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Lexington, KY

2 months ago

"Our 4-year-old left the house door open while I was getting our 2-year-old out of his car seat and Pixie snuck out without us noticing! I posted an alert on PawBoost, and a few possible sightings wer... See More


Duluth, MN

2 months ago

"Lulu Kitty escaped out the door as we were taking our new 10-week-old puppy out to go potty. We thought she was hiding. But when she didn’t sleep with anyone or come out for breakfast, we just knew... See More

Found Cat

Concord, NC

2 months ago

"The cat was hiding in the rafters and roof of a shop. She came right to me after I put out food for her. She was very thin and dirty, but by the way she acted, I realized she was someone's pet. I put... See More


Piedmont, SC

2 months ago

"We had just moved into our new home and my kids were not used to the yard not having a fence. Cinnamon and Leggo got out just 2 days after moving in. We were heartbroken. I posted an alert on PawBoos... See More


Los Angeles, CA

2 months ago

"My son opened the door and didn’t realize Louis was outside when he closed it. A Good Samaritan almost hit him on a freeway on-ramp almost a mile away, after he'd been out 24 hours on his own. She ... See More

Found Dog Dixie

Spokane, WA

2 months ago

"My daughter and I found Dixie running down the sidewalk and then she ran into the road. We were able to maneuver the car heading east and Dixie went up onto the sidewalk. We then quickly turned onto ... See More

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