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Found Cat Lucifer

San Antonio, TX

2 weeks ago

"I found this Siamese cat hanging out around my house at the end of February. I thought it was one of my neighbor’s outdoor cats, so I did not think much of it. I saw the cat hanging out in my front... See More


Murfreesboro, TN

2 weeks ago

"Whenever Simba sees the opportunity of an open door, he always tries to escape. Unfortunately, one day, he was successful in his escape attempt and ran off. We never even saw him leave; he was just t... See More


Cicero, IL

2 weeks ago

"Sprinkles escaped from our gate one night before I could close it after I had taken her out for a walk. I tried to go after her, but she's very fast and it was dark out, so I quickly lost her and cou... See More


Marion, IA

2 weeks ago

"Wally escaped fom our home by opening up our screen door, unbeknownst to us, and jumping off of our balcony one day. Once on the balcony, he proceeded to then jump right off of the roof! We searched ... See More

Found Dog

North Palm Beach, FL

3 weeks ago

"I dscovered this lost pup while he was walking around in my neighborhood all by himself. Since the pup was very friendly, I was able to secure him with a leash without any trouble. A neighbor offered... See More


Arlington, VA

3 weeks ago

"I unfortunately left my storm door open after bringing a very large box into the house. I did not know that Isis had left the room that she had been staying in and snuck out of the door. I did not se... See More

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