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Bellflower, CA

6 days

"I always take Boo out to the front and the neighboring houses which have dogs as well. He likes to sniff around and leave his mark. When I let him out he waits for me to take him out (we live in the ... See More


Allegheny County, PA

1 week

"Crystal was staying for a few days with a dog trainer in Baldwin and when she was in their fenced area she scooted under the fence and bounded for the stream. By the time the trainer noticed, he was ... See More


Cape Coral, FL

1 week

"One Monday evening, we were moving furniture from our van into our house. We did a head count of our four cats and we thought that we had everyone. Once everything was moved in and everyone had eaten... See More


San Diego County, CA

1 week

"Olive, my Russian tortoise, is housed inside the house so we take her outside occasionally to get some sun and exercise. I was about 10’ away from her, stooped down to pull a couple of weeds, looke... See More


Boise, ID

1 week

"Ziggy darted out the door, and we couldn't catch him before he hopped the fence. He's done it before but usually comes right back. This time, unfortunately, he got lost and didn't find his way back f... See More

Found Dogs

Columbia, SC

2 weeks

"I was driving home from a morning exercise class when I came upon some congested traffic. Several cars were stopped and a couple of women were out of their cars. I saw the two dogs dashing around in ... See More

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