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Darlington, SC

1 month ago

"Lavender went missing from my mom's home after we let her outside to use the bathroom. We searched and called her name when we noticed she was gone. At first we suspected that she went into the woode... See More


Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

1 month ago

"Prince is an indoor cat. One morning my husband left the door slightly ajar while he was getting his motorcycle out of the garage. Usually if Prince gets out he creeps alongside the house, but the mo... See More

Found Dog

North Las Vegas, NV

1 month ago

"I found the pet wandering in the neighborhood around 10am one morning. I took him in my possession because I absolutely hate seeing animals out in this heat or even just out wandering without their h... See More


Kingsport, TN

1 month ago

"I went on vacation and Bruno got away from the pet sitter without his collar on. When I came home from vacation, early, I called and called for him, but he didn't come. I put flyers in all the mailbo... See More

Mew Mew

Milton, FL

1 month ago

"Mew Mew went missing for 3 months. I had my bedroom window open airing out the room and Mew Mew was sitting in the windowsill. When I came into the room I thought he saw me enter. He did not in fact ... See More


Palm Springs, CA

1 month ago

"Mushu was taken to the Palm Springs Animal Shelter clinic for his vaccinations and microchip in July 2018. The carrier door was defective and Mushu broke free into the desert. I rushed inside the she... See More

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