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Found Dog Lola

Arvada, CO

7 days ago

"We were driving home and my daughter spotted the dog on a fairly busy road. We stopped and when my daughter got out of the car she barked and backed away. My daughter is quite good with animals, babi... See More

Found Cat

Arlington, TX

1 week ago

"My daughter and I were walking the neighborhood one evening and came upon this cat. He was lying on the top of a car. We are animal lovers and just started talking to him. He was super friendly and c... See More


Denver, NC

1 week ago

"Sissy ran out of the open gate in the backyard while her mom was mowing. It was kind of bitter sweet. Her dad had just got to come home the previous day from the hospital after beating COVID-19 and m... See More

Found Dog

Stafford, TX

1 week ago

"I was walking along a bayou when I noticed a dog running toward me. I was afraid at first until he approached me and licked me all over! I commanded him to sit and he did immediately, so I knew he mu... See More


Jacksonville, FL

2 weeks ago

"Tipper went missing one Wednesday. When I checked my video cameras, I couldn’t tell where she went. Last I saw her was by my car and I didn’t see her exit from any angle. I saw where I left in th... See More

Found Dog Illen

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

2 weeks ago

"One night I went for a drive and saw a dog in the street. I followed her to make sure she didn’t run away and she was checking me out as much as I was checking her out. She eventually sat down and ... See More

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