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Jackson County, OR

2 weeks

"I am still uncertain as to how my kitty JoeJoe went missing. I believe his friendly and curious nature led him into a stranger's car and he was whisked away from home. It has been 9 days since he ... See More


Pensacola, FL

2 weeks

"Winnie La Rue slipped out of the gate of our privacy fence. The privacy fence was being repaired and the worker left the gate open. We were not aware that the gate was open and she walked right out i... See More


Staten Island, NY

2 weeks

"Baloo is one of my three cats, he is a very intelligent and calm cat. I can talk to him and he will look at me like a human, understanding everything I say. Saturday night, he snuck out through th... See More

Hendrix and Zeppelin

Forest, VA

2 weeks

"We were in the process of moving, and the front door was not closed properly as the movers were taking a break. My wife let our dogs, Hendrix and Zeppelin, out of their crates to stretch their legs, ... See More


San Antonio, TX

2 weeks

"My 5 year old let Valcore out to go potty since he sees his older brother and sister usually take him out. Little did he realize he is suppose to be outside with him. He tends to escape to the golf c... See More


Northglenn, CO

2 weeks

"I was taking the dogs to the dog park in my son's vehicle. When I arrived I noticed that the back window was fully down, and not just the 1/3 down like it was, then I noticed that Rumble was missing.... See More

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