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Irvine, CA

7 days

"The kitchen door was not closed all the way and it seems like Tommy pushed it open. He must have been outside for 20 minutes before we noticed that the door was open. It was already dark outside so w... See More

Found Parrot Babe

Rock Hill, SC

1 week

"I first saw a PawBoost post with her photograph, and the finder was afraid of birds and had no way to care for her and nowhere to keep her safe. As an experienced parrot mom, I asked if she would lik... See More


Burnaby, BC, Canada

2 weeks

"Leo is such a good cat, but really wants to be outside. Because I live in a gated townhouse I allow this. He comes and goes for short periods of time and really enjoys this. The day he went missing i... See More


Saint Petersburg, FL

2 weeks

"I am active duty military and have recently returned from a 9 month combat deployment in Syria. We went to Florida on vacation and one of our outings was not fido friendly so I got someone to watch S... See More


Ocklawaha, FL

2 weeks

"Molly and Zeva had their morning meal and their human daddy was going to let them out. When Bryan went to open the door and grab Zeva's runner the two of them saw a squirrel and took off. He got in t... See More


Akron, OH

2 weeks

"Maizie got lost when I had both cats in harnesses on my patio. The other cat got spooked over maybe a noise or shadow and started flipping out. Because I had a cat leash in each hand I had to let go ... See More

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