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Found Dog

Fort Worth, TX

1 month ago

"I was driving home from work and saw this little puppy out exploring, but looking nervous. I pulled over and thought I’d try to call and see if the pup might come close enough for me to catch him a... See More


Albuquerque, NM

1 month ago

"I took my dogs outside to go to the bathroom early one morning and, since it was cold, I went back in for a moment to grab a blanket. When I came back out, one of my dogs had slipped underneath my fe... See More


Boston, MA

1 month ago

"I was taking Chunlai back from the vet when she abruptly escaped. She didn't like her cat carrier, so I took her to the veterinary clinic in my backpack. She was obedient all the way until we had jus... See More


Tallahassee, FL

1 month ago

"When we came back from a vacation one day and couldn’t find Nala anywhere, we were very surprised and worried. We called our cat-sitter to ask where she'd last seen her, to which she reported that ... See More

Found Dog Chi-Chi

Panama City, FL

1 month ago

"This pet seemed disoriented and lost, as it was searching frantically around the neighborhood. She was observed not to have a collar and was followed for some time (in a car) to confirm that she was ... See More


Arcadia, CA

1 month ago

"Spike escaped out of the backyard fence door when a gardener had opened it to mow the yard one day. We searched for him everywhere, but he was gone! We immediately posted his alert on PawBoost in hop... See More

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