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Moulton, AL

4 weeks ago

"We have 6 dogs and a couple of them ended up fighting in the yard for some reason. We were distracted with trying to get that scene sorted out. Normally I count heads when they come back in, but with... See More


Staffordshire, UK

4 weeks ago

"Marmalade had his breakfast at home and then went out afterwards as normal. However, we were a bit concerned when he didn’t come home for his dinner or tea. The weather was nice though. And he does... See More

Found Dog Jack

Pretoria, South Africa

4 weeks ago

"My husband and I were on our way to a meeting. Once we stopped at the address, we saw this beautiful male dog coming our way with a tag around his neck. The boy seemed a bit frightened, however he di... See More


San Jose, CA

4 weeks ago

"When the workers came in to work on the drain system repair, they opened the crawl space from the closet. Then they left the lid open to check on bathroom shower, and my little Kitty went to hide. Wh... See More


Las Vegas, NV

4 weeks ago

"Cosmocat is an indoor/outdoor cat. One morning, he didn’t come back as he always does, around 5 am. I knew that something must have happened to him. He went missing for 3 days. It’s a very long t... See More

Found Dog

St. Petersburg, FL

1 month ago

"She was found running the streets by a neighbor and was brought to see if she belonged to another neighbor next door to us. Unfortunately, she was not microchipped, so we could only hope that sharing... See More

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