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Knox County, TN

2 weeks

"Gulliver darted between my legs while I was trying to take the trash out. He is an extremely fast dog with strong hunting instincts. He bolted straight into the fields with waist high grass and I cou... See More


Anaheim, CA

2 weeks

"Seashell went missing when she dashed out the front door. Our neighbor’s cat was on our front porch when I opened the door. I think perhaps she got spooked, and she just ran out and immediately jum... See More

Found Dog Bella

Rogers, AR

2 weeks

"I was in the driveway with my two year old niece. We were loading in the car when this adorable puppy came running up and began kissing the little girl. I bent down and began petting the puppy. I ... See More


Austin, TX

2 weeks

"Our family was on vacation and we hired a pet sitter to stay at our house to care for our three cats and our dog. Our cats are mostly indoor but are allowed to go outside for a few hours a day. They ... See More


Dyersburg, TN

2 weeks

"Peewee was missing for 4 days. He had dashed out our front door when we were leaving. We ran after him but lost him in a tree line near our home. My family and I had looked for hours and then we took... See More

Found Dog Dante

Los Angeles, CA

3 weeks

"I’m a mobile pet groomer and not only do I work with pets and their families, but I often look over lost and found posts in hopes that spreading the word to my clients might help in reuniting those... See More

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