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Los Angeles, CA

4 weeks

"We are not sure how Mason went missing, but he is an inside dog and is taken out daily to play with our outside dogs. We were only away for half an hour and when we returned home all our dogs were ho... See More

Found Dog

Irvine, CA

4 weeks

"I was driving home after running an errand on a Saturday afternoon (it was 90 degrees out) and I saw a dog almost get hit by a car in the intersection of a stoplight ahead. So once I got through the ... See More


Lakewood, CO

4 weeks

"My husband and I just adopted Abby. She is absolutely perfect - she loves our 4 year old son, she's house trained and incredibly smart. With a perfect dog comes one flaw that neither of us realized s... See More


Rockwood, TN

1 month

"Salem and his big brother escaped from the kitchen screen door. The door has two hook-latches, one at the middle where the handle is, and one at the bottom, so they can’t push the door open. It did... See More


Macomb, MI

1 month

"Sunday afternoon we let one of our dogs, Roxy, out to go to the bathroom. She’s a bigger dog and will stay outside for around 10 minutes before she likes to come back in the house. We believe Willo... See More


Kennesaw, GA

1 month

"King went missing because my son did not close the door that leads to the garage securely. The garage doors were also opened and King walked out when everyone was upstairs. When I went downstairs, I ... See More

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