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Riverside, CA

1 month

"We thought Bravo had originally just got out of our backyard. However, we learned after contacting the police that it was about a 95% chance he was stolen from the yard. We had no idea but most beaut... See More


Springfield, MO

1 month

"Charlie must have gotten out of the gate when John was getting something out of the truck and didn’t know that he was outside. If he gets out he usually stays right near the gate wanting to get rig... See More


Hialeah, FL

1 month

"We moved from Pembroke Pines, Florida to Hialeah, Florida. After 2 weeks here our company was visiting and while we were taking garbage outside both cats got outside. We caught one, but NOT our Peanu... See More


Aliso Viejo, CA

1 month

"Paco went missing from our cat sitter's home. We are unsure of how or the exact date because the cat sitter was not paying attention to him like she should have been. Paco was reunited with his fa... See More


Mount Pleasant, SC

2 months

"My husband and I were getting ready for work this morning, pouring coffee and making a quick breakfast. Brew, our 6-year old Doberman, was in the backyard and the gate was open slightly. Typically, B... See More


Meridian, ID

2 months

"We are actually staying with a friend for a few days waiting on our house to be ready for move in. There are 3 adults and 7 kids under the age of 11. Needless to say it's a loud, crazy, fun household... See More

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