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Found Dog

Temple, TX

2 months ago

"The pet actually found me. I went out for a little while and then came back, closing the garage behind me. I went to go inside, as I had my two chihuahuas with me. At my door inside the garage was a ... See More


Gulf Breeze, FL

2 months ago

"Checkers got out on the third of July and was spooked by early fireworks. A nearby neighbor saw him, and he played with her and some neighbors on the evening of the 4th. She knew he must be a missing... See More


Boone County, AR

2 months ago

"Shelby went missing from home. She had never roamed where she was gone for hours. We searched every day for her. There was one dirt road we had gone up and down several times. The road had no homes o... See More

Found Dogs

Cherokee County, GA

2 months ago

"These two lovely dogs came running down a street near our home. When I stopped my car, they came right over to me...and hopped right in! It was clear that they had a family but had just gotten themse... See More


LaSalle, MB, Canada

2 months ago

"Patches snuck out the door one night and we didn't notice till the next morning he was missing. He is an indoor cat who always tried to run outdoor. But we would always get him back in and say, 'YOU'... See More


Wilmington, DE

2 months ago

"Cleo is an inside/outside cat and she was missing for ten days. Our house leads down to the railroad tracks and we think that she was chased or scared into a wooded area by a dog or a larger animal a... See More

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