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Los Angeles, CA

3 weeks ago

"My daughter’s boyfriend was getting ready to go home and when he opened the door Jax just ran out!! He had never done that before. He usually waits just outside the threshold to have his leash clip... See More


Dallas, TX

3 weeks ago

"My husband had taken Ck to the vet for vaccinations and trimming nails. After he picked her up, he went by a friend’s house and was taking her out of the carrier to show off how much she had grown.... See More

Poe Kitty

Statesville, NC

3 weeks ago

"Our neighbors had a fire late one night in which fire trucks had to come out for. We believe the fire and commotion scared Poe Kitty as that was the night he disappeared without a trace. Our PawBoost... See More


Salem, OR

3 weeks ago

"There is only one word to describe why Chief left, LOVE. Jakob is a Paramedic/Firefighter and was going on his 2 day shift, and Emily was on her yearly coast trip, so Chief was left at Jakob’s pare... See More


Pelham, AL

3 weeks ago

"We still are not entirely clear what happened, but around 4:30 am one Saturday we heard a cat make a distressed meow outside our bedroom window. We heard leaves rustle and then one of our dogs ran ou... See More


Avon Lake, OH

3 weeks ago

"Pikachu was let out to sit on our porch as he always does one night. My husband came in, but Pikachu did not. By 1am I realized something was wrong. He was not under my feet and making his normal low... See More

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