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Sacramento, CA

3 weeks ago

"Sister started running while walking in a field, both her and my other dog, Brother. I was called about a fire at my church. Heading towards the church, off leash, both dogs started running at a furi... See More


Redmond, WA

4 weeks ago

"We went out of town on vacation, and my neighbor was willing to watch our dog, Jackson. Even though Jackson normally plays in the yard without a leash with my neighbors’ dog, this was the first tim... See More

Found Dog

Omaha, NE

4 weeks ago

"I saw this tiny baby wondering down the road, and she was sticking to the sidewalks on her journey. My mom got out of the car and the dog let her pick her up. There was actually another lady trying t... See More


Mission, TX

4 weeks ago

"Mona was actually a dog we found who, while looking for her owners, escaped us and ran off. Originally, Mona was found roaming the streets and we picked her up while trying to locate her humans. Mona... See More


Prince George, VA

4 weeks ago

"On a Tuesday I was driving and pulled over to let Cinnamon use the bathroom. After she finished, I called for her to come and "let's go." To my surprise, she playfully descended into a wooded area. I... See More


Tucson, AZ

4 weeks ago

"Roscoe chewed through a zip-tie that kept thick plastic netting up on our second story balcony. Then, early in the morning, he lept from the second story and took off into the dark. PawBoost put our ... See More

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