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Statesville, NC

3 weeks ago

"Dixie wandered off one day, and we think she must have lost track of where she was. She is 14 (almost 15) and her sight is not too great anymore. After hours of searching turned to days, which turned... See More

Found Dog Maggie

Baytown, TX

3 weeks ago

"We woke up one Sunday morning and observed this beautiful creature sleeping on a chair on our front porch. She would leave during the day, but would come back every night. Anytime we would open the d... See More


San Antonio, TX

3 weeks ago

"A landscaper left the gate open to our backyard one day when working on our yard. I had seen the gate open when I checked the backyard and closed it before letting Ziva out at 4:00 PM, but I didn't r... See More


High Point, NC

3 weeks ago

"Nova got under the fence in the backyard and escaped while I was at work one day. My neighbor called and let me know they saw her running away from my yard, but they couldn't catch her before she was... See More


Greensboro, NC

4 weeks ago

"Biggie managed to get out of the house one day and ran off before we even noticed his escape. He has been able to find his way home before, but always comes home at night whenever he manages to get o... See More


Oklahoma City, OK

4 weeks ago

"Harley broke out from our backyard somehow early one afternoon. I didn't notice that she had gotten out until my front Ring doorbell camera was going off as she tried to get back inside of the house.... See More

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