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Found Dog Ranger

Greer, SC

6 days ago

"This friendly and energetic German shepherd came bounding into our backyard. He had no collar, so we opened our garage and he went to the laundry room door wanting to go in the house. This pup was cl... See More


Norman, OK

1 week ago

"I was walking in the woods with the owner and Odie got loose and ran off. Three people helped search for him for four hours, but we had no luck in locating Odie on our own. PawBoost is the reason Odi... See More


Provo, UT

1 week ago

"Dixie got out of the apartment at some point during the day. By the time her absence was noticed, she was long gone. I did everything I could to get Dixie back home including searching all over and c... See More


Montville, NJ

1 week ago

"Mēo broke an old window in the basement and managed to escape. I looked for him all over, but didn’t find any sign of him. I decided to create an alert through PawBoost to cover my bases in case h... See More


Boca Raton, FL

1 week ago

"Zeus was out with my partner in the garage while I was traveling for work. We were on Facetime when it happened and he got frantic because he could not find him at all while the garage door was open.... See More


Wharton, NJ

2 weeks ago

"The front door was accidentally left open. Bruno is a natural explorer, so he went to explore. When we noticed Bruno was gone, it had already been about an hour, as we thought he was in his usual spo... See More

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