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Kimball , NE

1 week ago

"My son-in-law let her out to go potty and when he went back to get her, she had made her escape. Midget (Midgie Baby) lost her forever mom (my sister Tammy) in June of 2020 and has since been living ... See More


Rock Hill, SC

1 week ago

"We had just moved into our new home here in South Carolina. We moved from the country in Pennsylvania, where our cats were able to come and go as they pleased. They are used to us allowing them outsi... See More

Found Dog

San Antonio, TX

1 week ago

"My daughter and I were driving down a dark street and a dog ran out in front of our car. She continued to run in and out of traffic, clearly panicked, almost getting hit several times. I stopped my c... See More


Cincinnati, OH

2 weeks ago

"Clark was an indoor/outdoor cat; she didn’t like being inside. I would let her go out to run around a bit, but she stayed nearby. One day I let her go out around 3 pm. She'd spent most of the day i... See More


Oak Lawn, IL

2 weeks ago

"Huey snuck out in the morning when I went to put mail in the box. I didn't see him. Later, we were shocked when he wasn't around as usual. My wife cried and didn't sleep all night, even having to wor... See More

Found Dog Kendra

Los Angeles, CA

2 weeks ago

"I live next to an alley in South Central Los Angeles and the dog showed up out of nowhere while I was cleaning my garage. I did not have to follow her at all; she came to me. I just called her 'Baby'... See More

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