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Hackettstown, NJ

1 month

"We just recently moved into a new home a street down from the family home and Duke got out. He tried to make his way back to his familiar surrounds, but unfortunately went the opposite direction and ... See More


Fresno, CA

1 month

"Sophie went out through the doggy door into the gated backyard to use the potty and didn't come back in. She is tiny but there is absolutely no way for her to escape out of the side gate and the gate... See More


Northglenn, CO

1 month

"We are not certain how Bubs went missing, but our best guess is he pushed open the door himself while we were loading items into our car. He was picked up from the nearest through street, so he may h... See More


Round Rock, TX

1 month

"Butters went missing one night when we ordered a pizza and my husband opened the door to get it and he slipped out unnoticed. Around 10pm that night, my neighbor came by and told us he saw Butters do... See More

Found Dog

Victorville, CA

1 month

"I was on my way home from work and the road I drive down has small hills at the bottom. All of the sudden, I saw a small, white dog dart in front of my car, then back across the road behind my car, s... See More


Grand Blanc, MI

1 month

"Remi is my daughter's service dog and he went missing while my daughter and I were out of town for her doctor appointments and also to be with family for my Grandmother's memorial. My husband stayed ... See More

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