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Found Dog

Louisville, KY

2 months ago

"My wife saw the dog running free in a commercial area and saw that it was scared. She was able to easily call him over to her, and he jumped in the car and sat in the driver's seat! She brought him h... See More


Salt Lake City, UT

2 months ago

"One Sunday afternoon a neighbor came to return a ladder and didn't latch the backyard gate to the fence properly. I let Ruby and her brother Wyatt into the yard to play before I put their harnesses o... See More


Norristown, PA

2 months ago

"We are not sure how Sassy got out. She must have scooted out the door at some point without us noticing. We had a busy day and she usually sleeps somewhere in the house all day so we were not aware t... See More

Found Dog Bella

St. Petersburg, FL

2 months ago

"I'm a dog walker and I was walking a dog in a residential neighborhood, and a dog without a leash or collar came right up to us and appeared friendly. As we continued along, the stray dog followed al... See More

Found Dog Monster

Lansing, MI

2 months ago

"I first found Monster running through my neighbor's yard. He continued to run throughout the neighborhood while I followed him. I couldn’t catch up to him on foot so I got in my car and followed hi... See More


Sealy, TX

2 months ago

"There was a large thunderstorm looming one late Friday afternoon. Lilly is a 7 year old, black and white, female pit bull who was adopted from a shelter about a year ago. She was successfully treated... See More

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