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Windsor Heights, IA

3 weeks ago

"Tails snuck out our back door when my husband was letting our dogs out to go potty around 6am. He got through the gate and he just disappeared. I put up flyers around my neighborhood and at my loc... See More


Rowville, VIC, Australia

3 weeks ago

"I think Mushu dug a hole under the fence and then went out wandering the streets. I heard he was almost run over by a car and a lady brought him to Stud Park Vet Clinic. They checked him and he was o... See More


Memphis, TN

3 weeks ago

"I brought the dogs with me to my kickball game one Thursday evening to get them out of the house for a little adventure. We were driving down N Parkway and I had the windows rolled down most of the w... See More


Orlando, FL

3 weeks ago

"Marvin went missing because a visiting friend brought a dog to the house and left the front door open while taking the dog out. The dog was not very friendly to Marvin and we thought perhaps he cause... See More

Found Dog Bailey

Moreno Valley, CA

3 weeks ago

"My son actually saw him trying to get attention from anyone while he was at the auto shop getting a new car battery. He just walked right up to him. At that point since my son and I rescue animals of... See More


Ephrata, PA

3 weeks ago

"One Sunday our family decided it was so nice out that we would grill. Baby, our 10 month old rescue who is best friends with our 2 year old Rottweiler, loves to sunbath with him on the deck. Most of ... See More

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