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Columbus, OH

1 month ago

"Our cockatiel Chicken flew through our airlocked doors in a freak lapse of judgement, just before dusk. It rained torrentially all night and dropped to 40 degrees. A person spotted him in a tree at a... See More


Hanover, MD

1 month ago

"We noticed Slinky missing at bedtime. After a quick search of the house, alarm bells began to ring. Never being an outdoor escapee, I knew something was very wrong. Slinky was nowhere to be found. I ... See More

Found Cat

Warrington Township, PA

1 month ago

"I found this pet outside on my driveway one night. I went to take out the trash and the poor little guy was yelling for some attention! I couldn't find him at first; it was so dark and he blended rig... See More


Wilmington, NC

1 month ago

"Luna accidentally got off leash on the UNCW campus and got scared and bolted! She was wearing her bright red Mrs. Claws' outfit which helped her stay warm through the cold night and also easier to fi... See More


Bethlehem, PA

1 month ago

"Cranberry is an indoor/outdoor cat who never stays out more than 24 hours. Except for one Tuesday, when he did not come home at night or the next morning. This was the day of the snowstorm and I was ... See More

Found Doq Chiquita

Tolleson, AZ

1 month ago

"I was walking through the neighborhood and noticed that there was a little dog in a driveway. She was very friendly and came right over to me when I kneeled down and called for her. She let me pick h... See More

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