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Marion County, FL

1 month ago

"Our family took a day trip together and on our way home we stopped for a quick lunch. It was December 2018 and a cool sunny day. We had our 3 dogs with us so we parked directly in front of the restau... See More

Found Dog Bella

Johnstown, OH

1 month ago

"I had just finished riding my horse and this forlorn looking dog wandered into the barn. I knew she didn’t belong to anyone at the barn and her scared demeanor immediately told me she was lost. Aft... See More


Boulder, CO

1 month ago

"My dog Simon wandered away from my yard when I got distracted by an important phone call. He was not wearing his collar but he is chipped. He was found almost immediately only 2 blocks away. A Good S... See More

Found Cat Milo

Columbus, OH

1 month ago

"I feed 5 (free souls) and on Easter Sunday I was enjoying my book on the porch when this sweet gentleman walked right up to the bowl and ate until he was full. Then he jumped on my lap and went to sl... See More


Helotes, TX

1 month ago

"Dobby went missing early in the morning as the deer were migrating from their sleeping spot to their day trails. Dobby and a deer got into it with the back yard fence between them. When the deer real... See More


San Diego, CA

1 month ago

"One day, my mom was here with Cuqi while I went to work and some repairmen were doing stuff in the house. They were going in and out and left the gate open. He then wandered out while my Mom wasn’t... See More

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