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Philadelphia, PA

6 days ago

"Trotter is my parents’ senior shih tzu. They’ve had him for almost 16 years and he’s always been independent. He went out like he usually does every night to potty, but this time he didn’t co... See More


Providence, RI

1 week ago

"I was walking Nea at a park, and after I went down a small hill she lost sight of me, so she ran the opposite way. Thirty seconds later, when I realized that Nea was nowhere to be seen, I called out ... See More


Los Angeles, CA

1 week ago

"We noticed that Kiwi was missing one day at around 3:00 PM. The gardener opened the gate to take the trash can out and Kiwi quietly snuck out of the yard. We drove around the neighborhood searching, ... See More


Kettering, OH

1 week ago

"I opened the door to check on my outside cats one day. Smudgie is very quick and silent, and she rushed outside before I could react. She longs to be outside, so I am planning to buy a harness and le... See More


Waterloo, ON

1 week ago

"We don’t have a fence seperating our yard from the neighbors' yards, but there’s a big fence that separates our yards from the road. Pickle never goes far, especially at night; it’s after his w... See More


Kyle, TX

2 weeks ago

"Friday slipped out through the patio door and ran off one day. He had never been outside before, so he ran and hid. A teenager found Friday under a bridge out behind my apartment complex, a bridge wh... See More

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