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Found Cat Tom

San Antonio, TX

2 weeks ago

"My husband found him by the dumpster while taking the trash out. He was hanging out with a stray. The stray ran but Tom plopped down and asked for pets. My husband could tell he belonged to someone a... See More

Found Cat Scatman

Angier, NC

2 weeks ago

"Scatman first showed up at my residence one Friday night around 9pm. I fed him some pot roast, dry cat food and some warm milk. I sat outside with him until 11:15pm and went inside for the night. I s... See More


Falls Church, VA

2 weeks ago

"My sliding glass door was being replaced by 2 men. I kept checking on both my cats. Zoey was hiding behind the couch because of the loud noise. My other cat was nowhere to be found, which is typical ... See More


Maplewood, MN

2 weeks ago

"One morning our screen door didn’t latch all the way when we were bringing in groceries and Parker darted out. After 2 months and 3 days, a woman I met on Nextdoor who lived 0.6 miles from me calle... See More


Glen Allen, VA

2 weeks ago

"A visitor left my front door open and Akilah ran out, got hit by a car and ran off. With the help of the community we were able to pinpoint 2 neighborhoods in which she would frequent. This allowed u... See More


Twin Falls, ID

3 weeks ago

"Bentley crawled out of a hole in the pantry into the basement below, through the crawl space, and outside. After posting on PawBoost I realized how important it was to get the word out. I made flyers... See More

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