it, probably just someone's pet they were walking that wandered onto our porch. I was sure they would move alon... See More


Harpers Ferry, IA

2 months

"Some friends and I were staying out in Harpers Ferry for a fun cabin weekend. On Sunday morning Polly got spooked while the front door was open and took off sprinting. I went yelling after her as fas... See More


Houston, TX

2 months

"I let Maggs out back to potty in my boyfriend’s backyard like she always does when we first get there. I leave her out back in the backyard anywhere from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes depending on if ... See More

Found Dog Monkey

El Paso, TX

2 months

"The puppy was wandering around very close to a busy street. My husband called to it and sat on the ground to appear less scary to the puppy. Then, the puppy came running and was very friendly. He pic... See More


Shoreview, MN

2 months

"It was a normal Friday night, like any other; dinner, dishes, and binge-watching our favorite shows. I put Wynnie on her 35' foot nylon leash so she can do her business and get ready for an evening o... See More

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