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San Bernardino, CA

2 weeks ago

"The Amazon delivery driver didn’t secure my rear gate and Silas got out while looking for his girlfriend. A neighbor saw him walking around by himself and took him in. My neighbor saw my missing pe... See More


Arrington, TN

2 weeks ago

"Sky escaped from my backyard one day and ran off. I looked for her all over, but she was nowhere to be found. I created an alert through PawBoost in hopes that someone would report her as found. Appa... See More


Fort Worth, TX

2 weeks ago

"Autumn got out of the locked fence by pushing through the side. PawBoost was definitely able to help with the daily alerts! The person who found her posted on Facebook with multiple pictures and I wa... See More


Nashville, TN

2 weeks ago

"Sasha somehow got out through the gate in the backyard. A neighbor found Sasha and created a PawBoost alert saying that she had found her! At that same time, I had created a PawBoost alert saying she... See More


Tool, TX

2 weeks ago

"My daughter was holding Archie outside in the yard while we had gate open. He’s never left before, but a truck came speeding by making loud noises, so he panicked. Archie jumped from her arms took ... See More


Converse, TX

3 weeks ago

"We thought we had locked our back gate and hadn’t. Blaze just burst through there and ran his little legs off for five days. I didn’t create an alert with PawBoost until two days after the fact, ... See More

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