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Sacramento, CA

12 hours ago

"Rhoda managed to squeeze out of our broken gate during a storm last Sunday. We looked all over, but Rhoda was nowhere to be found. PawBoost was a big help for us to be reunited. It was through PawBoo... See More

Found Dog Kaiser

Chula Vista, CA

1 day ago

"Found this dog while walking my dog around the neighborhood. He was super friendly, then started crying and following us home. He knew he was lost and was asking for help. I created a found pet alert... See More

Found Dog Max

San Diego, CA

2 days ago

"We found Max wandering up and down a busy street. I used my Husky by walking her on a leash and letting him follow us into the backyard where I was able to secure him. We created a found pet alert, f... See More

Found Dog Leah

Salinas, CA

3 days ago

"I found Leah while I was walking my dogs with my mom. Leah seemed frightened at first, but then happily approached me. She was very kind and sweet, but was exhausted. She leaned against me in relief.... See More


Dallas, TX

4 days ago

"I was distracted and accidentally left my gate open and Loki must have ran out. I felt so bad since it was entirely my fault. I looked all over, but the little trickster couldn’t be found. Through ... See More


Meridian, ID

5 days ago

"Prince is an escape artist! He likes to dart out the door to go play with all his cat friends in the complex. He usually sticks around home and we find him with in a few hours. This time he was gone ... See More

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