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Shawnee, KS

4 hours ago

"Pistachio was born to run and spends a lot of his days on his Grandma's acreage. He just runs his heart out and chases bunnies and deer, but he always come back for some H20 and loving. One day he st... See More

Battle Cat

Buffalo, NY

1 day ago

"I had always been a dog mom until Battle Cat strolled up to us late one night. At that moment she claimed us as her humans. I was clueless on how to take care of a cat since at that point I was stric... See More


Jacksonville, FL

2 days ago

"Chase was an indoor/outdoor cat. Mostly indoor but would occasionally go outside to roam or come outside with us when we were playing in the yard. He would normally come home the same day, then it be... See More

Scooby Doi

Fort Wayne, IN

3 days ago

"Scooby Doi went missing during a walk one Wednesday. We only had him for 4 days so he was still a little timid. I have two toddlers that insisted on bringing their babydoll strollers on the walk with... See More

Mr. Prez

Chicago, IL

4 days ago

"Mr. Prez went missing from our yard. Usually we let our cats outside because it gives them a little bit more room than what we can offer in our little apartment. We believe he may have gotten freaked... See More


Grove City, OH

5 days ago

"My pool company was working in the backyard and when they left they did not shut the gate. I didn't know it was open and I let Rocko out to play. When the weather is nice it isn't unusual for him to ... See More

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