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Saginaw, MI

4 weeks

"Bobo went missing after running out of the yard on a Sunday. We were not home due to our father-in-law needing emergency surgery. When we realized he was missing, myself and Ryan (Bobo’s pet parent... See More


Pawtucket, RI

1 month

"We were having work done one late Saturday afternoon, and the construction workers had the back door wide open; however, we already placed Mizzou, our beautiful Calico cat of almost nine years, behin... See More


North Little Rock, AR

1 month

"As usual Sooie went out to potty first thing this morning and I went back to bed for a couple of hours. I didn't know there was a meter-reader on our street that morning and they most likely left the... See More


Calgary, AB, Canada

1 month

"I let Opie out into the yard, and when he didn’t come back in for his breakfast I knew something was up. The gate has a broken latch, so I keep it closed by leaning old tires against it. Perhaps th... See More


Omaha, NE

1 month

"I went outside to get laundry from my balcony and Mufasa must have slipped out the door in the process. I didn't notice he was missing until I got home from work that evening. My kids and I printed o... See More


Raleigh, NC

1 month

"I was working in my back yard, took a quick break, and decided to let Lucy out back. I stopped paying attention to where she was for maybe a minute, then the air compressor went off and she was gone.... See More

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