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Rochdale, UK

2 months ago

"My neighbors weren't home, as they were getting construction done on their house. Tipsy was very curious so she went and somehow got inside their house. Then after she got in, the builders came and s... See More


Quebec City, QC, Canada

2 months ago

"We were visiting from out of town when Moo escaped from a window that was left open. Eight of us went out on foot and in vehicles searching. The first thing I did was post on PawBoost that Moo had go... See More

Found Dog

Lowell, AR

2 months ago

"She just showed up at our house. We got a recommendation to list her on PawBoost from a friend. We did, and within 30 minutes got a call from a lady who knew who the owner was. She gave us her phone ... See More


Bowling Green, KY

2 months ago

"We let them out to go potty and not five minutes later, Huck and Shylo were gone. We live on a decent size farm so we checked there first. We started looking at 8:30am and started posting missing pet... See More


Bonbeach, VIC, Australia

2 months ago

"Arlo went missing one Friday morning. We called him in for dinner just before dark that night but he didn’t come home. We left his food outside in hopes that he’d come home and eat it - and then ... See More

Found Dog Missy

Roscoe, IL

2 months ago

"She was at my backyard fence and my dog was barking to let me know we had a visitor. I put my dog in the house and went out and followed the stray until I was able to pick her up and bring her back t... See More

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