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St. Louis , MO

3 weeks ago

"We were celebrating on the porch when Bandit got out. None of us realized he was gone until we went back in several minutes later. Thinking he couldn’t have gotten far, we immediately began looking... See More


Miami, FL

3 weeks ago

"Kitty has been an indoor cat for 19 years. Sometimes she will slip past us when we open the front door to smell the grass. We catch her right away. This time, my mom was loading something in the car ... See More

Found Cat Shadow

Warrington Township, PA

3 weeks ago

"Shadow just appeared on our driveway! My sister and I were taking the trash outside and heard a constant meowing sound. We located the source and found the most beautiful cat with these big golden ey... See More


Tillamook, OR

3 weeks ago

"Chance was in our yard in the early afternoon, and when my husband went out to check on him, he was gone! We think he wandered down the driveway to visit the neighbor and someone down the road was sh... See More

Meow Meow

Wyandotte, MI

3 weeks ago

"I was moving into a new home and I had put Meow Meow in my car. When I arrived at the new house, I opened the car door and she had gotten out of her cat carrier. She bolted out of the car and ran acr... See More

Found Dogs

Miami, FL

4 weeks ago

"Ironically I was in an area I'm not usually in. I saw two huskies running in the street! I was afraid they were going to be hit, considering it was a busy street. I hopped out of the car in the middl... See More

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