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Fairfield, NJ

7 days

"We had not seen Natty since early Monday morning. She is a very social cat and spends most of her day out and about with our family so we were immediately concerned. When she did not come out to eat ... See More


Crystal Lake, IL

1 week

"Beatrix escaped through our front door and initial attempts to catch her just scared her further. After the first day, Beatrix was spotted near my in-laws' house (almost 3 miles from our home), so we... See More


Homestead, FL

1 week

"We still don't know how Blacky went missing, but we think he may have opened the door and no one heard him. He was taken and dropped on the side of a road in the middle of no where, but a man who was... See More

Found Dog Odin

Tucson, AZ

1 week

"After my daughter left for church with her Dad, she texted me that there was a dog at the end of our driveway barking at traffic. We live on a busy street, so I went out to see if I could get the dog... See More


Greensboro, NC

2 weeks

"Due to storms and rain one Sunday night, a tree fell and knocked down a portion of our fence and Angel got out. A lady picked her up just a couple of doors down from us and took her to a relative’s... See More


Riverside, CA

2 weeks

"We thought Bravo had originally just got out of our backyard. However, we learned after contacting the police that it was about a 95% chance he was stolen from the yard. We had no idea but most beaut... See More

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