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Lexington, KY

1 month

"Ladybug is an indoor cat and had never been outside. I had gotten her from my vet's office when they told me she needed a good loving home. Ladybug went missing when I accidentally left the garage... See More


Lee's Summit, MO

1 month

"We think that Jesse slipped out early one Thursday morning. I had the garage door open and had to run back into the house for something that I'd forgotten. We think he ran out of the door that connec... See More

Bruno and Max

Sacramento County, CA

1 month

"One night around 9:30pm I put Bruno and Max in their cage for the night right before I opened the garage. Little did I know the cage door wasn’t properly closed. They ran out immediately! I tried t... See More


Hacienda Heights, CA

1 month

"Our Lily went missing from our backyard. We have a gate to the front of our home and a second gate that we installed towards the back so that our two dogs can run and play outside, but still be safe.... See More

Bellami and Luna

Wilmington, DE

1 month

"One night I let my two dogs, Bellami and Luna, out to go to the bathroom before bedtime. The night was very windy and a couple of panels on the fence in the backyard blew down and they got out. I loo... See More


Portland, ME

1 month

"Oliver went missing because I left the window open in our apartment. Oliver was stretching with his nails in the screen and it popped out. He was looking outside when my other cat Leo jumped up to pl... See More

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