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Ottawa, ON, Canada

1 month

"Lynx slipped out while we were coming home. I have three kids and so there was a lot of in and out when we came home, so I guess during that time he snuck out unnoticed. He sleeps A LOT so I didn’t... See More


Albuquerque, NM

1 month

"The night Sam disappeared was because he snuck out of the car as I was getting out. Because I didn’t see him get out I assumed he was in the back seat, but he wasn’t. I drove away and didn't noti... See More


Marion, IA

1 month

"It was just a regular evening when we let Theo out to go pee before bedtime. I let him out and went upstairs to brush my teeth. The outside temperature was -20 degrees, so I was in a hurry to get bac... See More


Weddington, NC

1 month

"My husband, Lee was getting ready to take the 3 dogs, Dash, Bo, and our son’s dog, Roscoe out to potty one evening. As the garage door slowly opened, the dogs saw deer in between our house and the ... See More


Cleveland, OH

1 month

"Someone had broken into my house and my dogs got out and Bear was the only one we could not find. We talked to the APL and people in the neighborhood and then put up flyers. People kept seeing him an... See More


Holmes County, OH

1 month

"Our fur baby Mimi went missing one morning after she and her doggy sister were let out to use the potty and play. We were reunited 3 days later when a man saw her photo and came to our home. He sa... See More

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