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Found Dog

Houston, TX

2 weeks ago

"I spotted this dog on the highway and immediately pulled over. Thankfully, she was very calm and friendly and even entered my vehicle quickly so we could exit the freeway. The PawBoost community was ... See More


Woodland Pines, TX

2 weeks ago

"Koda was outside in our backyard for his last potty break of the night. Someone decided to pop some fireworks and Koda is very afraid of fireworks. By the time my husband went outside, Koda had dug a... See More


Athens, GA

2 weeks ago

"I adopted him out to a wonderful family, but just after I left our meet up location, Charley managed to get away from them. I printed PawBoost flyers and put them all over the area. The one I taped t... See More


Chula Vista, CA

2 weeks ago

"Logan escaped the kennel and found a hole in the fence where I think he might have gotten through yesterday afternoon. After creating a PawBoost alert with Logan’s picture and my information, I was... See More


Aurora, CO

2 weeks ago

"Robin ran out through the front door while it was open on Christmas Eve. We couldn’t find him anywhere and were beginning to seriously worry for him. Luckily, one of our neighbors found him and com... See More


Rome, GA

3 weeks ago

"Kota got lost off of a nearby road on Christmas Eve. I searched all over for Kota, but he must have wandered pretty far, as I couldn’t find any signs of him. I got a call because of my PawBoost ale... See More

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