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Found Dog Juno

Durham, NC

1 month ago

"I found this dog just outside my house on the way to lunch. She had an easy walk harness on but no collar or leash and no one walking with her. She was very gentle and super shy so I approached her s... See More


Kitchener, ON, Canada

1 month ago

"We assume Jack wandered out when one of our daughters left the door open for a minute, but I didn’t notice until sometime later when I fed the cats and he didn’t come to eat. We searched the area... See More


Palm Beach Gardens, FL

1 month ago

"I was getting my kids ready for Church and walked outside to let Otto out. My four year old son was inside crying, because we let Otto out without him. In the chaotic moment of trying to get Otto in ... See More

Found Dog Lulu

Greensboro, NC

1 month ago

"I saw this dog running down a very busy road. I turned around in hopes of catching her and getting her back home, but each time I approached her she would run toward the busy intersection. Finally, t... See More


Muskegon, MI

1 month ago

"We went to a birthday party and must’ve not latched the door all the way shut. Bean pushed it open, so when we got home he was nowhere to be found. We drove around looking for him until 2am and fin... See More


Menifee, CA

1 month ago

"One Sunday, my family and I returned home from a camping trip. While unloading our trailer and bringing in items into our house, someone left the front door cracked and Petra slipped out. After about... See More

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