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Found Dog

San Antonio, TX

2 weeks ago

"The dog was found in the parking lot of a business near a residential area. He came right up to people and was very friendly. It was cold and rainy so my boyfriend picked up the dog to see the tag an... See More


Jackson County, GA

2 weeks ago

"Our front door was left open by accident so Josie wandered outside. We plastered flyers and online posts everywhere, including on PawBoost. After 4 nights, my next door neighbor texted me a picture o... See More


Fairburn, GA

2 weeks ago

"UPS was making a delivery to our home and Joe went out the front door to meet the driver in the driveway. Unfortunately, he left the door open (with storm door closed) and a stray dog was nearby in t... See More


Rancho Cucamonga, CA

2 weeks ago

"Peaches was headed to a vet visit when her carrier broke open outside of the vet's office. Unfortunately, this happened in a very busy shopping center. She ran as fast as she could and was hiding in ... See More


Delaware, OH

2 weeks ago

"Minnie went missing one Saturday. My boyfriend and I had just gotten back from seeing Christmas lights and getting hot chocolate. I sat down, and I felt like I heard a slight 'meow.' Then I realized ... See More

Sugar Bear

Chapel Hill, NC

2 weeks ago

"Sugar Bear saw a deer as we were going out the back door. She jerked the leash from my hand and dashed down the street and was out of sight in the blink of an eye. We all immediately jumped in the ca... See More

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