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Anchorage, AK

2 weeks ago

"We just moved to Alaska from Georgia and we were getting our trampoline set up in the backyard. My husband, son and I were in and out of the house and somehow Digsby made a run for it without any of ... See More


Hinesville, GA

2 weeks ago

"Unknowingly the lock on our front door wasn’t working and it was a really windy night and the door pushed open. While we were asleep Clover escaped. I searched and searched and sat out on my front ... See More

Found Dog

Palermo, CA

2 weeks ago

"I was sitting out on the front porch with my dog, and he came up to the fence. So now that I saw him, I couldn't just turn a blind eye and leave him running around. I didn’t want him to get hit by ... See More


Norwood, OH

2 weeks ago

"Phillip got out of the house around 7pm one Saturday. Due to the fact he has been outside before, we thought he ventured off a little past our yard and would be back in the night. Just in case, we pu... See More


Coram, NY

2 weeks ago

"My husband believes he left the front gate ajar. He was doing some landscaping which required him to go in and out with a wheelbarrow. We assumed Boonya had taken himself to bed as he normally does. ... See More

Found Dog Bronson

Shelby, NC

2 weeks ago

"We almost ran into this dog one Saturday evening, when he walked out in front of our car on a busy highway. I was going about 40 mph, saw him, and hit the brakes. As the other cars whooshed around us... See More

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