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Found Cat Wizard

Pawtucket, RI

4 weeks

"One day I noticed a Siamese cat on my back deck and I figured he was just visiting and would head back home. The next day, he was sitting on the deck again looking into my window. I have a heated cat... See More

Tsuki and Aero

Tacoma, WA

4 weeks

"Our mailman let Tsuki and Aero out one morning and a neighbor witnessed it. My son tried to catch them but was unable to find them so he called me at work and I rushed home. A woman saw them about a ... See More


Genoa City, WI

4 weeks

"Smokey went missing when he got out an open door. He never really goes outside, unless he's on a leash with us, so right away we feared for him. We were reunited after 44 days, when a women texted... See More


Richmond, VA

4 weeks

"We have 3 dogs; two big furry friends and one tiny furry friend, Cinnamon. Cinnamon usually runs to her favorite tree to relieve herself while our two other dogs go straight to the backyard. Cinnamon... See More


Broadview, IL

4 weeks

"My story starts off with my front door recently breaking and we didn’t realize it. One night Thomas slipped through the broken door and into the hall of our apartment building! Everyone loves Thoma... See More

Found Dog Sadie Mae

Comstock Township, MI

4 weeks

"We were on our way home when we stopped at a traffic light on a very busy intersection. It was dark but we could see a black dog in the middle of the road running from car to car. One car looked like... See More

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