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Mesquite, TX

6 days ago

"During the storm, our fence flew away and we had just let Pablo out to use the restroom without realizing the fence was gone, so he escaped. A member of the PawBoost community found Pablo and created... See More


Whittier, CA

1 week ago

"Sadie is scared of the fireworks which were sounding off when I let her out to go potty. I went inside for a moment and apparently Sadie found a small opening on the right side of my fence. I quickly... See More


Slidell, LA

1 week ago

"Omar did not come home for dinner one night. Luckily, the person who was taking care of him posted on Nextdoor to see if anyone in the neighborhood knew him. After several months, someone shared Omar... See More


Bellevue, WA

1 week ago

"Roscoe was inadvertently released without his collar. I looked all over, but Roscoe was nowhere to be found. Less than a half hour after I posted his picture to PawBoost, I got an email from Ethan wh... See More


Winston-Salem, NC

1 week ago

"Boogie was running around unleashed outside with another one of our dogs who is pretty known for running too far from home. The other dog ended up in the local shelter and was picked back up and safe... See More

Lilly and Harvey

Hewitt, TX

2 weeks ago

"It was early in the night, and we let Lilly and Harvey out to go to the bathroom, and when we went to let them back inside the house, my husband noticed that they were missing! He left to go look for... See More

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