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Lexington Park, MD

1 month ago

"Callie has been apart of our family since we rescued her as a 3 month old ball of fur. She is now 11 years old. As an indoor cat she has occasionally escaped while I was coming or going thinking the ... See More

Found Dog Lulu

Oxnard, CA

1 month ago

"This little one initially ran out in front of my car. I tried to catch her but she didn't want to come to me and seemed scared. I don't think having my dog with me was helping so I brought my dog hom... See More


San Francisco, CA

1 month ago

"After the Super Bowl ended our friends decided to fire off some fireworks to celebrate but the door was left open and when Riley heard the bang she ran out of the house and booked it down the street.... See More


Pinellas Park, FL

1 month ago

"Casper was lost on January 1st 2019. We were on vacation in Tennessee and a friend was watching Casper and his girlfriend Blaze. They dug out under the fence. My daughter Amber and other family membe... See More


Newberry, FL

1 month ago

"Molly was strictly an inside kitty but really good at hiding so on July 4, 2018 after our neighbors finished with their fireworks, we weren't surprised we couldn't find her right away. After a thorou... See More


Lemon Grove, CA

1 month ago

"Henry went missing unexpectedly. He likes going outside and shooting off but we have always watched him and stopped him from going far. But he somehow managed to get out and we didn’t realize until... See More

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