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San Diego, CA

3 weeks

"I got home very late from work and when I opened the door, Maxwell must have darted out. I was exhausted and my boyfriend was already asleep so I got ready for bed and fell asleep within minutes. ... See More


Grand Prairie, TX

4 weeks

"In one year both my senior cats passed away. Hailey hasn't been quite herself with them gone and began trying to get outside. Hailey walked past my mother out of the front door while she was feeding ... See More


Cincinnati, OH

4 weeks

"Every morning, I walk into the bird room and open cages to the parrots and cockatiels on the way out the laundry room door. I usually close the door between the laundry room and bird room after I hav... See More


Spokane, WA

4 weeks

"Princess' story started a year ago when my husband and I moved out of state. We were not able to take her with us so our adult son took her in. Shortly after we moved Princess was diagnosed with a th... See More


Westminster, CO

4 weeks

"Ziggi is an indoor cat, but he has been an indoor/outdoor cat before when we lived in a house with a fenced in yard. Now we live in an apartment and he has access to the balcony on the third floor. I... See More


Columbia Falls, MT

4 weeks

"Josie is a sweet, playful, little cat who never roams farther than a couple of houses in any direction. She wandered into a neighbor's garage and climbed up into the rafters. They didn't know she was... See More

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