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Found Dog

Winston-Salem, NC

1 month ago

"I was walking my dog by the local elementary school and saw a very tiny white shape moving between some garbage cans. I started walking really slowly and talking to it, and a friendly little Chihuahu... See More


West Palm Beach, FL

1 month ago

"Moki ran away from my parents' front yard, who live about five miles from our home. Someone commented on my PawBoost alert and told me that she had seen someone walking a dog that looked like Moki in... See More

Found Dog

Memphis, TN

1 month ago

"This dog was running on the side of the road and turned onto the on-ramp to the highway. We pulled over and called the dog, who just ran right up to me. He even jumped into the car when prompted. We ... See More


Soap Lake, WA

1 month ago

"Sage ran away from home during the New Year’s Eve fireworks. Usually, she would hide somewhere and come out a few hours later, but being 16 years old, she must have gotten confused! PawBoost was de... See More


San Antonio, TX

1 month ago

"On Christmas Eve, I was cooking for a large gathering. With the stress of cooking and trying to get the family dressed and ready, I let Reyna out to use the restroom in a fenced-in backyard. Within j... See More


Evington, VA

1 month ago

"Duke saw the neighbor’s cat outside while on a leash and was able to take off after the cat with his leash still attached. The leash was attached to the same metal loop as his name tag, and both we... See More

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