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Found Cat

Henderson, NV

2 weeks ago

"While walking my dog, I noticed a kitty sitting in front of a tree in front of my house. The cat got spooked by my neighbor and ran down the alley between houses, not knowing this was a fenced off ar... See More


Whitingham, VT

2 weeks ago

"Skye is old, has very bad eye sight, and is hard of hearing. We just moved to Jacksonville and live on 11 acres of wooded property. Skye has been wandering around and exploring lately, but he wandere... See More


Lorain, OH

2 weeks ago

"Milo ran away from a huge gap in my fence! We looked for him everywhere, but came up empty. After long hours, we decided to take to the internet where we found PawBoost. We were reunited by PawBoost ... See More


Menifee, CA

2 weeks ago

"We had workers pouring cement in the backyard and there is a small hole in the wall for drainage. We normally have it covered or blocked so the dogs can’t get out through it, but the workers moved ... See More


Lacombe, AB

2 weeks ago

"Princess got scared while we were camping and quickly unhooked her harness and took off. She was found four kilometers from our campsite. We live 110 kilometers from the campsite, so the town and are... See More

Found Dog

Harnett County, NC

3 weeks ago

"This lost dog was hanging out near and on my friend’s porch for about a week. I was able to “capture” her, although it didn’t take much convincing. She was ready to go when I said, “Come on... See More

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