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Converse, TX

4 weeks ago

"We thought we had locked our back gate and hadn’t. Blaze just burst through there and ran his little legs off for five days. I didn’t create an alert with PawBoost until two days after the fact, ... See More

Found Dog Handsome

Dallas, TX

4 weeks ago

"Handsome came running up to my son while he was on a pool job in Cedar Hill. The pup was very friendly, but the owner of the pool was not aware of any neighbors with this type of puppy. We created an... See More


San Antonio, TX

4 weeks ago

"When it was time to bring Coco inside from our fenced-in backyard after her potty break, we noticed that she was nowhere to be seen. We drove up and down all the neighborhood streets calling her name... See More


Oceanside, CA

4 weeks ago

"Chappie has been curious about the outdoors recently, but we try so hard to keep him inside and safe. One day, he snuck out as an appliance was being delivered. A neighbor saw Chappie in his backyard... See More


Worcester, MA

4 weeks ago

"Daisy went missing on a Friday evening. We looked all over for her, but she was nowhere in sight. We posted her information to many different websites, including creating an alert through PawBoost. A... See More


Suffolk, VA

4 weeks ago

"Charlotte slipped out of an open plumbing access panel during a bathroom renovation. Unbeknownst to the plumber and husband, the insulation on the floor of the access panel had an opening that led to... See More

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