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Found Dog Tank

Cape Coral, FL

1 month

"I found Tank on the street behind a TJ Maxx store at 1AM. I had some food in my car and I gave it to him hoping that he would let me get closer so I could see the info on his tag. He was so hungry, t... See More


San Diego, CA

1 month

"Cassandra has been sick lately and was just put on some new medicine. She is getting old at 16 so some confusion has set in. We weren't positive she was even out, but after tearing apart the apartmen... See More


Freeport, ME

1 month

"Bella went missing two days before I returned from a two week Scotland vacation. We try to confine her to indoors, but she was more determined to get outside as it was a particularly beautiful day wh... See More

Found Dog

Houston, TX

1 month

"I was walking a friend's dog when all the sudden this sweet, tiny pup ran up. He was a little dirty and seemed to be without an owner. A neighbor nearby was watering her plants so I asked her if he w... See More

Found Dog Mac

Huntsville, AL

1 month

"The pup was walking down the middle of a pretty busy road. I carry a can of wet cat food with me just in case I need to lure a pet over to save it from something just like this, so I brought it out a... See More


Santa Barbara, CA

1 month

"Frida went missing early in the day after I went to work. It looks like a careless utility worker may have left the gate less than secure after trying to go in the back yard. Frida has never ran away... See More

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