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Carlsbad, CA

1 week ago

"Camo was having a play date with her dog friend while his mom was busy helping people move. There were a lot of people in and out. Unfortunately Camo is skittish around a lot of noise. Camo was recen... See More


Appleton, WI

1 week ago

"We were pet sitting for my Mom’s kitty Mischief while she was in the hospital. We have 2 cats of our own and one is able to pull the patio door open if the door lock is not fully closed. On his 3rd... See More

Found Dog Charlie

Lakewood , CA

1 week ago

"Charlie was very friendly and came up to say hi. Charlie’s family were out of town taking care of a sick mom for six days when he went missing. They were ready to hang flyers when they found my Paw... See More


Kimball , NE

1 week ago

"My son-in-law let her out to go potty and when he went back to get her, she had made her escape. Midget (Midgie Baby) lost her forever mom (my sister Tammy) in June of 2020 and has since been living ... See More


Rock Hill, SC

2 weeks ago

"We had just moved into our new home here in South Carolina. We moved from the country in Pennsylvania, where our cats were able to come and go as they pleased. They are used to us allowing them outsi... See More

Found Dog

San Antonio, TX

2 weeks ago

"My daughter and I were driving down a dark street and a dog ran out in front of our car. She continued to run in and out of traffic, clearly panicked, almost getting hit several times. I stopped my c... See More

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