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Found Dog Prince

Indianapolis, IN

1 month ago

"I was on my way to the community gas station around the corner when I noticed Prince across the street. He seemed to want to get across, so I stopped traffic and helped him. Soon after, he followed m... See More


Kileen, TX

1 month ago

"Pancake sneaked out a window and disappeared - before he could go to his appointment for his much needed microchip. We put up so many flyers and contacted everyone in our area. We were praying so har... See More


Las Vegas, NV

1 month ago

"I live in a townhome that does not have a gated backyard. I had my other dog outside on the leash with the door cracked open. Diamond, my little one, must have snuck outside. She usually burrows hers... See More

Found Cat Emma Mae

Lancaster, PA

1 month ago

"She was surviving the winter by scavenging the food I had outside and in an insulated gazebo for the outside rescue cats I take care of. She walked in one night and I saw how beautiful and sweet she ... See More


Surrey, BC, Canada

1 month ago

"One night around 8:30pm, Sheba got out of the backyard before we headed out to go camping. An immediate search turned up nothing, and pet searchers were unable to track her the next day. After 10 ... See More


Birmingham, England, UK

1 month ago

"Clementine went exploring one morning, which is perfectly normal for her. However she didn’t return for breakfast, which was unlike her, causing us to report her as missing. Clementine was reuni... See More

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