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Cape Town, WC

1 month

"My little Kipa is an indoor cat but we've allowed her to go outside into the garden under supervision every now and then, but one Thursday night/Friday morning Kipa sneaked out our home and decided t... See More


Bakersfield, CA

1 month

"Minnie got out of the house when my daughter came to pick up my grandchildren that I was babysitting. The door got left ajar, and Minnie, a strictly indoor cat, slipped outside. PawBoost helped in... See More


Marietta, GA

1 month

"One Saturday I was super sick and as a result I had some groceries and medicine delivered to the house. When I opened the door Loomy went to relieve himself at the bush in front of our steps, as per ... See More


Creve Coeur, IL

1 month

"I had come home from the store and I dropped a box and the screen door was partially left open, when I went back to shut it, I noticed that Mickey was out on the porch. I went to grab him and it scar... See More


Hampton, VA

1 month

"After working a long shift at work I returned home to let my indoor/outdoor cat, Tango outside for his usual 'run out and pee before bed routine.' Only this time, he got caught up in a windstorm and ... See More

Found Dog Kylo

Los Angeles, CA

1 month

"I was driving home from work during rush hour and as I turned into my ally, I saw a white dog run across the street through a lucky break in the traffic. I quickly pulled into my parking spot, ran to... See More

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