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Milwaukee, WI

7 days ago

"Piccolo is actually my 9 year old son's cat. I got him a couple months before my son was born, back in 2009. They've been best friends and brothers ever since. We recently moved from the Southside of... See More


Pikeville, NC

1 week ago

"Arlo went missing by escaping under the gate of the fence in the backyard. He is a skittish dog and gunshots were going off. I came outside to let him in too late, because a couple told me a little d... See More


Portland, OR

1 week ago

"We don't know how Fern got out of the yard, because the gate was closed and she is not a jumper. My son let her out to go to the bathroom and 10 minutes later she was not there. One of the people on ... See More


Evanston, IL

1 week ago

"We believe Khan snuck out of the house one day when our puppy was playing in the yard and we were having a difficult time getting her (the puppy) to come in. He often minds his own business elsewhere... See More


Sarasota, FL

2 weeks ago

"Noah went missing during a family camping trip in Siesta Key one Saturday. As soon as I noticed he was missing I reached out to the local animal services, humane society, animal rescue and other pet ... See More

Found Cat

Crescent Springs, KY

2 weeks ago

"I went to the paint store for a project I am working on. The store clerk was at lunch so I had to sit in my car for a few minutes. I saw this cat walking up the strip mall so I called it and it came ... See More

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