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Greater London, England

3 weeks ago

"On Christmas night, Humbug, our 6 month old cat, ran out the door and disappeared. Through the early hours of the morning, we searched and searched for him, but by 4:00 AM with no sight of him, we re... See More


Fort Myers, FL

3 weeks ago

"We had had damage to our lanai screen from Hurricane Ian, and that's how Oreo made his great escape; he got out through the torn screens on our porch. We searched for him everywhere, but we couldn't ... See More

Found Dog

San Antonio, TX

3 weeks ago

"I was looking out of the front house window when I saw this little dog running up and down middle of street and realized she was alone. When I approached her, she was so tired from running, but very... See More


El Segundo, CA

3 weeks ago

"We had pulled up to a park and Gaia jetted for the playground while I was grabbing for something. She broke away and must have turned a corner, because we couldn't find her in the park. I Googled how... See More


San Antonio, TX

4 weeks ago

"I accidentally left my back gate open after raking the yard. Being quite busy, I forgot to close the gate. Later that morning, my daughter let Ziggy out to play in the backyard. We realized Ziggy was... See More


Charlotte, NC

4 weeks ago

"Dino had dug a hole in our backyard fence to escape one day! He is very energetic and could not handle a typical end-of-the-year without a little drama. I posted on social media and found a "found pe... See More

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