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Atlantic Highlands, NJ

15 hours ago

"One Thursday evening, Jinx was on our screened in porch. It was a very windy night and the door was blown open allowing Jinx and his brother Junior to get out. When I realized what had happened, I se... See More


Miami, FL

2 days ago

"Sophie went missing due to my father opening the side gate and her suddenly running away into the street. It was like she ran over a boost pad in Mario Kart according to him. She's not an outdoor dog... See More


Bowdon, GA

3 days ago

"Monster went missing on a Friday night. I had just given him a bath and we were gonna watch a movie. I should've named him Houdini because no matter what I do to our fence, he always finds a way out.... See More

Found Cat Elvis

Portland, OR

4 days ago

"I had just come home from a drive through the Columbia River Gorge and after closing my garage door I heard loud meowing, like howling. I looked for my cats, and they were inside chilling. So I opene... See More


Lebanon, OH

5 days ago

"Oliver slipped out of my home late Saturday evening and couldn’t find his way home. I had so many people trying to help find him who don't know me at all, it really opened me up to see how amazing ... See More


Plano, TX

6 days ago

"Ernie went missing one Sunday morning, but we didn’t realize he was gone until that night. Not a good start to try to track him down! Our 2 year old daughter had let him out to play, and neither my... See More

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