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Norfolk, VA

3 hours

"Confuzious is an indoor/outdoor cat, he always goes outside in the early morning and comes in around noon-2pm. One Monday, I let him out at 6:30am and apparently someone a block away called animal co... See More


North Las Vegas, NV

1 day

"The night Gordo went missing it was super windy out! Somebody didn’t shut the door all of the way and the wind blew it wide open. We were in the back of the house so we didn’t notice for about te... See More

Brandi Rose

Hillsborough County, FL

2 days

"Brandi Rose was on a family walk, visiting with a neighbor attached to a harness and leash, when a motorcycle started next door. She ripped from my husband's held leash and bolted down the road so fa... See More


Houston, TX

3 days

"Zeus went missing one Monday when someone accidentally left the gate open and he escaped. Zeus was 'in heat' and we knew that he would go somewhere a bit far. Since Zeus is a pit bull and on the bigg... See More


Macungie, PA

4 days

"I brought both of the dogs outside to go to the bathroom around midnight. Our one dog we must keep on the leash because he will run, but Caly always stays with you so she was not on the leash. A bunc... See More


Kansas City, MO

5 days

"My wife and I left Mysty with someone while we took our son to the hospital. We were confident in leaving her with them because we've done it a few times. Apparently she got out of the fenced yard. ... See More

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