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Found Dog Lola

Chula Vista, CA

10 hours ago

"Two little girls in our community found Lola walking around without an owner. Lola has a collar but the tag may have fallen off. She was such a sweet dog and very friendly it was easy to grab hold of... See More


Torrance County, NM

1 day ago

"It seems like Cacherry went a little too far from his usual. We live on about 100 acre ranch and he has roamed the area for the four plus years he has lived here. Prior to him going missing, he was a... See More

Found Dogs

Greenville, SC

2 days ago

"I saw this pair of pets walking outside a local Walmart. The smaller one was hurt and limping. I could tell they were a pair and when I approached they were so sweet. I picked the small one up and th... See More


Broadview Heights, OH

3 days ago

"Gidget ran after her brother Dakota as he was chasing a coyote through the woods behind my house. Dakota was found a few hours later about ½ mile away. Usually Gidget and Dakota stick together, but ... See More

Found Dog Molly

Toronto, ON, Canada

4 days ago

"I was walking my foster dog and noticed a black lab wandering on Carlton Street. I didn't see an owner so I followed her about a block or so to Allan Gardens. I thought I lost her but then I saw her ... See More

Found Dog

Plano, TX

5 days ago

"My husband was at Walmart and this dog was trying to get inside the automotive area. It didn't have a collar and was soaking wet from the rain. He called to the dog and it came right over to him so h... See More

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