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San Jose, CA

6 days ago

"After a long evening running errands, we returned home and the dogs were let outside by our sibling who did not realize the side gate was open, because it was garbage day. When we let the dogs back i... See More


Santa Rosa, CA

1 week ago

"The Glass Fire burned down our farm and Cleo was lost. I went back days later and I called and called, but she had disappeared. It turns out she was still on the farm and being fed by a direct neighb... See More


Conifer, CO

1 week ago

"While we were out of town my father-in-law came up and checked on Roxi and didn’t realize that she had snuck out the door while he was here. After putting up signs in the neighborhood and 6 1/2 wee... See More


Temple, GA

1 week ago

"Amber found a hole in our back fence and got out. A mother and daughter found her and took her to Villa Rica Animal Hospital and luckily I had called the day before and gave a clear description of Am... See More


Franklin, MB, Canada

1 week ago

"It had just snowed the night prior to Dakota going missing, and the morning after I had let her out for her morning potty break. She has always been let off leash to roam and run around and she would... See More


Cincinnati, OH

2 weeks ago

"Bunny somehow slipped past us out the front door one Tuesday morning. She never tries to go outside so we must have missed it. Around 10:00 that night, we realized we couldn’t remember seeing her s... See More

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