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Gilbert, AZ

4 weeks ago

"My daughter, Brenna, and I went to Texas to assist my older daughter after her knee surgery. Luna, who has been happy to have Brenna working from home this past year, must have gone looking for her w... See More


Dundalk, MD

4 weeks ago

"My husband was taking out the trash and didn't close the back door behind him. Cooper slipped out the cracked door and bolted down the stairs. My husband wasn't able to catch him and he also wasn't w... See More


Evans, GA

4 weeks ago

"Dixie went missing on a Tuesday morning. We had let her out in the fenced backyard as usual. Throughout the day I thought she was with my husband and he thought she was with me. It wasn’t until lat... See More

Found Dog

Fayetteville, NC

4 weeks ago

"She was in the middle of a four-lane highway by the median. She was trying to cross and she almost got hit several times. I put my hazards on, stopped my car, and opened the door. She looked eternall... See More


Nottinghamshire, England, UK

4 weeks ago

"Missy went missing from my house one Wednesday. It was unusual for her, as she’s always by my side and she never ventures far either. One night around 6:15pm, I received a phone call from a neighbo... See More


Edmonton, AB, Canada

1 month ago

"Willow had never left the backyard before. He's completely fenced in. We still don't know how he got out. He's mostly an indoor cat. We just let him out to watch birds when the weather is nice. One w... See More

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