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Fort Collins, CO

1 month ago

"Panda slipped out between my legs one Sunday night, when I came back in from walking the dog. He's never gone far and always comes back within 20 minutes. Well that night he never came back. Those we... See More


Edmonton, AB, Canada

1 month ago

"I brought Edie out on a leash and harness on my front step, thinking we would just calmly sit there and take in the fresh air for a couple of minutes. Instead, she freaked out almost immediately and ... See More


Las Vegas, NV

1 month ago

"Olive went missing right before Thanksgiving 2017. The kids remember seeing her running down the hallway playing and then we didn't see her again. The next day we knew something was wrong and put up ... See More


Anderson, SC

1 month ago

"Levi slipped out the door when my husband left for work around 1:00 AM. He didn't notice him underfoot and my daughter and I were both asleep. He was missing for at least 8 hours before I even realiz... See More


Houston, TX

1 month ago

"Willow went missing from my home when the front door was accidentally left ajar and she made a run for it. Willow is a stray that I took in, so she hasn't been chipped yet and her collar was off. I n... See More


Culver City, CA

1 month ago

"Churchill went missing when we were having our carpets cleaned which required the front door to be open. The commotion must have scared Churchill and despite our watching the door and trying to keep ... See More

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