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Found Dog Milo

Bremerton, WA

2 months ago

"We found Milo wandering in a very busy 6-lane road one day. He was very sweet and friendly, and he came right up to us when we pulled over to try and get him. He seemed lost, so we wanted to catch hi... See More


Angier, NC

2 months ago

"The dogs escaped from the back yard one day through a gate that was left open. Theodore was easily caught, but Memphis was spooked by a neighbor's dogs and ran off into the woods before we could catc... See More


Des Peres, MO

2 months ago

"My "grand-kitty" Flynn was staying at my house for a little over a week. He has stayed with us in the past, but only when my daughter visits. He somehow got onto our deck and must have gotten spooked... See More


Indianapolis, IN

2 months ago

"I’m unsure how she got out, really. Sapphire was in my backyard like she usually is, but when I went out to check on her, she must have just gotten out. We were so worried! We looked all over the p... See More

Found Dog

Syracuse, NY

2 months ago

"Our neighbor thought this little guy was our dog that must have gotten loose, but then realized when she got closer that he wasn’t ours, he was just roaming around in our back yard. She knocked on ... See More


Eugene, OR

2 months ago

"We had just woken up one morning when Murphy had an "accident" in the house. I opened up the door so he could go finish outside while I cleaned. By the time I got out there to bring him back in, he w... See More

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