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Little Girl

DeSoto County, MS

3 weeks

"I'm not quite sure how Little Girl went missing. She is a curious cat, and has been known to get in vehicles without anyone knowing. So, we assume that is what happened. We were able to reunite with ... See More


Tacoma, WA

3 weeks

"11 year old Elliott went missing over many months ago, in April 2018. We don't really know what happened; he just didn't show up for dinner, which is very unusual behavior for him. We love him ver... See More


Ballwin, MO

3 weeks

"While I was at work, my mom went over to let Sarge outside and he escaped right out of his harness and then ran from her. I had just adopted him two days prior to this and he is very skittish. Aft... See More


New Haven, CT

3 weeks

"Jerry has always been a heedless wanderer, so we have a fully fenced-in back yard where he can hang out when we're not out for a walk together. Trouble is, now and then the gate to the yard doesn't l... See More


Orcutt, CA

3 weeks

"One morning at about 5:20 AM while we were in Santa Barbara for my daughter's surgery, our Eva got curious and wandered off. One neighbor saw her eating their cat's food and another snapped a shot of... See More


Los Angeles, CA

3 weeks

"Pyewacket is an indoor cat who slipped out of the door and couldn't be caught or persuaded to come back inside. He disappeared for 3 days. We were frantic. PawBoost was a fast, efficient, easy way... See More

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