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San Antonio, TX

4 weeks ago

"Our fenced in back yard entrance has a latch to secure it, however it’s a little misaligned and at times it doesn’t latch closed completely. I can only guess this happened, and the wind may have ... See More


Mesquite, TX

4 weeks ago

"Honey went missing after her bath. The owner of our home had come over to take inventory of some things and when he left he went through the door to the garage, out the garage door and left both door... See More


San Francisco, CA

4 weeks ago

"Peanut got out of the house one night around 9-10pm the door was open and I didn't realize my little Nut wandering off into the neighborhood. All of the odds were against us; he wasn't microchipped a... See More


Middleburg Heights, OH

4 weeks ago

"Biggie went missing one Thursday around 4PM when his brother, Nipsey, decided to dig under the fence and go for a stroll. Thankfully, Nipsey came back as he thinks it's a game to chase the birds in t... See More


Somerset, England, UK

4 weeks ago

"Asha went missing from our home one Sunday around midday. She has always gone outside to play and had never strayed away before. We did all of the usual things, put up posters, Facebook posts in all ... See More


San Diego, CA

4 weeks ago

"Astrid loves people watching from our windows and she and her brother Jordan love the breeze blowing against their fur. The day she went missing our complex was working on our balcony and Astrid was ... See More

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