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Port St. Lucie, FL

6 hours ago

"The kids took Harley for a her morning walk and when they were done they forgot to close the front door behind them, so she eventually ran out. PawBoost was literally the best thing that could of hap... See More

Found Dog

St. Cloud, FL

1 day ago

"This husky was around my neighborhood! I have two huskies on my own, so my neighbor thought they were mine and knocked on my door. I opened the door and the husky came inside my house to say hi to my... See More


Ghent, WV

2 days ago

"Thelmer went out the first night after a deep freeze in December. We searched everywhere for him, but he was nowhere to be found. A month passed, and still no Thelmer. PawBoost was instrumental in fi... See More


Raleigh, NC

3 days ago

"Dixie managed to get out of her yard one day and ran off before anyone could catch her. PawBoost was 100% how Dixie and her family were reunited. She is actually my sister and her fiancé’s dog, an... See More


Santa Maria, CA

4 days ago

"Zoey was a foster dog. Her parents did a meet and greet with a family and they wanted to take her home for a night or two. The family took her to another city to a pet store that evening to get her s... See More

Found Dog Peanut

Whittier, CA

5 days ago

"I found Peanut walking along the sidewalk near a school. I pulled over and chased him a bit. He eventually sat down, scared, and after talking to him for a bit and giving him pets, I picked him up an... See More

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