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Cary, IL

2 months ago

"Marley went missing one Saturday when we let her outside. We’d been testing the outdoors for about 2 weeks and all of the cats seemed to LOVE it! Later that night we went to get everyone in and 2 o... See More


Glenview, IL

2 months ago

"Charcoal has always been an indoor cat. His brother Smokey was an outdoor cat and passed away in January. Since then Charcoal has been heart broken (as diagnosed by our vet) and will occasionally sne... See More


Milwaukee, WI

2 months ago

"Our screen door frame got bent and the door was not latching close. By the time we noticed it was cracked open Binx had already escaped from the side door overnight. Neighbors about 11 blocks away... See More


Ontario, CA

2 months ago

"Ginger is an escape artist. I'm not sure how she got out, but she has always come back in a few hours in the past. I left her home with a sitter one weekend and she got out the night I left. I starte... See More


Jonesboro, AR

2 months ago

"I let Taco out to go potty with my other dog Allison. At night, they typically just go really quickly and come right back. They must have been chasing something. Luckily, Taco came back on his own, a... See More


Los Angeles, CA

2 months ago

"My little girl Daisy went missing one Thursday around 3:30pm while I was at work. She had direct access to my enclosed balcony to relieve herself during the day and must have gotten spooked and jumpe... See More

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