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Royal Oak, MI

3 weeks ago

"I just moved to a new home in a new city and the very next day our basement flooded. After washing the floors and in an attempt to dry out the space, Mama escaped through a basement window we left cr... See More


Cleveland, OH

3 weeks ago

"My dad built a new fence for Laddie and his brother not knowing he could get out. Laddie is a wanderer and him being so small he can fit under any fence in one split second. This is how he got out. ... See More


Burnaby, BC, Canada

3 weeks ago

"My dear Arya got out when she took advantage of the door left ajar when her dad took the garbage out. We realized she was missing when we couldn’t find her in her usual spot, approx. 30 minutes aft... See More

Found Dog Daisy

Naples, FL

3 weeks ago

"She just showed up in our yard one Friday. We have a dachshund that looks almost exactly like her. When I saw her under my car I thought I was seeing double. We gave her some food and water and I beg... See More

Found Dog Hershey

El Paso, TX

3 weeks ago

"This dog was walking around the street right outside my home as I was bringing in my garbage cans from trash day. I just went right up to him and crouched down to call him. He came up to me, I picked... See More


San Francisco, CA

3 weeks ago

"Oreo went missing one Tuesday. We are convinced that he got out through an opening in our backyard fence after doing some light gardening work earlier that day. We created a poster utilizing PawBoost... See More

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