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Marietta, GA

1 month ago

"In February we sold our house and the closing date was before the closing date on our new house. So for a few weeks we went and stayed with my mother-in-law. Ellie has always been an indoor cat since... See More


Santa Clarita, CA

1 month ago

"Chief is an indoor cat but loves to sit in our front yard and look out our gate. I let him do this periodically but only when I am outside with him. I believe he slipped out one Monday night when I w... See More


Santa Clara, CA

1 month ago

"Our front door didn't close properly and Eggsy wandered out of the house when no one was looking. He was gone at least an hour before we realized it. We live close to several busy roads, so we were i... See More

Found Dogs

Santa Fe Springs, CA

2 months ago

"I was on my way home from work when I found these dogs almost getting hit by 3 different cars. Fortunately, my husband was driving in front of me and I was able to block some cars behind me so they d... See More


Surprise, AZ

2 months ago

"Royal is a hyper active German Shorthaired Pointer who loves to run around our backyard. I had a half day at work so I got home earlier than usual. I let Royal out to run in the backyard without real... See More


Las Flores, CA

2 months ago

"I went out the front door one night to get something out of my car. and Cookie the cat, who is obsessed with escaping, must have gotten out without me noticing. Our family realized Cookie was missing... See More

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