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Deerfield Beach, FL

4 weeks ago

"In the haste of moving our garage for our moving date, Benji slipped out as garage door just happened to malfunction and open as it went down. We didn’t realize he slipped out until he didn’t com... See More


Newport News, VA

1 month ago

"Duchess disappeared from our backyard when she was let out to use the bathroom around our boy's bed time last night. Unbeknownst to me, someone had left the side gate unlatched and when I went to let... See More


Salinas, CA

1 month ago

"Zola is a very nervous dog, she follows me everywhere. I think what happened was she followed me into the garage when I was leaving and I didn't notice. Then when I drove away she must have followed ... See More


Endicott, NY

1 month ago

"I'm still not sure how it happened, but when I got home from work one of every pet parent's worst nightmares of the gate being open happened. After calling and calling, it became immediately obvious ... See More

Found Dog Bobbi

Raleigh, NC

1 month ago

"I was traveling down Rock Quarry Rd in Southeast Raleigh one Tuesday. It was 98 degrees, the traffic was heavy, and the dog looked very panicked. Four lanes of vehicles were slowly dodging her as she... See More

Found Dog Lucy Maria

Glendale, AZ

1 month ago

"My husband and I went to church one Sunday and there was a dog that had been there for 3 days. Others tried to capture her but didn't have any luck. Also, the church is on a major street so we did no... See More

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