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Found Dog

Downey, CA

1 month ago

"My friend and I were out for our early morning walk when we spotted a small loose dog walking up the street towards us. The dog was not wearing a collar, but appeared to have likely recently gotten o... See More


Los Angeles, CA

1 month ago

"Zeekee went missing on a walk and wiggled away with her leash still on and ran like the wind. She had only been here for a month since being rescued from Tijuana. She was spotted miles away from wher... See More


Buena Vista, CO

1 month ago

"Our front door blew open in the middle of the night and Fia (an indoor cat) ran out and hid under our front porch. In the morning, I realized she was missing and went looking for her. I quickly found... See More


Pittsburgh, PA

1 month ago

"Meego flew out the door when I was going out. I thought he was in the other room. It was a heartbreaking 2 days trying to find him not knowing if he could survive the elements. My friend also had him... See More


Seward, NE

1 month ago

"Watson snuck out of the house when I came home from work one night. One of the tips I got from PawBoost's blog was not to just ask neighbors to look in their garages or sheds, but to go look yourself... See More


Vallejo, CA

1 month ago

"We have had Tiger since he was a kitten. We found him wandering the streets near our home without parents. Many people in the neighborhood know him because he is so friendly and lets people pick him ... See More

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