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Congas and Shorty

Cedar Lake, IN

1 month ago

"Congas and Shorty went missing when they escaped from our ranch by digging a hole under the fence. They love to wander together since they were brought to this world. They were reunited with our fami... See More


Taos, NM

1 month ago

"Brandi is new to our family. My husband opened a gate to load the whole family into our car and she bounded out right into the street and into an oncoming car. She didn't get knocked down (we think s... See More


Ambler, PA

1 month ago

"Finn is new to PA just 2 days in after coming up from South Carolina where he was abandoned outside on a lumber chain. So he is very scared and skittish. We were walking one morning and I was picking... See More


Aurora, ME

2 months ago

"Mammut was out in our blueberry field with my husband (she eats the berries right off the bush!) and when my husband looked up, she was nowhere to be found. She had never disappeared before, so we th... See More


Santa Barbara, CA

2 months ago

"Pica is an outdoor cat. She lives to be outside, and is generally very street smart and always comes home for meals and bedtime. One day she just never came in, and we knew right away something had h... See More


Matlock, MB, Canada

2 months ago

"Beni went missing at our cottage in Matlock. We loved the freedom to allow our cats to roam loose there, as they go out on leashes at home. Beni was happily going in and out of the cottage like a yoy... See More

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