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Lennox, CA

4 weeks ago

"Frida found a way to dig herself out. We left town, came back and she was gone. It had been 3 days and her food was untouched. We started posting everywhere and PawBoost was the easiest and fastest w... See More


Bedfordshire, England, UK

4 weeks ago

"Teddy went out on a Monday morning as he does every day. It was very foggy that day and he didn’t come back when we got home from work in the evening as he usually does. He sometimes stays out over... See More

Found dog Lady

Los Angeles, CA

4 weeks ago

"I’m a Lyft driver and was dropping off a passenger just after midnight. As I was coming to a stop, a dog ran around to the side of the car where my passenger was exiting and immediately wanted to c... See More


Goodyear, AZ

4 weeks ago

"Leo was outside when fireworks went off around 6pm. A great family (Chris, Marla and Mikee) found him running scared down the road. They were able to catch up with him. Chris got out of the truck and... See More


Aurora, CO

4 weeks ago

"This sweet fluffy baby con artist cutie is a true Houdini. Tetra escaped by pulling back the baffling around an in-window air-conditioning unit. He squeezed his furry butt out because he wanted to pl... See More

Found Dog Leemo

Las Vegas, NV

1 month ago

"I was waiting for my food to be brought to me at McDonald’s. I thought at first that the dog belonged to somebody in the restaurant, but upon further inspection, the restaurant was empty and the po... See More

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