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Found Dog

Mesa, AZ

3 weeks ago

"This dog found us. He had been exhausted and needed someone to step up and help him out. We gladly accepted the situation and did our best to take care of him. His owner contacted animal control who ... See More


Lake Elsinore, CA

3 weeks ago

"We let Buddy outside around 9pm and by 9:30 we heard fireworks go off. We looked for him in our backyard and front yard and he was nowhere to be found. My husband drove around the neighborhood and he... See More


Nashville, TN

3 weeks ago

"I live on the first floor of an apartment complex. I got home from work around midnight, and when I opened the door, Rumour ran out wanting to play. I chased her around the courtyard for about 30 min... See More

Found Dog

Commerce, TX

3 weeks ago

"This husky was walking around the grocery store parking lot trying to get someone’s attention. She was noticeably seeking help from every person that was walking in and out of the store. I watched ... See More


East Helena, MT

3 weeks ago

"One night some neighbors lit off fireworks. I just moved here from CA so I wasn’t prepared. Gizmo was out front at this time and ran around the corner. As another neighbor was lighting a bomb off, ... See More


Belleville, IL

4 weeks ago

"Robbie was playing in his rabbit run in the backyard and was startled by construction happening next door. He bolted over a 4-foot enclosure and jetted under our fenced yard in fright. I put an alert... See More

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