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Copiague, NY

2 weeks

"Mickey slipped out one night while I was bringing in things from my car. When I saw he was not in the house, I immediately went to look outside and saw that he was hiding under a neighbor's car. No m... See More

Found Dogs

Oakland, CA

2 weeks

"As a pet parent myself, I always keep an eye out for stray dogs and I noticed these two, small dogs running together on the street on my way to the grocery store. The little black dog almost ran out ... See More

Found Dog

Houston, TX

2 weeks

"I was working near the area and around 11:30am I saw a pup that was tied right outside the grocery store. It was pretty chilly and about an hour had passed and he was still there. I asked around with... See More

Max and Calvin

Washington County, OR

2 weeks

"Max and Calvin were unintentionally let outside while I was on a business trip. The cat sitter left my back door open for my dog to come in and out one Saturday morning, not realizing that the cats w... See More


West Henrietta, NY

2 weeks

"Oliver got out when we were transferring him from the car back into our apartment. We were bringing him back from my parent's house. They were cat sitting while my husband and I were on our honeymoon... See More


Pasco County, FL

3 weeks

"Sasha basically disappeared. We think she bolted while we were going back and forth through the front door. I had a garage sale going on that weekend, so we were all over the place. It had been month... See More

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