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Deerfield, WI

2 weeks ago

"Our brave little barn kitten snuck out while we were letting the dogs out to go potty later in the evening. She usually comes in during the night, but for some reason she didn’t that evening. We no... See More


Beverly Hills, CA

2 weeks ago

"Hank broke through a window screen and got out. We never leave the windows open, and we were devastated. We posted roughly 300 flyers and posted on every social media and lost pet website you could t... See More


Las Vegas, NV

2 weeks ago

"Snickers used his nose to pry open the front door when my boyfriend went out to get something out of the car and we didn’t notice. After hours of searching the neighborhood with no luck, I came hom... See More


Polk County, FL

2 weeks ago

"I let Willow out like I would any other morning and began cooking breakfast. Around 15-20 minutes later I went to check on her, as she usually comes back in around that time. But, to my horror, she w... See More

Found Dog

Pasco, WA

2 weeks ago

"We found this adorable dog walking around on the street. She seemed skittish, but clearly came from a loving home. We were able to get her somewhere safe while we searched for her owners and that’s... See More


Meridian, ID

2 weeks ago

"My backyard gate was opened by someone and Grizzly must have wandered out. The Idaho Humane Society took Grizzly in, but unfortunately his chip didn't work. Thanks to the alert we created through Paw... See More

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