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Kingston, WA

4 weeks

"We were out of the country on vacation and had a friend watching our dogs. Chili got out and took off in the surrounding woods, which is something she had never done before. We got a flight home t... See More


Jacksonville, FL

4 weeks

"We were walking Alacard like any other night. We believed something else was outside with us and he went into hiding. Unsure of where he went, we stayed outside looking for him for 3 to 4 hours with ... See More


Dover, DE

4 weeks

"Spanky went missing from our fenced in backyard one Friday. Our only thought is that he went through a hole in the fence on the opposite side of the yard. I was in San Francisco when he went missing ... See More


Tonopah, AZ

4 weeks

"Chyna wandered away from home due to the gate being left open. She was seen by a neighbor probably within minutes of her getting out. The neighbor called to her, but Chyna ran off. Almost a week wen... See More


Pottstown, PA

4 weeks

"Alfred was rescued as a barn cat on our property. He has his own cat door to go in and out when the weather is bad. We have noticed fox prints around and locals have seen coyotes. One morning, we got... See More


Longwood, FL

4 weeks

"Tebow went missing under my parents watch while I was in Texas. They were outside with him when he ran off and didn't come back. PawBoost was able to help me get in contact with the right people who ... See More

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