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Valley Center, CA

4 weeks ago

"Hunter was playing out front with his brother the last time we saw him. His brother came back, but he did not. We believe Hunter followed him to the top of the property where he got lost and couldnâ€... See More


Pensacola, FL

4 weeks ago

"Ash snuck out of the front door while we were loading some things into our car one day and scampered off. We are always very careful when we go out, but somehow he snuck past us without us being awar... See More

Found Dogs

Las Vegas, NV

4 weeks ago

"These male and female dogs came up to my front door one day and just hung out around the house. I let them in and gave them some water. They were super friendly and walked right in. Then, I walked th... See More


Holland, MI

1 month ago

"I opened my front door one day and Bakugo booked it outside and into the dark, where I couldn’t see him. I tried to look for him and called out for him, but he didn't return and it was too dark to ... See More


New Orleans, LA

1 month ago

"After reluctantly traveling without Frank over a weekend for the first time since I’ve had him, he weaseled out of his collar on a walk with his dog sitter and took off. He bolted away with no coll... See More


Greensboro, NC

1 month ago

"Cocoa is my son’s dog, which makes her my grandbaby. When he got home for the day on the day that Cocoa went missing, he let her outside to go to the bathroom. We aren’t sure if she was chasing s... See More

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