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Ocala, FL

4 weeks ago

"Duchess went missing one Tuesday at 1:30 pm. The security camera picked her up running from the back fence where she escaped through a small opening to the front of the house. Then, she headed out of... See More


Hayward, CA

1 month ago

"Right now, we are in the middle of moving out of the Bay Area. Yesterday, my father was working in the garage packing and he left the garage open. He totally forgot to shut it and went to sit down fo... See More


Vinton, TX

1 month ago

"One Monday at approximately noon, I received a frantic phone call from my mother stating Sandy was missing. She continued by telling me that the alarm went off inside the house and Sandy ran out terr... See More


Taylors, SC

1 month ago

"I let Paisley out into our backyard to potty while I was the only parent at home attempting to get my 4 kids ready for bed. Our yard is not fenced in and backs up to woods. Paisley usually explores a... See More

Nikko and Bella

Fayetteville, NC

1 month ago

"One Thursday both dogs, Nikko and Bella, pushed through the front gate since the rain had softened the foundation. They went on an adventure together. They have ALWAYS been inseparable so when they w... See More


Austin, TX

1 month ago

"Milo went missing one Friday. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and doesn't usually wander off too far. I'm not sure if he was picked up or just lost his way. He also has the love of our small neighborhood... See More

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