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Found Dog

Corpus Christi, TX

2 weeks ago

"My son found this adorable dog one day while at work. We took him to the vet to check for a microchip, but nothing was found. He was a very friendly fellow, so my son took him home from the job site ... See More


Washington, PA

2 weeks ago

"Luna slipped her new collar off while being walked around our neighborhood and ran away. Our family searched our neighborhood for hours before it was clear that she was not going to be found. After w... See More


Marshall, CA

2 weeks ago

"We were traveling and visiting friends. We left our dog, Zeeka, in a locked fenced area while we went for lunch. When we came back, she was gone! We couldn’t figure how she got out of the secured a... See More


Boca Raton, FL

2 weeks ago

"I took Merci outside in our large backyard to let her use the bathroom really quick one day. After she was doing her business, I stepped inside for 15 seconds to grab my sunglasses so that I could ke... See More


Lubbock, TX

3 weeks ago

"We took Reese outside to potty, and he noticed it was starting to rain, so Reese took off running and his brother dog took off running behind him. Soon after, the rain just started pouring down so ha... See More


Jersey City, NJ

3 weeks ago

"Toby is used to our old house where he would walk around our property with no leash, but since we had recently moved, Toby got out and walked out on his own thinking he would know his way back. Unfor... See More

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