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Found Dog Brownie

Tangipahoa Parish, LA

2 weeks ago

"I was traveling down LA-10 when I saw a dog running on the road and almost get hit. I turned the car around, stopped on the side of the road, called him and he came. He was a sweet mixed hound, frien... See More

Sir Real

Lexington, SC

2 weeks ago

"Sir Real is an indoor/outdoor cat and taught himself to use a pet door. He usually leaves when I wake, then returns when I finish my coffee. When he did not, I had a gut instinct something was wrong.... See More


Boulder, CO

2 weeks ago

"Our dog Jay was spooked by some loud firecrackers one night. He pulled the leash away and ran down the street. We were unable to catch Jay, as he is fast! (He runs 3-5 miles per day to the dog park.)... See More


Nashua, NH

2 weeks ago

"I came home one night at midnight, as I work as a firefighter. The neighbors next door were blasting music - shaking walls, and scaring my 9 month old cat Marley. When I opened the back door, I saw h... See More


Calgary, AB, Canada

2 weeks ago

"Indiana likes to sneak outside, if he can get there without being on his harness and leash. I didn't close the screen door all the way, and off he went. Indiana has gone out overnight before, and alw... See More


Mountainhome, PA

3 weeks ago

"My husband forgot to shut the big door after taking the trash out, and she escaped because the screen door wasn’t clicked all the way. It was sometime between 2pm-7pm that she got out. We had only ... See More

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