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San Bernardino, CA

3 weeks ago

"We just moved out of our apartment and into my parents house. Aang was definitely nervous already because of the move. It was day two at my parents' place, I had left for work and left Aang inside. M... See More

Found Dog Charlie

San Jose, CA

4 weeks ago

"I found Charlie wandering around in the street by my apartment complex. He was friendly and approached my dog while we were walking. I quickly befriended him, noting that he was a Maltese and that hi... See More


Winston-Salem, NC

4 weeks ago

"My husband took Max for his morning walk and was outside brushing his hair when he got out of his collar and ran down the street. He chased him very far, but we couldn’t find Max anywhere. I posted... See More


Edmonton, AB

4 weeks ago

"I always bring Thanos outside while I sit in the grass and draw and burn sage. He looked comfy eating his greens, so I thought it was okay for me to run in and use the bathroom, but when I came back,... See More


Newark, NJ

4 weeks ago

"Luna ran off one day when we visited a nearby park. We searched for days and ultimately took to social media for help. I was at work when I got a email notification from PawBoost asking if the cat in... See More

Found Dog

Hamilton Township, PA

4 weeks ago

"I was on my way back from searching for a lost kitten, since I’m involved in Trap/Neuter/Release, when I saw a small dog walking in the middle of the road. I got out of the car and started running ... See More

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