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Brooklyn, NY

2 weeks ago

"My dad has been doing construction on the roof and while our cats are usually amazing about staying indoors Rascal, whose name still rings true, decided to wander outside and peruse the roof. What’... See More

Found Dog April

Phoenix, AZ

2 weeks ago

"I saw this beautiful dog running up to different cars in a grocery store parking lot. She ran out of sight and I followed her. I saw some people ask if she belonged to them. They said, no, so I calle... See More


Fort Worth, TX

2 weeks ago

"Rico went missing when he squeezed out of my mom's backyard. He wandered across the road to the city hall and was then rescued by a woman who lived down the street. She took him home and posted on th... See More


Charlestown, NSW, Australia

2 weeks ago

"Jerry has been a part of our family for 6 years. The first song we taught him to sing was 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.' He is a very happy bird with an amazing sense of humor, likes to la... See More


Fargo, ND

2 weeks ago

"Every morning before work I let the dogs out to go potty and most often the cats run out with them (I have 3). After herding everyone back in, (or so I thought), I left for work. Rico is a bit of a s... See More

Found Dog

Los Angeles, CA

3 weeks ago

"This adorable girl wandered into my wife’s warehouse one Monday evening around 5pm. She was thirsty and apparently lost and scared. We gave her food and a bed to sleep in overnight. The next mor... See More

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