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Chesterfield County, VA

23 hours ago

"Our house is currently undergoing renovations. Unfortunately, while crews carried their supplies back and forth, the gate was left open and Coco wandered out into the woods. I posted a missing dog al... See More

Found Dog

Detroit, MI

2 days ago

"My husband and I found this lost dog in the middle of a very busy street in Detroit. We pulled over to pick him up, but found he didn't have a collar. We drove down the street where he was walking an... See More


Pierceton, IN

3 days ago

"Eddie was let out Saturday night to go potty, not sure if he smelled something that led him astray or if he just decided to wander, but we were so worried. Especially so since he has been ill for sev... See More


Rochester, NY

4 days ago

"The gate was unlocked and unfortunately Julietta just up and left. I looked all over for my pup, but she was just nowhere to be found. Luckily, I found PawBoost to help me in my search for her. The p... See More


Oviedo, FL

5 days ago

"Rowan, our seven month old Border Collie puppy, slipped out of the front door unnoticed when a family member retrieved a food order from the front porch. She has never tried to bolt out of a door, an... See More


Scottsville, NY

6 days ago

"I was at a dog park with Sasha, and the dog park had a fenced perimeter. She found a very small opening in the fence, about the size that maybe a squirrel could fit through, and somehow got underneat... See More

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