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Honolulu, HI

3 weeks ago

"Jem has two cages: a small one for sleeping and a big one for daytime. I was trying to get him out of his big cage to put him in the small one, so I could clean the big cage. I had to leave his big c... See More

Found Dog

Modesto, CA

3 weeks ago

"I had just gotten home from the store when I saw this dog and it was obvious she was lost. I followed her about a block when I turned back, but my heart didn’t let me give up. I drove around the ne... See More


Houston, TX

3 weeks ago

"Lily was at a friend's house for a few days and somehow managed to get out of the house and go wandering as the front door was left open while they were cleaning. She was apparently picked up by some... See More


Williamsport, MD

3 weeks ago

"We are unsure how Badness actually got out of the house. We believed he may have slipped out the door when groceries were being carried in that morning. Badness went missing five Sundays exactly from... See More


Labrador, QLD, Australia

3 weeks ago

"My parrot, Millie, accidentally escaped one Wednesday when little miss 6 year old didn’t realize the screen door got stuck open behind her. Millie went to my daughter as she always does but my daug... See More


Las Cruces, NM

3 weeks ago

"One Thursday night I let Saddie out into the yard to go potty. When I opened the door to call her 10 minutes later she never came back. It’s a mystery as to how she got out of the yard because ther... See More

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