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Los Angeles, CA

3 weeks ago

"The next door neighbors kid’s ball went over to my side of the fence. Unfortunately, they failed to secure my gate after they retrieved it and Frisco walked out. He had a GPS on him, so I was able ... See More


Los Angeles, CA

3 weeks ago

"Our back gate wasn’t closed well enough and Rocky was able to slip through. We couldn’t find him anywhere and eventually we found PawBoost. We created a lost pet alert right away in case he was f... See More


Kingsport, TN

3 weeks ago

"Murphy was in our yard when he ran away after a deer and eventually lost track of home. With Murphy nowhere in sight, we decided to create a lost pet alert through PawBoost. We had multiple people fr... See More

Found Dogs

Machesney Park, IL

3 weeks ago

"Lots of barking was going on outside so I went to see what was going on and I saw someone with a flashlight looking at a giant dog. I went over to see if I could help. There was a giant Great Dane an... See More


Smyrna, GA

3 weeks ago

"There was some commotion and I didn’t see Reese jump out of my car, so I accidentally drove off without him. I noticed about 15 minutes later and returned to the site where he'd made his escape, bu... See More


Lafayette, IN

3 weeks ago

"No one knew Muffin was in the garage and when we came home from church the kids didn't get the door shut all the way. After having a look around and not finding Muffin anywhere, I decided to take oth... See More

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