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Found Rabbit Gwen

Pittsburgh, PA

2 weeks ago

"Gwen the rabbit was hanging out in the grass in front of my house when I went out to walk my dog. She didn't look scared or surprised to see a dog or people and just kept chilling in the shade all sp... See More


Long Beach, MS

2 weeks ago

"Ollie and my other dog, Buddy, went under my chain link fencing that surrounds my yard. They have done this before but have never gone far or left my quiet neighborhood. This time I immediately hoppe... See More


Saint Paul, MN

2 weeks ago

"Charlie and his sister are indoor cats who desperately want to be outdoor cats, and they tend to dart out if the door is open for even a second. My husband and I know this and are therefore diligent ... See More

Found Dog Kayla

Fort Worth, TX

2 weeks ago

"My boyfriend and I found a dog hiding in the back of a field next to our house one morning. She was super sweet and friendly and I could tell that she had an owner with other dogs. I have a Goldendoo... See More


Tucson, AZ

2 weeks ago

"One Tuesday night, I came home and put my Miniature Schnauzer Lexie outside. I have a wall all around my house and she stays in the yard until I call her in or she comes to the door. When I went to b... See More

Found Dog King

Aurora, CO

3 weeks ago

"My husband, Ron, was out for a walk one morning and saw a puppy up the road. He noticed it had a collar and a leash. So he waited and the puppy came up to him after a little bit. Ron was able to grab... See More

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